Trump says social distancing guidelines will remain until April 30

JustTheNews: President Trump on Sunday announced that his administration’s social distancing guidelines will remain in place until the end of April.

The announcement comes after the president earlier this week indicated that he hoped to see the country resuming more normal activity by Easter, which is on April 12.

“The modeling estimates that the peak in death rate is likely to hit in two weeks,” the president said at the Sunday evening press conference. “Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victory is won, that would be the greatest loss of all,” he said. read more

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  1. Good job DJT. Way to undermine anything you say in the future. I hope you know what you’re doing here.

  2. jpm, I somewhat agree, but I don’t think Trump caved. I believe he sees this as a big time play to steal the election. We NEED him to win in November. No doubt he is walking a fine line, but it has to be walked. Look at Pelosi, she is looking at another investigation for how Trump has handled this, and at the same time the House has been the greatest obstacle, other than the media that Trump has faced. Trump is the VERY BEST MAN WE HAVE, I’m supporting him.

  3. He never absolutely said he was definitely opening up on the 12th. He said maybe, and he was hoping to and ‘we’ll see’. You know what ‘we’ll see’ means? It always means no. lol (parent talk)
    You can thank NY, CA and LA for the extension.

  4. Well, That’s good, I’ll have more time to watch my little investment capital slowly swirl around the toilet bowl….It’ll be like the new Nascar. At least they’ll be sending a check about every six months to stay in the stands…..swirl, swirl, swirl….Gonna change my name to Ricky Bobby Gonebroke…..

  5. @joe6pak March 29, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    > Trump is the VERY BEST MAN WE HAVE

    The United States has a population of roughly a third of a billion people. If you’re one-millionth right. If you’re a hideous misogynist — AND are one millionth right. This being an ACTUAL zombie apocalypse, is our last, best hope.

  6. Technically, individual states/counties can still loosen the grip from now until the 30th.
    No big events, but at least some stores can reopen.
    It’s not fair to the counties who don’t have the problems.

  7. didn’t ‘the modelling’ say we would, by now, have 2 million dead?

    … the economy cannot handle much more …. massive inflation in our future

    this is not good

  8. MJA is right, this will have to become a state issue. Joe6 above is right too.

    Trump is walking a tightrope his enemies are trying to cut from both ends.

  9. Trump is in a political bind. If he opens things up and there is even the slightest flare up in cases or deaths he will GET KILLED in the press. Yeah, I know, they aren’t exactly singing his praises now but it would be 10x worse.

    More than anybody I want to get back to work. I own a small bar & grill and just doing takeout food isn’t paying the bills. I’m pissed, but I understand where Trump is coming from.

  10. I occasionally dream about firing squads. I already have a list, but there’s room for a lot more names.

  11. Once again anonymous proves to be a chicken shit, hit and run commenter that can’t be properly replied to since there is no telling who this _________ is. And what the hell did he/she say in the first place?

  12. You have to lean on your county and city. Give it til the 12th and then nag the shit out of them.
    Remind them there’s not federal order to shut anything down.

    A week ago the neighborhood was a ghost town. Since yesterday, I have been seeing people bicycling, walking, etc.
    I imagine more and more people will start hanging out in the coming days.

  13. Everyone please calm down. Yes Trump floated a “wish” for Easter and see how that went. He’s weighed the options.

    Although the virus is real, albeit overblown, the hysteria and overreactions, as well as the blatant anti-Trump opportunism is the equivalent of a real attack on the United States on our soil. Okay, so that’s how it will be treated.

    Look carefully and you will see that “distancing guidelines”, handwashing and so forth are not mandatory closedowns or quarantines. Just the same kind of “shelter in place” suggest that would be uttered if these were missiles raining down. All the bad stuff and all the stupid stuff is coming from state and local, and the worst from the Dems. Ditto the ridiculous expert “models”.

    Look carefully and calmly (and you will have to because the media is blind) and you will see that Trump, by treating this as an actual war on U.S. soil (“the invisible enemy”) is using executive emergency and war powers to do a way lot of things on his agenda now under the radar, from fixing supply chains and federal stockpiles of essential medical and manufacturing supplies, anti-globalist, anti-illegal immigration, shredding regulations, getting the Fed under control, proving vast numbers of federal employees as non-essential, pulling troops from around the world back home, employing reserve troops (!), and lots more.

    When the fog clears, no one will be justifiably able to blame Trump for deaths, OR the state of the economy. And it will be impossible to not see who the tyrants and liars are.

  14. Social Distancing to remain in place until 4/30…
    Who the hell dies he think he is, Commander-in-Chief?
    Yes Sir, 4/30 is a good day.

  15. STATE DECISIONS? Do you trust your general idiots that govern us at the state level to make better decisions?….county level?…city/township level?…..

    35,000 dead world wide…..2,500 dead in the USA…. compare that with car wrecks, cancer, heart problems….?FUCK IT! They are all insane with the worry blah, blah, blah….BASTARDS….

    Colorado has a governor that takes it up his ass as often as he likes, he risks AIDS every day. Now he’s gonna tell you about this virus?….PFFFFTTTTT….Mayor Pete will tell you the same….PFFFTTT…

  16. @Ann Nonymous Prime March 29, 2020 at 9:53 pm

    > I occasionally dream about firing squads. I already have a list, but there’s room for a lot more names.

