Trump supporters and small soy boys clash

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  1. “small boy” has watched too many Marvel and DC movies! 😆
    And I can say this having my last superhero movie I watched in 1995.
    I prefer real movies that have a real-world plot.

  2. I was hoping that American politics would never devolve to this, but I suspected where this is all headed. The left is about to find out what cornered, mild mannered, but well armed individuals who will not be bullied by punk assed fascists are about to find out the hard way.

    Soros Alinskyites are about to find out that America is not Hungary.

  3. No question Grool. Obama filled their bellies with hate. He fomented it and riled them up into a frenzy. Something has to give.

  4. Let’s pretend we didn’t see the 4’9″ high, 5’11” round sack strolling in the background at the 0:20 mark the camera couldn’t help but to pan to for a second. That’s what I’m forced to sit next to on the airplane and pay the same rate.

  5. Lesson:

    Don’t fuck with a large Samoan with a MAGA bell, tank top and an Uncle Sam hat.

    That’s theeee REST of the story!

    His hat got hit off @0:43, (watch in .25 speed) by that guy and was summarily #clockedwithcowbell.

    I am now going to get the New Years eve cow bell in the attic and going to paint it white with MAGA.

    Cow Bell:

    This needs to TREND (and I do not do Twatter).

  6. More Bongino
    More Hannity
    More Sheriff Joe
    More D&S
    Time to take on this antifa trash face to mask.

  7. I hate to see grown men (and women) engage in physical fights like this. God gave us the wisdom of the Spirit to resist the temptation to reduce ourselves to the level of people who provoke violence. There are other ways to fight this battle without resorting to bloodshed. It may feel good in the short term but it’s not good for anyone. I really fear for our children who are exposed to this stuff and how it reinforces the idea that violent acts are brave and courageous when so often it’s about pride. A civilized society should never tolerate it. I understand why it’s necessary — especially now, because the police aren’t doing what we pay them to do (keep the peace) — but I hate to see it.

  8. Rights? He’s fighting for his rights? When his rights start stomping on my rights, he loses ALL his “rights”, including the right to life.

    It’s called live and let live. As soon as you stop letting me live, I stop letting you live. And brother, I know how to win.

    It’s so simple no one on the left can understand…

  9. The dire consequences of foolishness is a thoroughly biblical concept many times over. The Bible says to be merciful and supportive to the weak-minded, but to have no patience nor tolerance for fools.

    One who antagonizes a much larger man to the point of violence is a fool.

  10. @AA. Don’t misunderstand me. I am not spoiling for violence. But unanswered violence will beget more violence by a group that are fascist by nature and their victims have thus far not responded.

    I’m not egging it on, just predicting that some little old man or lady will equalize the situation.

    I have always tried to be a peace maker. But I don’t evangelize for unanswered victimhood by thugs either.

  11. Soy boy is a good name for these guys. Soy contains natural estrogen. I’m rather convinced there are too Many additives in milk, meat, etc. Girls are now having periods at 10. Boys are becoming more feminine. This is a big problem. Gender confusion seems to be a bigger problem among males.

  12. @grool — So true. Yet I cannot help but have concern for how so many good people spoiling for a fight — righteous though it is — coarsens society and hardens people to the idea that might makes right. We may be at that point sooner than later, but it makes me sad to see it. I worry a great deal about how our society is training up children who can’t help but be exposed to these spectacles. It should matter to all adults.

  13. You could see the hate, the evil in that young man’s eyes – the one with the red hoodie. Refusing to move for that elder gentleman, a true Native American.
    The fact that the tables are turned from the Covington kid/race baiter native American encounter of course being completely lost on the left.

    Also – the Tesla with Kamala bumper sticker getting a bit scuffed up! 🙂

  14. We all know it is coming, but we hope it wont. It will not stop. They want it,and the press will eat it up and blame the right. US.
    The so called leaders on the left keep stoking the flames of their followers.
    This is what the left has done to our country,whipped up the low information people and turned them against us, neighbors and friends hating each other and America.
    2020 will be the turning point.
    It has started, and will get really going after the Dem’s get together this summer.
    Scary times we are in.

  15. @AbigailAdams – with MUCH respect, and I say that sincerely, I am raising two boys that are young teenagers and quite frankly? That ‘peace’ shit does not work anymore, shhh, it never did.

    Look at those grey haired types in that vid. Did they show up expecting THAT?? Of course not. Did the big guy expect it?? I doubt it, BUT that mofo was READY to ruuuummmmmble, good on him and I will be teaching my own the same, if ANYTHING, self defense and preservation moving forward as a MAGA family is a fact.

    IF you are directly physically hit and you think you can take down, then you TAKE DOWN, and that is what this guy did, took down two of ’em.

