Trump Sets up Task Force to Investigate Missing and Murdered Native Americans

Breitbart: President Donald Trump has tasked three members of his Cabinet to work together to investigate the high number of American Indians and Alaska Natives who have been murdered or gone missing.

The Department of the Interior, Department of Justice, and Department of Health and Human Services met as a task force for the first time on Wednesday, co-chaired by Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt and Attorney General William Barr.

The task force “is composed of federal officials charged with enhancing the criminal justice response, consulting with tribal governments on potential solutions and empowering native communities with information,” a press release announcing the new campaign said.

“President Trump is committed to addressing systemic challenges in Indian Country, and this task force will develop and implement an aggressive, government-wide strategy to combat the crisis of missing and murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives,” Bernhardt said. “By working together and listening to impacted citizens and tribal communities, we intend to tackle these complex issues.” read more

13 Comments on Trump Sets up Task Force to Investigate Missing and Murdered Native Americans

  1. This is huge. This has been going on for a long time. The number of missing young Native American women is off the charts.

  2. Why don’t the Dumbies…
    Try to impeach President Trump for pushing this equality under the law crap,
    The dummies never did that,
    Is the President trying to turn this dumbocracy into a Republic?

  3. This is a good idea but will go under-reported in the MSM.

    So did Lizzy Warren offer to head up the commission?

  4. The Lakota STILL revere Richard Nixon, because after Second Wounded Knee, he took their grievances against the BIA in particular, seriously.

    Chief Wahoo McWarren will probably oppose it, but nobody gives her 1/1024th of the time of day among REAL Indians. 🙄

  5. I think they are being sold local. We seem to have more than our fair share of pervs. Biden probably has two or three of them.

  6. @Radionationman — The murder rate of native women/girls is 10X the national. They’re being murdered (probably on their own reservations) and someone(s) covering up the crimes. I think what will be found out is that because of the *helpful* activism on native Americans behalf by white, progressive, self-congratulatory do-gooders, indians are even more isolated from the surrounding communities than they ever were. What happens on the reservation, stays on the reservation.

  7. He needs to put sheriff Longmire on the task force; he has pretty good relations with the Indians in Absoroka County Wyoming.

  8. Trump is the worst racist, ever! Lowest black and Hispanic unemployment and now this! No wonder the Dems keep screaming about dog whistles no one else can see or hear a single racist thing about this man!


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