    Oh… @Ann. Dear, sweet, @Ann. Would you be willing to give up your dreams? To have all your lists fulfilled?

  17. POTUS DJT is making some of the toughest decisions ANY president has made since George Washington himself (and I ‘knew’ the man in 1775 when we met at Cambridge, MA at the Siege of Boston).

    So this, quite honestly, Monday morning daily quarter backing that is being done not on just Mondays but everyday, is BULLSHIT at best. One of those moronic reporters had to have the mic take from her because she JUST WOULD NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    He is NOT fighting for his legacy at this point, we are all beyond that, he is fighting for the benefit of what is LEFT of this county. Trying to keep it together and for that he commends my ultimate respect and prayers.

    IF you cannot understand this, sorry but FUCK off!

  18. This is not good. In 30 days we will be screwed by the dems. They want to do bills 4 and 5 for more free money to give to their pet projects.
    How the hell are people going to make any money in the next 4 weeks. It is going to get real ugly.
    The country is Fucked. The stock market is going to drop big time.

  19. @Anonymous–

    “Oh… @Ann. Dear, sweet, @Ann…”

    Who gave you permission to be so familiar?

  20. And one other thought, he needs to hit China so hard that it takes them years and years to recover from this, they are trying to force countries to buy from them long term for all kind of products.

  21. @Geoff C. The Saltine March 29, 2020 at 10:18 pm

    > The country is Fucked.

    Because the fields will be desert? The refineries burned down? The roads evaporated? No bread for the workers? No tools for the farmers? No shoes? Nor ships? Nor sealing wax?

    Or is something else troubling you?

  22. @ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ MARCH 29, 2020 AT 10:31 PM….it’s not the guideline that troubles me. It’ the morons that interpret the guidelines….I’ve been on my last nerve about the government supervision that’s been afforded to me for years now….I’m done….bastards….

  23. Anonymous you are a chicken shit just like all Anonymous that post on line.
    Fuck Off. We can see what is going on here, this is get P.Trump at all costs, nothing more nothing less.
    I despise Trolls like you, hit and run is all you do.
    I have been on this site for a long time and we have had much worst than you.
    So bring it on.

  24. The reality is that numbers are continuing to increase by a lot every day. This is primarily due to increased availability of testing – but until there is a measurable decrease in cases (by date of onset rather than date of discovery) it is risky to suggest relaxing social distancing, other than hypothetically.
    I believe that by the end of this week we will see strong evidence that we are beyond the peak, and can begin such a discussion.

  25. JD, they don’t want this China flu to be transmitted to the fish. Think we have it bad now? Just wait till they get Fish and Game on our asses.

  26. Our 66 acre outdoor gun club has been shut down for north of a couple weeks now. There are never enough people there to worry about being in forced contact. I’ve been a member for five decades now and can’t remember any snuggling or any of that shit going on between members either.

    Rock chuck season is coming and the kids and I need some range time. This is outrageous and all because we have one damnable control freak on the Board of Directors.

  27. JD, Trump is not the least bit pleased with Inslee. And I don’t blame him. Between him and the AG Ferguson they have been nothing but antagonistic toward Trump. And yes, I did see it, and was happy to have seen it.

  28. Things I’m watching closely in April:

    Daily deaths in Washington – can be plotted. Watching for the ‘hump.’

    Believable reports of hospital staff shortages due to CoVid-19.

    Shipping companies with increasingly sick drivers / driver shortages. (UPS announced “no guarantee” for 1-, 2- or 3-day air.)

    Any believable reports of increasing Covid-19 cases in our rural farming communities. Ditto for police, fire and medical first responders.

    Growth of nomadic, homeless groups wandering neighborhoods. It’s starting in Western WA. No doubt in other big metropolitan areas.

  29. JDHasty, my son who is a very avid fisherman is extremely pissed off about banning all recreational fishing in Washington state. I talked to my brother and a very good friend about this and they are both disappointed and think that it’s a stupid totally arbitrary ruling by a lousy Governor. Who made Inslee head of the Fish & Game Dept? What’s he afraid of that a bunch of mostly solitary fishermen and guys in boats are going catch or give Corona virus to a bunch of innocent fish. And besides most fishermen keep a lot of distance between themselves and others anyway except for maybe opening day of fishing season. Will they still allow fishing and paying a bounty for fisherman to catch squaw fish (AKA pike minnow needle fish)? And are Indian tribes exempt from this illegal ruling because of their sovereign nation status? Maybe I should tell my son to declare himself to be a member of some Indian tribe from Oklahoma since my grandfather was at least 1/4 and maybe more Indian.

  30. WDFW is the culprit here, when Fish & Game was absorbed into that monstrosity around 1980 it became highly politicized and has been so since. Don’t get me wrong, we have some really great people, even in leadership positions, but they are hamstrung by the bureaucracy in many instances.

    Ferguson is by far the most dangerous politician we have to watch out for. He is absolute filth. A megalomaniac that would rival Adolph Hitler in his ambition. His acolytes are what makes Seattle into the shithole it is.


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