Trump Rolling in Northeast Primaries

Trump has been declared winner in Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Delaware

We will update the final results and delegate count later this evening.

The story is not how well Trump did, it’s how shockingly weak Cruz did.


MD—Trump 52%, Kas 25%, Cruz 21%
CT— 8% reporting Trump: 58.6%, Kas 26%, Cruz 12.7%
PA—Trump: 58%, Cruz 22%, Kas 17%

Delaware – 43% reporting  Trump Wins

Trump  61.3%

Kasich 20%

Cruz  15.7%

Rhode Island – 6% reporting  Trump Wins

Trump 62%

Kasich 25.7%

Cruz 11%


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  1. Cruz is my guy, but he needs to be honest with himself and step aside and let the inevitable move forward.

  2. @Loco – that’s sort of a ‘Fox Butterfield, is that you?’ comment. They have the 10th-highest rate because they tend to vote for people who like to raise taxes.

    Soooo, any predictions for Indiana? 🙂

  3. Fur, I don’t understand why you are shocked by how weak Cruz is. He is a weak candidate. He’s a liar and untrusted.

  4. LCD, I say don’t worry about the Hoosier vote.
    Trump will win out but won’t get 1237.
    Cleveland here we come!

    I recommend you play the Hoosier Lottery pick 6 though.
    They just lowered the odds to 1:9 million.
    The best in the country.
    Of course they raised the price of a ticket to $2.

  5. Like the GOPe has had a principled stand against taxes/spending for the last 20 years – lip service is not enough anymore

  6. Sanders might take three of the five. Then again, I don’t watch television news so I maybe way off. If he did, good job, BS. Keep her humping.

  7. @Dave VA,

    I have to agree. We will need Cruz in 2020, and there is no way a conservative is going to win in 2016, and if Cruz does not drop out, he will be blamed for Trumps demise. We need to accept that Hiliary will be our next president, focus on the down ballot and prepare. No sense in dragging it out, the GOP has ZERO chance to win in November with such a fractured base.

  8. I don’t know if Trump will reach 1,237 – Trump was expected to win big in these primaries – but so far as I am concerned he will get eventually get close enough and should be the nominee. I might feel differently if Cruz were a close second, but he isn’t. Kasich can yelp all he wants about how he is the only Republican who can beat Hillary in November, but the Republican electorate doesn’t want him and he has about as good a chance as another Romney/Ryan ticket.

    Whether or not the GOPe will realize that Trump’s popularity is as much a revolt against them as anything is still a question if there is a brokered convention. My guess is that a lot of the so-called power brokers would rather burn the party down than lose control to Trump, and they may get their wish.

  9. Turn out the lights, the tall skinny next first lady is going to come out and sing. What a change to have winners on our side, and good looking too boot.

  10. I don’t see Cruz as a liar.
    Not when compared to every other politician.

    Cruz suffers from a lack of likability.

    One of his biggest flaws is that he just cannot answer questions succinctly.
    Even when the answer should be an easy yes or no for him he cannot help himself- he has to answer it in a way that seems slippery.
    He shoots himself in the foot by answering EVERY question, I mean EVERY QUESTION, like he’s a lawyer for a corporation that’s been accused of having toxic waste in their baby food.

  11. I’m come from a long line of wealthy people so I prefer Trump but I’ll be fine either way. It will just cost more to live.

  12. Big Fur Hat, you must agree that if Cruz wins the nomination at a contested convention, he has absolutely no chance of winning without Trump’s support, right? Trump will not support Cruz, so we are guaranteed losers, right? Cruz should drop out after tonight, let Trump get the nomination in an uncontested convention so Cruz is a viable candidate in 2020.

  13. Fur, just today he stated emphatically that Trump is 100% in favor of amnesty, that Trump tweeted it out. Cruz is constantly stating things that are just opposite of Trump’s stated and written positions. If that’s not lying, then it sure is a post-modern relativistic world!

    Why do you think so many voters agree with Trump calling him “Lyin’ Ted Cruz”?

    “Don’t get it twisted.”

