Trump Retweets Meme – Pisses off the left

Trump retweeted this image.

This is conduct unbecoming of a president… and I love it.

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  1. There is nothing under the sun Trump can do that the limp dick liberals won’t find some fault in, so I say…GO FOR IT! Piss them off every chance he gets maybe they will become distraught they commit suicide and give us all a break.

  2. Damnation! I was born too soon for Twitter.
    I would have tweeted my ass off and Eleanor would never have found those love letters in my luggage. 👿

  3. ” and and and and then he hugged and kissed a little black toddler at the Houston/Texas hurricane rescue center….he’s evil Lucille, I swear he’s evil”….

  4. Blow jobs in the Oval Office and releasing taliban jihadists is conduct becoming of the president. Ask any lefty. You could make quite a list out of what libs will put up with.

  5. That’s why I love Trump, he says what we are thinking. some people cringe whenever he posts something “unpresidential.” I just sit back and LMAO at how he does not care what others thing of what he tweets. Keep pissing the left off Trump you do it best!

  6. I’m loving my President more and more every day. I am now going to fix a drink and google “Best Compilation of those who laughed at Trump,” and have a good laugh. Enjoy Labor Day all you IOTW Patriots. I have to work tomorrow, but it’s nice work; I’ll be meeting and greeting my MAGA friends at the golf course. Just got my USA/45 hat from the Trump Store.

  7. Keep kicking the stuffing out of them. It’s working.
    Very well. And which of the other 16 republican candidates, if they improbably would have won, would do this? None. That’s why they lost and why we have these goofy grins on our faces.

  8. Hahahahaha!
    After decades of putting up with libtards and their half-assed, brain-dead schemes, I have zero mercy to give – Full fucking speed ahead, prepare to ram!

  9. Saw this earlier and almost did a spit-take all over my phone! He is sooo great with humor…and this one was perfect timing!

    Wondering just went on with Gen Kelly, the “TWEET CONTROL”?!?

  10. Remember during the debates when she said something like “Thank God you’re not in charge of the law.? And he Said “If I was, you’d be in Jail.” Love it.

  11. @Moe Tom, if President Trump had even a little help, she might have been on her way by now.
    But imo, time is on our side. May God grant Trump the strength and the will to soldier on.

  12. It’s nice to know that what he does annoys them. George Bush tried like hell to stay out of their cross hairs.

  13. Before I interrupted myself, I was saying-
    Beautiful! LOL! That’s sure to make Hellary squirm. Thank you, President Trump.

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