Trump Stands Between You and the Poverty the Democrats Have Ready for You

PJM- Speaking at the Whirlpool Manufacturing Plant in Clyde, Ohio, on Thursday, President Donald Trump once again articulated the guiding principle of his administration: “The duty of a president is to put this nation’s own citizens first. That’s why my administration swears by two simple, but crucial rules, buy American and hire American.” His twilight struggle with the Democrats over the future of the nation, or whether the nation will even have a future at all, is coming down to the question of whether that principle will be upheld and defended, or consigned forever to the dustbin of history.

Trump drew the battle lines sharply at Whirlpool, charging that “on the question of foreign trade, previous leaders were guided by a shameful policy of capitulation, submission, and retreat…. For decades, you watched as politicians let foreign nations steal our jobs, loot our factories, and plunder the crown jewels of the US economy….For eight years, Whirlpool begged the Obama-Biden administration who did nothing to protect American workers from the flagrant dumping of foreign washers, dryers into America. But your cries for help fell on deaf ears. You didn’t see any action. They didn’t act, they didn’t care, and they never will.” read more

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  1. Unfortunately, the GOPe stands between Trump and victory.
    We are in a civil war – mayors like chicago’s, nyc and portland are in on it. So are governors like cuomo, newsom and whitmer.

  2. GOPe has zero influence on anything or anybody. They delude themselves into believing that they are relevant.

    Our biggest problem are the corrupt governors looking to engineer massive voter fraud. That causes me great alarm.

    If it becomes apparent that an election was outright stolen, I fear for the future. There will be massive violence and death. Mayhem confined to liberal cities makes for good TV. Emboldened leftists making forays into the suburbs and rural communities…will not turn out well for emboldened leftists.

  3. Unfortunately / fortunately, he is President, not King or Dictator. I say fortunately because I can only imagine what Obama or other Democrats would have done if they had complete power. Yes, it would be nice if he could just implement his ideas, but the Founders were smart enough to realize that kind of power would be a disaster.
    His predecessor pushed the boundaries on what a president could do, and President Trump is just following in his footsteps.

    I do predict that future events will pull back the abilities of the President, and I will be glad to see it. Until then, I am glad that someone on the right is willing to show the left what they allowed to happen can go both ways.

  4. The chinese like Biden because his linguistic gibberish may be interpreted several ways,
    So they can do whatever they want and still claim legality. Not so with President Trump.

  5. This November we will all know whether Right or Wrong rules the country.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” — John Adams

    No wonder the Regressives think the Constitution is inadequate . . .

  6. I believe that if Trump had lost the election we’d have collapsed as a country by now.
    Those that have been running the country have been derelict as a normal course of action and they’d never change until forcibly made to.

  7. I believe that Trump by far is the best candidate for President – AGAIN. I think he’ll put into action what he wants done IF we can keep the Senate. All I can do is vote and write a check to his campaign now and then, I wrote one today.


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