  14. “a lawyer for a corporation that’s been accused of having toxic waste in their baby food.”
    That’s the way the MSM treats republicans so that is why Cruz answers that way.

    Hopefully Trump can change that dynamic. He has so far but…

    Trump typically flies by the seat of his pants, so it is the opposite of Cruz.

    I do hope that Trump studies hard about Hillary and her private server.
    I can just hear an interview and the reporter says “but Condi, Colon, and John Kerry all used private email.”

    If Trump doesn’t push back hard and call bullshit with facts, well, he is toast in the general.

  15. Funny, right now, my FB feed is full of:


    ***TRUMP TIDAL WAVE*** (breitbart)

    CLEAN SWEEP (smiling Trump and graphic, FOX News)


    CNN announces a CLEAN SWEEP for Trump. (ASK)


    Should I keep adding the shocked glee of his supporters? Nah.

    Amazing huh? One would think the Cubs won the World Series!

  16. That fifth grade insult, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” plays well with his sycophants but you know what it means in the general?

    Yes, lost votes because people stay home in November.
    That is indisputable.

  17. As a Cruz supporter, this has been a long night. Still, he is a fighter. I will keep my powder dry. I still believe more people dislike Trump than like him. The same can be said for Cruz. I Hope both Cruz and Trump are true patriots and will throw their support behind whoever wins at the convention to insure Hillary isn’t out next abomination.

  18. I am sorry Mr. Hat but Cruz is a liar, All he cares about is getting in the White House. He will lie cheat and steal to get there. Have you not been reading other blogs about what kind of guy Cruz really is. See Joe Dan for a update. Cruz can not win ever. It’s over for him. Time to change the focus to Killary and get behind Trump, if that is stll your stated goal. Anyone but Killary.

  19. Meerkat, take a minute and pull up Trump and Cruz’s web sites and review their political positions and then let us know the differences? And please don’t bring up disband/get rid of the IRS. When’s the last time a Federal entity has been done away with.

  20. Brad, what’s your point? That Trump stole everything Cruz had fought for to start out his campaign. Then became a liar by calling Cruz a liar?

  21. Actually Geoff is right on the money. Cruz misrepresents Trumps position constantly. In some circles that’s called a lie.


    “Cruz suffers from a lack of likability.”

    That might be an understatement. So why in the hell would we want him in the general? Cause he’ll get our asses kicked. And this is to damn important.

  22. I’ve come to the conclusion that Senator Ted Cruz needs to drop out of the race and let Donald J Trump win a clean nomination. A contested convention will guarantee a GOP loss, and Cruz will be blamed for it, making Cruz toxic against the incumbent, Clinton, in 2020. The desperate need for a conservative President will be 10 fold in 2020 compared to today. Trump cannot win, and Trump will make sure Cruz won’t if Cruz wins a contested convention, so no matter the path, Hiliary wins 2016. I ask that Senator Ted Cruz drop out now to ensure we still have a republic for my young grandchildren as we enter the next decade.
    Cruz 2020!

  23. This is a classic case of pure projection. Trump is the unlikable candidate by far. So he projects it upon Cruz.

  24. Before you Cruz people commit hara-kiri with a cheese slicer, do keep in mind that the tail that wags this election dog is not going to be S. Dakota, Minnesota or Colorado or Utah. Like it or not, if you are serious about not wanting to award free, progressive college tuition, free healthcare for “immigrants” (aka illegal aliens and syrian rapeugees), open borders and “building bridges” with every unstable hell hole on the face of the planet, sending what’s left of our privately paid jobs to Malaysia, then you will stop the baloney. You’ve been carrying the bags for the Left long enough with your demoralizing anti-Trump rhetoric and heaping abuse on those of us who have seen tonight coming since almost the inception of this primary race.

    Trump has led the polls from almost from the get go. He’s won the most states, he’s consistently won the most delegates. If Cruz traded places on just these two points, then we would celebrating his success tonight. But we aren’t.

    So pull up your socks, stop engaging in your mean-spirited and divisive talk and let’s send the D’s the bill.

