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Trump Reverses Obama Refugee Policy

A chart created by Axios indicates a significant policy change in the religious practice of refugees accepted by this country under the Trump Administration.

During most of the Obama Era, Christian refugees were often less than 50 percent of those taken in by The Untied States, with Muslim refugees approximating their number in Obama’s second term.

Now, the percentage of Muslim refugees shrinking to 14.5 percent this year while Christians account for over 70 percent of those entering under refugee status. “Refugee resettlement to the U.S. from countries with known Islamic terrorist problems has greatly dropped, according to Reuters.”  More

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  1. I have a friend who is a refugee from Iran. A religious refugee, a Christian. She recently told me her story, of being interested in Christianity since she was a teenager, of being given a Bible and hiding it for a couple of decades, of being forced to march and say ‘Death to America’, of finally being discovered, beaten by her husband, taken to court and fined tens of thousands of dollars. She fled to the first place she could get to the very next day, Malaysia, with her 10 year-old and 6 month-old daughters. She spent 7 years in Malaysia before being able to come to USA, has been here about 3 years.
    I’m not big on bringing refugees into USA and supporting their needs, prefer to support their fixing the problems at home, but I certainly appreciate what this woman has gone through and continues to go through. She will be a productive member of American society, is working hard on a doctorate and working at the same time.

  2. Keep the cork in that bubbly a bit longer.

    Per yesterday’s State Dept brief, wire reporters were aggrieved that “THIS admin who claims to care so deeply about human rights, would dare lower the number of refugees for the second year in a row”.

    Spokeswoman, Heather Nauert, assured the devastated reporters this was a guideline, subject to congressional input, of which there’s been pushback, before the number is finalized and signed by Pres. Trump.

  3. I don’t want any refugees here for a long while. But if they have to let in some, may as well be Christians who are persecuted by the muslims.

  4. Europe should follow Trump’s example in this…. their entire civilization and way of life is at stake. Too many people over there are just plain indifferent …. and I blame the nanny state for their being such pushover pussies.


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