Trump Reviews Plan To Make Illegal Aliens Pay for Their Deportation Appeals

Breitbart: President Trump’s administration is reviewing a plan to make illegal aliens ordered deported by a federal immigration judge pay for their own appeals to those decisions, rather than the current process that forces American taxpayers to subsidize the costs.

new regulation being weighed by the Trump administration would increase the fees that illegal aliens would have to pay to appeal their deportation orders by federal immigration judges. Currently, American taxpayers subsidize the cost of those appeals to the sum of $44.4 million a year. more here

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  1. This would have a lot of tread if the Democratically appointed deportation judges (or any) had to reimburse upon failure to do so.

  2. If police were allowed civil asset forfeiture of illegal aliens’ cash and property, we would not have any illegals in 6 months.

    If they can seize a citizens’ cash at the airport without being charged with a crime, why is this not an option?

  3. Part of the process should involve forfeiture of all assets, cash, cars, homes, drugs, guns, anything of value.

  4. @Cliche Guevara –
    1000 fists up! You win!
    (hope it didn’t hurt, truly best meant).
    BTW, why not a fist up ICON?
    Would show unity,,
    never mind,,

  5. Not only should they pay for appeals they should have to pay back all the benefits they received if they are sent packing along with all legal costs. Of course that will never happen.

  6. No Blushes: People talk about a two-tiered justice system but we’ve got more tiers than a symphony.

    Politicians cannot be forced to face justice. Illegal aliens are let go after killing people.

    It seems there is a cross section of working schmucks made to abide our labyrinthine legal systems and permitting processes and who get punished and fleeced and fined to death at every turn.

    I am only asking that illegals get the treatment legal citizens already do.

  7. President Trump’s administration is reviewing a plan to make illegal aliens ordered deported…disappear. That would be better as they couldn’t come back.

  8. When my wife and I sought to gain her legal entrance into the US so that we could get married and start a life together, the US State Department started a lengthy process that we had to follow to gain that permission. We both had to provide untold amounts of legal documentation and information about our lives, including banking records for the previous ten years, employment history, criminal history (there was none for either of us) past marriages, family history, affiliation with any and all political and civil organizations during our entire lives, personal obligations such as being responsible for children or elderly family members, military history including special training or involvement in the intelligence field, past travel, education and so forth and so on. She actually had to provide proof from law enforcement agencies in every place that she had ever lived that she didn’t have a criminal history. She also had to provide documented proof that she had never been married and that she had never had any children. All of this took a very significant amount of time, effort and money to provide. During this lengthy process there were built-in waiting periods of months at a time so the US State Department could use to verify everything we provided to them. At each step, they wanted money from us to do all this research and it ran into the thousands. After nine months, she was granted a visa to travel here. Upon her arrival, she had to show up in Houston to get fingerprinted and eye-scanned, photographed and interviewed by US State Department employees. We had ninety days to get married or she would have been forcibly returned to her country. I had to sign legal documents stating that I was personally and financially responsible for her in every way and she would not become a burden on the US taxpayer. I had no problem with that. Then for the next four years, we had to travel to Houston whenever they requested so that she could be interviewed again about the status of our marriage, her employment, her progress with learning English and other things like being fingerprinted, and photographed again. They wanted money every time this happened to pay for the process. My wife is an educated white woman who was financially independent in her country and within two years had learned English better than some of the US State Department employees that would interview her in Houston. She applied for US citizenship after being here four years and was awarded citizenship after the lengthy and expensive process. She has been a model US citizen who knows socialism is slavery and votes accordingly. The fact that our State Department allows millions of uneducated, diseased and often criminal aliens come into our country without vetting and begin to benefit from government welfare is sickening. It looks to me like the US Government is racist against white people who come to this country legally and allow people of color who have no way to support themselves to flood in unabated. Gee, I wonder why they would want uneducated, diseased, poor people who have no intention of becoming patriotic Americans to come here and make it so hard for white, educated, law abiding people to come. Our government sucks!

  9. just wait until nancy pelosi and chuck schumer get in front of a camera and they will let us know how inhumane this is

  10. @Cliche Guevara February 28, 2020 at 1:24 pm

    > why is this not an option?

    Because entering the country illegally. Staying in the country illegally. Working in the country illegally. And sending money out of the country illegally. Are not crimes.

  11. Within 5 minutes of this rule being implemented, some immigrants “rights “ group will file a lawsuit in federal court and obtain an injunction.

  12. Awesome!

    They will stop trying when they get sent back and still have a collection agency bugging them once a week!

    The FREE SHIT CULTURE has to stop everywhere!

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