  25. No, I came to realize that Hiliary will be the next President. That ship has sailed. I’ve moved on to recovery mode. I want Cruz to be viable in 2020

  26. ” That Trump stole everything Cruz had fought for to start out his campaign”

    Well if you go back and check the time lines you’ll find Cruz, and at the time Bush, stealing Trumps positions. That’s the truth. What do you have against bringing back jobs, a border wall, supporting our military and our vets. Cruz is an insider. He’s never held a private sector job. If it walks like duck and quacks like a duck, it’s duck. Cruz is a Globalist. Cruz’s wife is a globalist BIG TIME. Trumps a nationalist. I’ve said from the start what determines a Cruz supporter from a Trump supporter is Location and Vocation. If your Blue Collar manufacturer, your a Trump supporter. If you live in D.C. and own a Coffee Shop Cruz looks bitchen. Check out what’s going on with the Democratic members of the labor unions. They’re going Trump. The Union bosses are not happy.

  27. But Abigail and others, you do realize that your leader is 65-35 loss to Hillary. That’s 30 points. A LOT!!!

  28. Oh the hell I am. Trump came out with a really detailed tax plan and that ass hole Bush changed the percentages by a couple points and released his about 5 days later. Can I get an Amen?

  29. Brad, you ignorant west coaster, Cruz has had his positions for 2 decades, back when Trump was for abortion, single payer and buying politicians…and amnesty. To say Cruz stole his positions from the gut that has 3 in one sentence is idiotic. I know you don’t like Cruz, but ignorance is not attractive, so stop wearing it.

  30. The Cruzingers are seemingly shitting the bed due to their anointed one falling to a super rich trailer trash, hollering, women hater guy from NY who has supporters that are knuckle dragging idiots, that no doubt beat their wives, Skoal spitting, inbred, low info, racist, nonworking, douche nozzle, illiterate bastard, ass hats, that can hardly tie their own shoes.

    Will they stomp off shaking their heads and either not vote or throw the lever for Hitlery in anger? Who knows?

    In my humble opinion the #never ______ bunchers might possibly be the new enemy to America’s future.

  31. “Brad, you ignorant west coaster, Cruz has had his positions for 2 decades,”
    Oh you mean since when the ass hole was on the Ten Speed with pimple on his face? Don’t make any more of an ass out of your self than you already have. You might have resigned your self to Hillary, but some of us are in for the fight. There’s no coming back from that bitch so reach down and see if that skinny frame has any balls hang off of it. Hillary will put a knife in this countries heart. You better figure out what your doing Menderman.

  32. Meerkat — One thing I’ve learned and learned and learned. It is assured that some elements of the losing team will always find some scrap of info that affirms their views — it’s called confirmation bias. Please show me your evidence of that spread. That’s not what I’m seeing. I believe it was an NBC poll using 9,400 participants resulting in a virtual dead heat. That was today. Further, I just read in the past couple of days (sorry, I don’t have a link) that Trump, while competing with two other people on the R roster, has won 2MM more votes (before today’s vote) at this point in the race than Romney won in the GE. If Clinton is the nominee, which seems likely, at least 30% of polled Sanders voters are crossing over because of Trump’s position on trade.

    Those of you who are convinced that clinton will be the next president are doing a great injustice to the conservative future of this country. If she becomes president, we will never in our lifetimes have the opportunity to change the course of this country through the ballot box.

  33. “and Trump just said last week he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, a complete 180 on his written position! Damn, you Trumpers are dumb!!!!!”

    Damn Menderman whats the man been saying about hedge fund managers from day one? If you can’t post real shit, or if you’re this misinformed go learn something first.

  34. The Trumpletons always tell us to ignore what he says, raise taxes-amnesty-single payer healthcare-only fence half the border while leaving the crossings wide open-force the military to obey illegal orders, and instead only look at what his handlers have written and posted on his website.
    Yes, Hillary is going to win, that is why Trump is in the race.
    If Trump wins the nomination, he loses to Hillary.
    If Trump doesn’t win the nomination, he makes sure the Republican will not win, Hillary wins.
    Unless something major happens, Trump will succeed in getting Hillary in the white house.
    He and Bubba will go back to golfing together and get a good laugh at all the suckers that fell for this.

