Trump Russia Collusion Treason Was All Just Another Elite Lie

 Get ready, because if we let up then we will lose our liberty forever.


Townhall: The Mueller report dropped and the liberal elite experienced the kind of intense, agonizing disappointment usually reserved for a Fredocon’s bride on her wedding night.

It’s important to remember exactly what nonsense the elite liars were trying to stuff down our throats, because in the aftermath of their humiliation they are busy trying to hide it via their goalpost-shifting three card monte act. Behold their original assertion:

Donald Trump was a willing agent of Vladimir Putin actively acting in concert with Russia to betray the United States and steal the election!

Wow. Those of us who are neither shameless liars nor blithering idiots – or, such as my congressjerk Ted Lieu, both – never bought into this transparently ridiculous notion. But the Democrats, their slobbering media suck-ups, and their conservagimp submissives did, or at least pretended to. Why? Because the dumpster fire ruling class they represent was outraged that we, the People, rejected its divine right to govern us when we chose a brash, pugnacious outsider over their designated monarch to-be, Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit.

This sham investigation was not anything like the administration of justice. It was part of, as people say but we’ve stopped being shocked when we hear it, a soft coup. It was a deliberate attempt by the powerful to use the levers of government to eliminate a threat to the ruling class’s hold on political power by manufacturing a false narrative with the active assistance of those in government and media whose whole job is to prevent these sorts of fascist shenanigans.

The damage to our country is hard to calculate right now. It will take a while to fully appreciate how this betrayal by our alleged betters has undermined the foundations of our Republic. But the signs are ominous. Normal people, those of us who build, feed, fuel and defend this country, have been awakened to the utterly incompetent and thoroughly venal nature of what Instapundit Glenn Reynolds correctly identifies as the U.S. franchise of a useless trans-national elite that prioritizes its own power and perks over the welfare of those is purportedly serves.

We’re woke now. We see that the people we’ve been electing – the people they allow us to elect – are really all the same. Only the labels are different, but the objective – their own money and influence – is identical. Except for Trump, who neither respects the elite nor plays by its shabby rules. And that’s why they threw away any pretens of honesty, integrity or respect for the rule of law to drive him out of the Oval Office they covet.

Let’s briefly touch on all the lives ruined on the way to this flaccid finale, especially the people swopped up in the search for a crime, any crime, in the neighborhood of the Bad Orange Man. How many people naïvely thought, “Gee, I’ll go serve in government for a while” and found themselves saddled with six figures in legal bills and their reputations ruined by the media’s breathless lies?  more

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  1. As I often say, I expect there to be people like this, who are willing to do terrible things to gain power. What I really fear is that there are enough gullible voters that buy into their lies and can give them power.

  2. I fear that in the end it will be viewed as an opportunity (by the left) to dump the Bad Orange man that failed because of ineptitude in execution not exoneration due to truth.

    The cold facts are that Demorats have committed more felonious acts then Richard Nixon (who looks pretty lame next to dese guys) in altering election results and using underhanded and illegal ways to influence and/or steal votes.

  3. The outsized egos of these “representatives” who have never done one damn productive thing with their lives is sickening. They simply can’t conceive that Donald Trump doesn’t have a hidden agenda because they all do. They got into politics because they wanted the world to see them as righteous and intelligent. They are neither — the end goal is unearned fame and a ticket on the gravy train. President Trump was an enormously successful and powerful and wealthy man before he ever thought of running. He had it all, including comfort beyond opulence, beautiful, intelligent and successful children, a stunning wife, business and entertainment accomplishment and fame. And he was willing to risk his peace of mind and certainly part of his fortune for love of this country and our precious and fragile repbulic. He didn’t need to do any of this and he certainly never needed to ingratiate himself to dictators like Putin. What in sam hell could that possibly have gained him that he didn’t have already? He has set himself up for scorn and ridicule among socialist/communist left not to mention hatred and real danger of physical harm, not for himself but FOR US.

    God Bless this man. He has saved this nation.

  4. And all along, Trump managed to get a whole lot of things done, which the left was trying to stop in the first place.
    Fail-Fail on them.

  5. @ Redgrannie,
    We ain’t outta the woods yet……………..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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