“Trump Supporter” Who Heckled Rubio During Campaign Suspension Speech Is a Progressive Plant


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7 Comments on “Trump Supporter” Who Heckled Rubio During Campaign Suspension Speech Is a Progressive Plant

  1. My position is …. just kill all the leftists (Hillary supporters =Bernie supporters)! There will still be a couple of hundred million of us left to resurrect America as a constitutional republic that adheres to the Constitution as it was written. There are many people that will never overcome the brainwashing they have received via “public education” and America as an ideal can’t let the BS they were taught stand and still remain a viable cause.

  2. Was I too mean in my above post? I don’t think that the current “powers that be” have any understanding of the level of disgust or righteous hatred that real Americans that have to live in what America has become have for our “government betters” that have betrayed the ideals of America at every turn. My only problem with Trump is not what he says he will do, but my fear that he is playing people and won’t actually do what he says he will do!

  3. @Charlie ~ not a chance … who shouts down free speech? who goes after opponents by using the IRS? who has private servers to hide their nefarious deeds? who send men into Islamic hellholes & doesn’t support them? who uses taxation to suppress the people & give their hard-earned money to those too lazy to work for themselves to get their votes? who opens our country’s borders to all sorts of malcontents, then uses taxpayer money to subsidize them for more votes? who creates a whole department (homeland security, nsa) to spy on us & take away our liberties?

    …the revolution is already upon us

  4. Leftist garbage lies. Leftist garbage lie about the smallest of things as well as the largest?

    Do you expect any different from that beta male, with his fresh Poli Sci degree?

  5. His buddy (in the 2nd photo) was the troll “protestor” at Kasich’s event.

    What a “coincidence.”

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