  35. 30% of sanders voters will switch over because of trade policies!!!!!!??????

    Damn, you Trumpers are delusional!!!!

    Trump won’t get 30% crossover if he hands out free pot, college and cash!

    All the more reason Cruz needs to let Trump lose on his own.

  36. T(R?)umpies should be celebrating but I am sensing a bit of unease among the minions.
    There is a disturbance among the force.

    Blue State Republican Primary Victors:
    It’s kind of like the jackals having a feast of the leftover remains devoured by the lions who had the original kill.

  37. meerkat, pleeze realize that at this far out, all polls about likeablity etc. are just like spitting into the wind. Polls about the outcome in November mean nothing. Respectibly, just my two cents.

  38. BB, you obviously read talking points rather than what Trump actually said. Those nuts at the treehouse filter most of what he says out and feed you bits and pieces.
    Trump said ‘the rich’ and he said ‘like me’ would pay more taxes.
    Trump is not, to the best of my knowledge, a hedge fund manager.
    Climb down from the tree and start listening to your hero. He is not on your side, or mine.

  39. “The Trumpletons always tell us to ignore what he says, raise taxes-amnesty-single payer healthcare-only fence half the border while leaving the crossings wide open-force the military to obey illegal orders”

    Holy crap what an idiot. What fucking news channel do you listen to? Or does it just naturally tune into your tin foil hat. You don’t help spreading bull shit. And man are you full of shit.

  40. jappold — “super rich trailer trash, hollering, women hater guy from NY who has supporters that are knuckle dragging idiots, that no doubt beat their wives, Skoal spitting, inbred, low info, racist, nonworking, douche nozzle, illiterate bastard, ass hats, that can hardly tie their own shoes.

    Will they stomp off shaking their heads and either not vote or throw the lever for Hitlery in anger? Who knows?”

    I hope you’re being sarcastic. Otherwise, you are breathtakingly ignorant.

  41. JohnS,
    As you said, Trump will make sure Ted loses if Ted gets the nomination, so get with me on this. Ted needs to drop out for the good of the country. Let Trump lose as the nominee. If Cruz wins the nomination and loses the general (and he will), the GOPe wins. They will say there is no way a TEA party conservative can win.

    Look down the long road.

  42. BB – JohnS is a paid disrupter. His weekly check stub probably reads “Keep the Promise PAC II.” Next week the stub will have a D super PAC printed on the front. Don’t engage him.

  43. Man I’m glad I chew Copenhagen. Wouldn’t want to get lumped in with those Skoal Faggots. What ever. You are describing the voter block that is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. And we are voting TRUMP. Deal with it. I work with my hands and our federal government has done their best to take that away from me. They purposefully gave those jobs to another country. And there’s only one guy that can bring that back. DJT

  44. I had to take stats twice in college — hated the class!!

    But the upside is I now read and profit from them despite how utterly boring they are. The D’s are down as of right now by roughly 30% registered “D” voters over the ’12 GE. They were down in that election by about 20% percent. The R’s turnout in this primary cycle are up by about 70%, and that doesn’t count all the D’s and I’s who wanted to, but couldn’t, vote in closed R primaries/caucuses because they didn’t change their registration in time. Add in the fact that Trump hasn’t even started in on the D candidate and we have about six months until the GE, and we don’t even have to think in Hail Mary terms. The R’s have this as of now if it can find it within itself to stop the crazy. I think we’ll take in despite the crazy.

  45. Abigail, Yes, sarcastic still has no designated font. The descriptive strings are all things I’ve been told I am by the bitter segments of the Cruz/#NeverTrump loyal crew members around the interweebs. There will be lots of comfort foods eaten tomorrow. I’ll be on bridge jumper watch for the rest of the week.

  46. What I just saw in the question and answer at the end of Trumps resounding victory speach was a guy ready to go toe to toe with the Clinton machine, he’s ready. Bring it on. Trump is going to be the alpha male, Killary is toast. If all of you Cruz supporters don’t see it you are blind and are going to be part of the problem because you will help get Killary elected. So keep your head in the sand.

