Trump responsible for 2 more deportations

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9 Comments on Trump responsible for 2 more deportations

  1. This trash is what zero has invited to come into the country. Well, they all need to be sent back to their cave of origin. No crying for throwing out the trash allowed. They don’t have money to file paperwork legally to come here, but they have money to buy guns? Come on…this pc poo must be stopped.

  2. Ironic that a Mexican would be affiliated with MS-13, which was created in El-Lay in the early 80s to protect Salvadorans from the Mexicans!!!

  3. Just Amazing!!! Donald Trump isn’t even in office… and the deportations have already begun.. It’s nice to see a politician who keeps his word.. Trump 2016 !

  4. Wasn’t that reporter just precthious? So thweet. LOL.

    Love the fact that these two Americans stood up for themselves against the illegal thugs.

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