    We are in a new territory of social conscience in dealing with dirtbags.

    What was the guy supposed to freaking do when that asshole, approached him, got in his face and went to hit him and knocked his hat off??

    He was expressing his liberty and free speech and was accosted. What is there not to get about kicking ass now??

  16. For all you pacifists, Times Up. Violence is now they only thing that will save the Republic. Our enemy is relentless and better organized than us. It’s going to happen anyway. Let’s get it on. Let the Boogaloo begin.
    PS, that was extremely enjoyable to watch. Sloppy, but enjoyable. Don’t fuck with an old weight lifter.

  17. Tesla. Recent electrical shortages in California left owners unable to charge their cars. I really want a stack of bumper stickers with an imprint of coal powered car for electric vehicles. HYBRIDS seem to make more sense.

  18. WTF is an adult doing with one of those little kid scooter things?
    The little pansy sobered up when the cops arrived, didn’t he.

  19. History is re-pleat with men defending themselves, hopefully this will continue!

    This is what we witnessed in this vid.

  20. Well, I’m neither a pacifist nor a peace-nik at all costs. I will say that we are supposed to be civilized, though, aren’t we? Isn’t that what separates us from antifa and the rest of their kind? I guess I’m not being very exact with my words tonight. It’s been a rough day. While stopped at a light this afternoon and with my window down a couple inches, I saw and heard a homeless woman just crying her eyes out. It was a cry of utter hopelessness. Wracking sobs. The force of her sadness hit me like a ton of bricks — because I’ve been that sad before and I could literally feel her pain. It’s been with me all day long. I regret that I didn’t turn around right then and there and go to her just to give whatever lame comfort I could. It just made me so sad and so angry that Leftists in our city governments have zero compassion with their homeless programs. No one should be living on the street — especially as winter approaches. What a world.

  21. AA
    Been there. I ran down some old lady pushing a shopping cart that could have been my mom 10 years ago and gave her a McDonald’s Breakfast sandwich and a 100 dollar bill. Hopefully she didn’t spend it on drugs, however she didn’t look the type. I see older homeless couples in the central valley. What caused this? Libtards. They dig it. Violence is coming. It’s unavoidable.
    “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants?”

  22. “Isn’t that what separates us from antifa and the rest of their kind?”
    We have a choice, Either Antifa bleeds, or we do. I’m not willing to bleed. Just on general principle.

  23. @Anonymous — thanks for that. I feel idiotic and self-absorbed even talking about how rough my day was when I stop to think about how rough it is for her and so many others who should be taken in by their families or in a mental health hospital or something. The Left/Democrats love the Homeless Industrial Complex. There’s a ton of money to be made “helping” people live on the streets. There’s zero compassion in what they are doing by encouraging people to demand their “rights” to live however they please — on the streets.

  24. Abigail Adams,

    Been there as well, many times. to have compassion is to be human.

    For me, in one case over the course of a couple of years, it was an older black dude at 96th street and First Ave at the FDR highway entrance. We got to ‘know’ each other for a few seconds once a week waiting for the traffic light, that was if the timing was right.

    His name was Eric I found out, he called me “grey”, he was maybe more of a hustler than destitute homeless I suppose, and was really the only one I would give too, of the many, over the NYC years.

    And? He hated Hillary! And he was intrigued, as a New Yorker, by DJT running for the POTUS at the time and seemed to be quite supportive.

    I have to wonder where he is now?


    Gen. Glover

  25. AA
    Our appointed oligarchy has destroyed DESTROYED the middle class. That’s what this is all about. And they should pay a price. I’m pissed.

  26. It got broken up so quick because that is almost directly across from the LB Police station – lots of PD around downtown and the convention center.
    I used to work down there from ’80-’85.

    I still work in LB but not downtown.

    I am pleased to see Americans promoting America and Pres. Trump in California.
    Conservatives may be out numbered by idiots here but we do exist and hate what has been done to our state in the last 30+ years.

  27. beautiful. That samoan dude! No fear in his bones, panic in the dweebs, but one dweeb knew how to at least defend himself.

    Note the tesla? with the kamala bumper sticker? And the L8rgas plates?

  28. Jesus wasn’t “civilized” when he threw the tables of money changers in the Temple, up into the air. You can bet at least a couple of them got some serious bruises.
    Not going to be nicer than the Lord if my freedom and liberties are on the line. WHEN it’s time for the physical battle, I have no choice except to be on the front line.
    Too, bad the patriot was probably charged with assault – he just got fed up with being provoked by young idiot communists.

  29. I learned in high school, 1st thing, take off your glasses. And long hair says feel free to grab my head by this handy handle and shake the fuck out of me. Long hair dude landed a fairly square right and the big guy was totally unfazed.


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