  47. Abigail, for God’s Sake, the whole country was against Ronald Reagan prior to 1999. Then they got it. Donald Trump is not “getting it”, Senator Cruz is “getting it”.

    You people don’t get it. YOU ARE DOING THE INJUSTICE. Just look at the polls. He is 35% and hasn’t grown in months. No growth, just failure.

  48. AA, you are all about the stats yet you ignore the polls? How does one do that?

    Trump loses over 90% of the head to heads against both by an over double digit average.

    You discount that in your stat theory?

  49. Everyone that is supporting Trump at this point is supporting Hillary Clinton. Tit’s that bad for him.

  50. Geoff, Trump and his supporters have made it clear. The do not need my vote, and don’t want it. They intend to win without me, and I shall let them have their way.

  51. Meerkat Brzezinski
    Per BFH,”Cruz suffers from a lack of likability”

    I think that’s an understatement. Mean while the leaders of the labor unions are freaking out because all of their damn members are voting Trump. How bad was your head injury?

  52. Abigail….. This was a great night and, yes, Trump can — and will — win the general. As he’s said, often, “I haven’t gone after Hillary, yet.” …smile… (Poor, poor Hillary…. in the aftermath…)

    Silly Menderman looks to 2020…? ….smile…. There will not *be* a 2020 for America, if Hillary is elected. ….if Trump is *not* elected. The country is drowning and Trump is a life preserver.

    This is not another same ole, same ole election…. hope to win the next one, thank you. This is about saving the Republic. Trump can do it: win *and* save the Republic. But, he’s going to need some cooperation from the peasants. So. Start working, folk. Chop wood. Carry water. Win. ….Lady in Red

  53. Trump is liked in the way celebrities are Brad.

    They want to see the reality show where he insults people all the way to getting voted off the island.

    I wanted better from the man but that damn fool’s charm has it’s ceiling limits when it comes to my IQ.

  54. The union guys are voting Trump because he promised them $15B.
    You buy a union guy, he stays bought.
    Trump Tower……Babel

    Also, a shout out to little Bradly who got cornered by facts and ran to the playground insults.
    Don’t worry, the teacher always protects you ‘special’ kids.

  55. I am going to go full Trump from now on. Total ideology and thinking. But on June 1, I transfer back. Just want to feel the juice, baby!

  56. Yes, oh my yes! Let’s talk likability! Trump is all like covered up in it and stuff!!! Forget that the only reason that Hiliary does not have the lowest likability score in the history of wannabe presidents is because Trumped lapped her twice in that race! But yeah, let’s not mention that, let’s just call Ted super unlikable and stuff!

    Whoop…Whooop! Let’s hop on the crazy train!

  57. “I wanted better from the man but that damn fool’s charm has it’s ceiling limits when it comes to my IQ.”

    Well judging by some of the shit you’ve written here I’m not going to argue with you on the statement.

  58. Yes. LIR, this is a great night. Trump won the kick ball game against the PS-193 K-6 school! It is over! I do have to ask about your statement:

    “But, he’s going to need some cooperation from the peasants. So. Start working, folk. Chop wood. Carry water. Win.”

    How much did Bernie pay you to post that?

  59. Go Trump! For a wall and will send illegals back to their original country and bring them back legally.

  60. Meerkat, Menderman — Gahh! Reading what you guys write is like putting my head in a front loading washer and hitting the spin cycle! Worse, actually!!

    How in the heck can you say how big a loser Trump is when he just keeps winning? I’ve said it before — it takes a special kind of juju to believe that with ALL evidence to the contrary.

    I’m sorry, I can’t pay any attention to you guys anymore. There’s no rationality to what you write. And you’re both going to be the death of this country. I need all the energy I can muster to make sure clinton or any D isn’t elected this fall. Good luck to you both.

  61. Menderman…. Ok. Eat worms, stand on your head and hold your breath until you turn blue. Won’t bother me.

    *I* am just grateful The Republic will live.

    Hope to hear from you when you exit the cave in 2020. ….and enjoy the sunshine, prosperity….. the beginning of the end for climate change idiocy, UN Agenda 21 and big bank globalization…. the end of PC and identity politics…? ….and the BLM and disparate impact….?

