Trump Sits to Obama’s Right

Why is this significant? Trump knows the trick. Stand or sit to the right of a foe for a photo op. You will be in position for the dominant handshake in an iconic photo.

Trump’s hand is over Obama’s. He’s alpha. Obama is beta.


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  1. Obama, you are shaking hands with the man who is the undoing of your ‘legacy’; From Obamacare to the Iran Deal.

    Our long national nightmare is now over.

  2. I’ve been through those negotiation classes. Always sit to the right it’s a position of authority. Never put to much faith into them but I never had a photo opp where I was shaking hands either. Great photo. Obama has his jaw clenched, his left hand is freaken out. I’d say Trump intimidated the hell out of him.

  3. look at the “I Love Being A Filthy Mohammedan Savage” ring on his left ring finger. That is NOT his wedding ring. He’s married to Satan/Allah and proud of it.

  4. Look at that jab, the little pissant is thoroughly pissed.

    And to top it off the Clinton’s have screwed up the shakedown racket for a good long time.

  5. “so Barry, you Filthy Mohammedan Savage, when are you going to release your college transcripts and your real birth certificate? You know, the Kenyan one written in Swahili with elephant shit and hyena blood for ink.”

  6. I just watched Trump and Ryan out on a balcony after their first meeting. Just from watching the video alone, I said that Trump is dominant from how he was talking and pointing and then came the handshake again. He reached out first with his right hand and gave him a strong manly handshake. Finally, an Alpha Male !

  7. Obama’s thinking to himself:”shit the official history of my Presidency is going to have so many asterisk’s it’ll look like a friggin star chart.

  8. I doubt that this event escaped Obama staging. He’s famous for that. He probably didn’t know the ‘rule’, or he’s just so used to
    bowing and cowtailing against real leaders.

  9. “Trump’s hand is over Obama’s. He’s alpha. Obama is beta.”

    LOL but we knew that Hahahaha. Beat it obama.

  10. Illustr8r NOVEMBER Trump’s hair is extra golden today!

    Intentionally so? Just to poke all the whiners in the eye?

  11. Netanyahu sat on Barky’s right, too. I think Barky likes to sit there because he thinks that’s his best profile. And the massive head scar is mostly hidden.

  12. Obama is too used to trying to bow and be submissive. Will be great to have photos of an actual leader meeting Putin et al.
    I really hope this unity talk is all BS – did not like this wonderful conversation talk. DJT needs to implement and be relentless executing his promises.

  13. Trump was overheard telling a staffer on the way out, ‘the colors in here make it look like a bath house, call my designer.’

  14. @mmm, They look like someone peed in their tofu.

    One thing certain is none of the domestic staff will miss Alien Jaw Mooch.

  15. No more bowing, kneeling and taking a knee from the Despot in Chief. Trump will tower over the world leaders in more ways than one.
    BTW, can’t wait until Mr. Trump replaces that bust of th socialist apologist, Martin Luther King with hopefully, a bust of one of the Founding Fathers.

  16. obama you useless turd, pack up your schitt and get out of the white house. why don’t you move to Canada with your useless crybaby admirers. Don’t forget your fat whale of a ‘wife’ and your mother-in-law (and your ghetto act of having her live there, you scumbucket). and don’t steal anything either like those slimeball hillbilly grifter criminals the old geezer clintons.

  17. Like a deposed Pharaoh whose name is chiseled off all the monuments, Obama is going to have to sit and watch helplessly as Trump quickly erases everything Little Barack thought he and Val had accomplished.
    It will be very satisfying to 51% of the country.
    And very educational for the duller 49%.

    And Obama will have to sit and take it.
    As President, Trump will acquire all the real facts on Obama, his sealed records, and his prosecutable frauds and other crimes.
    Trump will probably allow him to roam free, with a no-interviews policy and a giant conditional STFU gag order policy.
    Not the expansive, fundraising, outspoken role Obama was counting on with Clinton as his successor.

  18. After shaking the “o” hand, a hand sanitizer would be required before any functional use of the hand, especially for food.

  19. History to be made again in January. A billionaire is moving into public housing as soon as the negroes move out.

  20. January 20, 2017, we get rid of the Obamas, Crazy, Joe, Harry Reid, Loretta Lynch,
    hopefully, James Comey, all of Obama’s Agency Heads, White House staff, and many sundry, useless political appointees. Man, our cup runneth over!

  21. And they call Trump a racist and here he is having his picture taken in the White House with the wine steward!

  22. Both Trumps were probably stunned by the smell when first entering the White House. Imagine the funk that place has after 8 yrs of those two.

  23. one of the traditions that past American Presidents adhere to is to keep their lips zipped and dont criticize the new guy in the White House, no matter how badly they’re screwing up.

    W Bush is a good example of this. He didnt bitch about Obama despite having plenty of opportunities to do so. Even Bill Clinton followed this tradition.

    But the low-class socially-inept narcissist Filthy-Mohammedan-Savage-In-Chief will take potshots at President Trump every chance he gets, furious that the world has passed him by, an irrelevant footnote to history.

  24. A video from slimy ABC. Hateful comments by the journalists, the narcissist insists on constant photographs. Trump looks bored and embarrassed to be in the same picture, the same room, the same building, breathing the same air with King Putt.

    Don’t know why press isn’t using silent digital cameras. King Putt prolly thinks the second most beautiful sound in the world is SLRs going off in his direction.

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