Trump Running Against a “Culture of Corruption”

Well, payback is a bitch, ain’t it?

Who remembers that Bill Clinton was handed an October surprise by a partisan hack special prosecutor when he was running against Bush the Elder?

Lawrence Walsh, in the final hours of the election, handed down an indictment against defense secretary under Reagan, Caspar Weinberger, for the “arms for hostages” deal, charging that Bush, as vice president, knew of the illegal deal.

Clinton applauded it, saying it exposed to the world that he was running against a “culture of corruption.” Many say this handed Clinton his victory. (That, and Bush checking out his wristwatch during a debate with Clinton, making it seem like he had better things to do other than debate this  green backbencher from Arkansas.)

The Washington Examiner has the story.


7 Comments on Trump Running Against a “Culture of Corruption”

  1. Don’t get too cocky.
    I am willing to bet a solid nickel that the Crooked Hillary Canpaign has some Trump scandal teed up. They have scripts ready for Stephanapolous, Rose and Lester Holt with incendiary language, and tape ready to roll. This will all hit like on Thursday or Friday. It will be hyped on every single Mainstream Media Mafia outlet – TV, radio, newspaper.
    And it could all be false.
    You have been forewarned.

  2. Ugh, Clinton vs Bush! That was one of many elections that had two worthless jerks running against each other and neither one should have won.

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