    ….Oh, so much, Menderman! After your sleep you will be happy.
    ….Lady in Red

  62. AA. Trump is a D, or, well, he was…he became an R in 2012 at the age of 64 (or so). Trump was a D when he funded all those other D’s for the 40 years he was a D, and…

    …Oh, hell, I don’t need to tell you, you know….

    Trump 2016!

    Let’s go to Cleveland*!

    *We;re not Detroit….yet.

  63. @jagpald — “jumper watch” — haha! That’s a good one. 🙂

    Well, us stump-toothed, knuckle-draggin’ neanderthals are going to have to herd together.

  64. Meerkat’s latest comment brought things a little bit more into focus for the Cruz fanatics. Abortion, Religious Rights, all those States Rights stuff that’s not in jeopardy now and certainly won’t be in jeopardy if Hillary is elected. So this is the truth. CRUZ, loses in the general bad. If you think not then you don’t think so well. Trumps gotta shot, but not if you assholes keep crying over something a damn President has no control of anyway. Shrewd. Please try and PULL YOUR HEAD OUT.

  65. Hanging_Chad_Brad, you are way off base with your Christian bashing.
    I am not a religious guy, but I damn well know who we need as allies against the muzzies.

    You might want to choose more wisely who you insult.
    Those votes will sit because they are a dedicated lot.
    Got it?

  66. “I am not a religious guy, but I damn well know who we need as allies against the muzzies.”

    And free coffee. We need free coffee damn it. How far up your ass did you need to reach for that insane comment? Please don’t vote. You’re really not sane.

  67. BB and the rest of you Trumpsters — Well, it’s hard to have joy in this atmosphere, but Woo Hoo! Here’s a virtual high five and two thumbs up at you from Geoff C. and me!

    Tomorrow is another day. Go Trump!

  68. So you two idiots have had your temper tantrum tonight after your “Lyen Ted” guy got his ass kicked. Actually that was more of stomping. Shit I think that Cussack guy beat him in several states. We really don’t need your piss ass votes. But I’m saddened people I’ve hung out here for this long seem to have their priorities in the wrong place. Trumps got momentum. JohnS Ex wife has just sung. I hope there’s a chance we can get behind a winner. Except for you Menderman. Hopefully you’ve registered as a Democrat.

  69. Your right Meerkat he will have the people , the House, and the Senate on his side. Oh, and a new bunch of Supreme Court justices on our side.

  70. Brad, “Meerkat’s latest comment brought things a little bit more into focus for the Cruz fanatics. Abortion…”

    Brad, what’s view on abortion?

  71. BB said:
    “We really don’t need your piss ass votes”


    Your wish is my command, sir.

    Good luck winning without me.

  72. Hey friends, can I make anyone a sandwich and pour you a beer? I’m taking orders, cause I think some people are hungry and need a calming drink.

  73. Brad get the lying meme right: “lyin'”

    The funny part is that it’s a lie in itself!

    Funny how the projection is amongst the left including Trump.

  74. ““Donald J. Trump, you think you just won the Superbowl, where are you going next?”

    That’s pretty funny. What exactly did your bitch Cruz win again today? Third? Like I say the participation trophy is in the mail.

  75. @Brad, 20 year old single cask single malt scotch, Highland, not too peaty but incredible long finish. That work?

  76. I’ll take a drink. Because I know Hillary will mop the floor with Trump in the debates. She’s rehearsed, believes her own bullshit as if they’re facts and never backs down. Why isn’t she in jail right now where she belongs? Because the public at large believes in her bullshit, too, and they aren’t calling for her head.
    I wish the republican candidates made it a point of doing exactly that instead of wasting our fucking time with bullshit accusations about each other.

    I’m writing in that teleporter guy. Fuck it.

  77. Lady in Red — Sorry, I missed your comment. Yes, Trump will win the GE. I am so looking forward to his first SOTU!

    I looked into booking a room at the Old Post Office Hotel, but it’s completely booked for the week of the inaugural and its least expensive room was about $400.00. Most expensive? Hold on to your hat! $32,000.00/night. That’s with the D.C. room tax of about $5K. Booked! For the week! Dang.

