Trump Says CNN Will Have 7 Guys Talking About Me Negatively – Later that evening…

20 Comments on Trump Says CNN Will Have 7 Guys Talking About Me Negatively – Later that evening…

  1. President Trump was smack on Seven dicks on the Don Lemon shite and five with Lawrence O’Donnell. All beyond the pale. I did not watch Brian Williams, the liar. Why waste my time?

  2. The little microcephalic Selter and company are in a predictable lather. I enjoy viewing the throbbing veins on their temples and near breathless spittle spraying rantings. I think our President is filling asylums with these losers.

  3. Without Trump to draw viewers, just imagine how low their ratings would be.

    Come to think of it, that’s exactly what candidate Trump said to Wolf Blitzer, live, in 2016.


  4. Male Negroes count double….female Negroes are bonus prizes…white schumucks are the golden ticket to free rides on the never ending roller coaster of ‘what’s free in Americas’…

  5. I wonder if they all use the same pharmacist. Must be some complicated pill regimens just to get through the day, and then they need a booster to bash PDT at night. I bet the opioid addiction rate among talking heads puts the hillbillies to shame.

  6. I wish that Vievet’s wife would give him 6 more inches of leash…..the world is better for his comments….LOL….someday I hope to meet you!….If ya ever get close to Mid-America, I’ll buy ya a shitty breakfast at a Shitty diner…that’s all we got here….LOLOLOL!!!!

  7. Just in case anyone is still worried that Trump is getting out of touch with what’s going on in the country. His head for details is pretty wonderful, and it’s too funny how he states things the way most of us would.

  8. @willysgoatgruff (at 8:09 pm): Thanks for the kind words, but your comments are the best, IMHO.

    P.S. – Glad to hear you have Shitty Diners up your way – we have that same franchise here, too, I believe.

    P.P.S. – My wife has a similar wish of me, but I’m not sure if a leash is involved.


  9. LOL!…Vietvet hit me funny bone!!!! as he always does….a well turned typed word…beautiful!….gives me something to achieve….”Shitty Diners’….you need to make T-shirts for your smart mouth….probably you already have and I’m for that….alright, Mankato Kansas….I’ll take you to a shitty cafe where you eat eggs and bacon and end up smelling like well used lavender toilet water….

  10. I’ve got a sister-in-law that lives in Imperial, Nebraska. If we ever get up that way to visit her, I’ll try to stop in Mankato and we can have lunch at the Buffalo Roam Steak House, if that’s shitty enough for you. My treat.


  11. Got it, we traveled a lot through Ogallala on the way to Scottsbluff when I was a kid. I’m mostly east/southeast other than that. Corn instead of sugar beats.

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