TRUMP RIGHT AGAIN as Riot Breaks Out in Sweden! – IOTW Report

TRUMP RIGHT AGAIN as Riot Breaks Out in Sweden!

Swedish police made a drug-related arrest around 8 p.m. near the Rinkeby metro station and a riot broke out over the arrest. Rinkeby is reluctantly described as a “no-go zone.”

Washington Post described the scene … READ the REST HERE

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15 Comments on TRUMP RIGHT AGAIN as Riot Breaks Out in Sweden!

  1. Muslim riots are another way to tell the host country “We are not subject to your laws, We will not abide by the laws, do you wish to surrender now? You already have.

  2. This has been going on for a couple of years, you’d have to be from fucking mars not to know about it. Those fucking muzzletards have destroyed my country. And y’all was worried about germany.

  3. It’s great being right. Those swedes are in pathological denial of the danger they’ve created for themselves. But they’re gonna learn

  4. Here is a quote from my Swedish cousin’s wife:

    “President Trump has made Sweden confused. He said that something bad had happend here this friday.We all wonder if it was alternative facts, because we haven´t heard anything.”

    I actually think a lot of the news about the moslem problem is being suppressed by the Swedish government and/or the media. Or she is being purposefully ignorant. Their oldest son is following in my footsteps and is in school to become a police officer. I sincerely hope he doesn’t become a victim of the moslem violence when and if he hits the streets. He will be most likely assigned to the crappiest part of one of the large cities: Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo, Orebro, etc.

    Lycka till, young Karl!

  5. Trump can see around corners and predict tomorrow’s winning lotto number. Democrats can’t find their butts with both hands. For realz, bitchez.

  6. Let’s take a gander at rape statistics from around the world, from the UN via that leftist site Wikipedia. It only goes to 2010, nothing more recent and a few numbers missing so I’ll look at 2009 per capita figures. Sweden comes in 4th place. So what countries are ahead? South Africa is ‘comfortably (ick!)’ in first place, followed by a couple of its neighbors Botswana and Lesotho. Then Sweden. Then Grenada and Grenadines, everything beyond that is below half of Sweden’s rate. And that was in 2010 – think Sweden’s rate has increased or decreased since then? Of course none of these statistics include ISIS since it is relatively recent. So perhaps Sweden has dropped in ranking – but if so only because of jihadists.

  7. Funny how Trump is always at least one step ahead of all of the self important basta$rds. Arrogant morons have no capability for improvement.

  8. We just heard a jehadi brag about his rape count, now we’re to believe that living in Sweden changes their entire viewpoint?


    The deceptionalism of the governments of Sweden, France, England, Belgium, and Germany all cover the true level of crimes such as rapes, property destruction (like the evening “fiat or saab” bonfire), bullying, robbery, and general harassment toward native peoples by immigrants/refugees.

    These countries have areas that are no go zones (try to ride the train system around Northern Berlin/Pottsdam areas) that even armed police are afraid to go.

    This embarrasses those governments so they lie to cover it up.

    Of course they-who-speak-about-that-which-must-not-be-spoken (such as President Don John Trump) will be broken themselves.

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