  78. For the first time in my life I’m PROUD of MENDERMAN. (except for the part that he thinks Trump is going to lose. Trump is going to win in a LANDSLIDE “believe me”)

  79. @Brad, no need to smuggle, just declare them a gift and we are good, you are within your declaration limit.

  80. Glad you approve #NeverGoPink! Now you have a chance to prove yourself! Trump wins without the GOP!

    (ignore the childish giggling in the background, that was the media, not me)

  81. MJA.

    “I know”. Your fatal flaw. You don’t know shit. That’s your opinion.
    Poorly formulated as it is.If she will mop the floor with Trump she is sure as hell going to mop the floor with Glenn Becks bitch. Right. Cruz is a target rich environment. I can’t wait for the “Laying the hands on footage on News 10” Do you have any idea how that will play with most of America. The guys a Damn freak. If you hate Trump that’s fine. Tell us who to vote for because Cruz stands much much much less of a chance wining than Trump.

  82. I’ll answer that Brad.
    Trump could have had it all.
    But no, no, his ego stood proud, like some fifth grader.

    He lit that fuse and burned a lot of good will to the ground.
    His mandate will sit at home on election night.

    We will survive Hillary and then the next election when someone spouts some “lyin Ted” type of bullshit they will rightfully, immediately, be run out of town.

    Fuck Trump!
    Ignorant asswagon.

  83. Do any of you Trump Supporters realize how far behind Hillary he is??? Enjoy your blue state wins, that Hillary will take from you. Are you clueless. No Cause for celebration, dimwits.

  84. Hillary is sitting in her Laz-Y-Boy with years of opposition research from hundreds of staff that Donald paid for. Donald believes his superior wit (and nice hair) is all that counts. It should make for great TeeVee though…two of the worlds best (and ugliest) liars in 1080p!

    The best part will be the iOTWr open threads!

  85. Trump will lose, but no worries because in 2020 It will be “Bring America Back”….and Lyn’n Jack. This whole thing has to be a joke.

  86. Jim, obviously you are a shrewd mother fucker. Please tell me why. Watch the news Jim. God I’m done with Cruz’s bitches.

  87. “Trump won’t win the GE!”

    Okay, let me see if I can get this right. Cruz just lost five (5) states tonight. He lost NY last week. He came in a distant last place in all but one — heck! not much more than double digits in most!

    So Cruz can’t beat Trump, but he can win the GE. That’s some special kind of physics you’ve got there. Sounds like “magic grits” to me.

    Oh, Trump will win and win big. He’ll win so big you’re going to see news stories for months, maybe years, afterward. And the sucking up by the GOPers? Coat tail space will be a dear commodity.

  88. Abigail, “Let me get this right”.

    Trump is winning the states that Clinton will take in the General Election. The rhetoric, “he has a play on NY, his home state, is even a joke. Trump has a problem with the red states. But he does do well in the democratic blue states, I’ll give you that.

  89. “Trump is winning the states that Clinton will take in the General Election.”

    An assumption. Not credible data for reasons I’ve mentioned numerous times above. if you don’t want to look at this logically you are part of the problem. Again, a trade mark of Cruz supporters.

  90. this thread is getting way to long to check if this has already been said, but I have to ask, has anyone figure whether Trump or Cruz is winning in the states that actually matter in the General? SO big whoop if you one the crazy yankee corridor, remember that they think snow is a conservative and Romney and … what about the real red states that would go republican in Nov, unless this egotistical blowhard wins the nomination!! Phew glad that didn’t happen.

  91. ah crap Meercat, we posted at the same time. But this is a super valid argument!! Also how many states have Trump won in a closed primary? That is the crap we need to stop, this open primary nonsense is ridiculous.

  92. GaPengin, it doesn’t matter to me any more, he swpt it. For the next month I’m on the bandwagon, pro Trump. Trump! Baby! Yeah, yeah yeah! “lin’ Ted” Ted’s a frickin liar, didn’t ya know?

  93. Ted Cruz as suave as he is had five affairs while his wife gave birth to twin daughters! What a scumbag! “Lyin’ Ted!”

  94. “Lyin’ Ted” had stole delagates in Colorado where Donald Trump refuses to go because “Lyin’ Ted” has Body Odor that exudes to the whole state.

  95. BB , would you please remind me how trump did in SC, FL, and all those other southern states?

    I believe certain among us are counting unhatched chickens and haven’t reconciled themselves with the new paradigm.

  96. This what the primaries are suppoded to be about… weeding out the weak…I was a Cruz supporter but now he has no chance and it’s time to support Trump…we can’t give the left any more ammo or tear ourselves apart… time to bind our wounds with love and not salt…. By the way Hillary has so much baggage my 10 year old nephew could debate her on her record alone and win…. the left has been calling Trump supporters “Trumpanzees” I’ll wear that name with pride now…

  97. AA, At this point I think some people are posting illogical stuff just to get Trump supporters fired up. A big joke I guess. You and I have reason to take this much more seriously. I’m done with the political stuff until Indiana. Their self proclaimed D day. Even though today was D day. Cruz is toast. He’s done.

  98. Hillary will mop the floor with Trump in debates?
    How come Cruz didn’t mop the floor in the debates? And Cruz is suppose to be the “best”.

  99. Trump did not debate because he is earnest. If Cruz was not so cowardly, Trump would have mopped the floor with that Cruzzzz in a debate. Then they would need to disinfect it!

  100. Ted Cruz is so scared of a Trump debate that he calls for one every day. And Trump is so earnest and fair that he won’t bury that poor slob on a debate floor that would be unfair. Like trying to obtain delegates, that’s unfair too.

  101. Lyin’ Ted is so shitty that he thinks that people that have entered the US Illegally should not be able to come back legally. What an asshole.

  102. Lyin’ Ted thinks that grown men who are mentally ill should not pee in the same bathrooms as his young daughters. What a freakin’ perv!

  103. @meerkat, are you changing to Meerkat Trumpinski? Now that you have been hannitzed , well until June any way?

  104. If I were a #NeverTrump supporter in any state of the union that legalized marijuana after the SHELLACKING from Trump last night I’d be hitting the bong. HARD. Better yet, I’d be lined up around the block at the ER waiting for my “save shot.”

    I don’t listen to Mormon Propheteer Glenn Beck but I’m gonna tune in this morning and listen to the SOB sob. ?

  105. I just read and never comment, but the argument how many red states has Trump won and how many closed primaries has he won is a dumb argument.
    He has won 11 Romney red states compared to 6 for Cruz or 8 if you count ND and Wyoming, out of those he won 2 closed primaries compared to 2 closed primary wins for Cruz.

    Overall there have been 9 closed primaries, Trump has won 8, Cruz 1. 19 open primaries, Trump has won 15, Cruz 3. Two open caucuses, Trump has won one, Cruz 0. 8 closed caucuses, Trump has won 3, Cruz 5.

    I would agree we should have closed primaries, but we should also not allow Guam and other places to vote in our primaries and we should have more equal rules across the states. This crap of winner take all, proportional if you get 10%, 20% or by proportional by district, unbound, no primaries, caucuses, it’s a joke of a way to nominate a Presidential candidate, but the joke is the way the GOP leaders want it.

  106. The Democrat Trump supporters probably aren’t aware of this, but there was a Republican that rolled into the convention with 37% of the vote and ended up losing to a very weak candidate on the third round of voting.
    Nobody cried about the system being ‘rigged’. The system worked as it was intended to.
    Somehow the proggies here can’t wrap their minds around the idea that the Republican party would operate as a republic.
    There exists a Democrat party if you don’t like working as a republic.

  107. I wanted to comment last night about all the sniveling in this thread, but I’m not able to visit this site on my cell phone anymore because of all the ads and pop-ups, and internet service is out where I live. Those saying that Hillary will win a general election against Trump are parroting out the wishful thinking of leftist media hacks. Hillary is toxic. Now, snivel away… it amuses me.

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