Trump Tax Returns Leaked, According to MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow says that she has obtained Donald Trump’s tax returns and will discuss them tonight on her show at 9pm.

She released this news via an abrupt tweet:

Stay tuned to IOTW Report for more details as they emerge.

44 Comments on Trump Tax Returns Leaked, According to MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow

  1. I hope HE goes to jail for illegally obtained returns. I also hope DT has not paid a dime in taxes just like GE and all the other Obama cronies…..

  2. If she/he has Trump’s true tax returns, she’s an accomplice to an illegal act.
    Still won’t watch.

  3. Dang!….this is almost gonna be as exciting as that lesbian survivalist show….”Beau Diesel Tang Scrunts”….Ya know , the episode when she used her mustache hairs to make fish hooks and caught the world’s largest Poonfish….

  4. What I know Maddow will definitely NOT do is point out that the tax laws exist in their current mind-boggling state because Congress has made them that way in myriad attempts at social engineering, and that anyone who doesn’t take advantage of all the deliberate loopholes is stupid and simply giving money away to fools, charlatans, and villains.

  5. Somehow I’m imagining the Trump team trolling these idiots. I dunno, just a hunch.
    Let’s cast skepticism, first and foremost, anyway.

  6. Let me guess. Trump made money and paid as few taxes as permitted by law.
    I’ll be missing that show.

  7. Unless Trump released his returns anything she shows has no credibility, and should be assumed to be fake. She cannot prove they are genuine.

  8. The real issue is not what Trump pays or paid, it’s what I FUCKING PAY!
    Every fiscal quarter the fucking government sets a record for tax collection from the American people.
    Yet the country goes DEEPER INTO DEBT!


  9. Couple predictions before…
    1: Yawn
    2: O Preen Preet Bhawahahararamuahaha
    3: Backfire. Kosko gets the blame

  10. She sold this as current returns. They are from 2005. She can’t possibly get her hands on current returns if they haven’t been filed yet. If they are auditing his current return I’m sure his accountant filed for an extension on anything past the return they are reviewing. The new returns wouldn’t be do until next November. Any accountants here at IOTW?

  11. Will maddow release her tax returns?
    I am curious to see how much the dumbasses at MSNBC pay her.
    And the vision of her leaking anything makes me gag.

  12. Trump sent them in just to f^<k with the raving loonies. He should have sent them in digital format with obvious layers of photoshopping.

  13. Rachel Madcow took a leak,
    And she promised she would speak
    Of Donald’s taxes on TV
    But then all did was pee.

    (But if you’re into Lesbian water sports, what’s not to like, right?)


  14. Left out the “she” in “all she did was pee”. Broke the rhythm of the poetry. Dammit.

    Need edit.


  15. Maybe he/she can post sharpton’s and the other msnbcqt scofflaw’s forms next.
    If she acknowledges them to be authentic, she is receiving/posessing stolen property.

  16. the so-called ‘journalist’ that ‘found this in my mailbox’ now thinks it might have been a Trump plant

    as Foghorn Leghorn would say: ‘boy’s about as sharp as a bowlin’ ball’

    …. just can’t make this stuff up! BWAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HAAAAAAAAA

  17. 1 Yawn check
    2 Preet Preen check
    3 “CIA got hacked but I’ll be very shocked if we ever see the IRS hacked because they have better systems” David Cay Johnston check

  18. Madcow’s got nuttin, even if Trump releases his tax returns. What does it prove, that he’s a billionaire – Wow, who knew. She’s just trolling for ratings, which she wouldn’t have without stalking President Trump.

    I really like FogHorn LegHorn.
    I’d pay good money to see a cartoon of Foghorn meeting up with maddow for a blind date.

  20. Tommy, you bet. This was leaked from the Deep State ass holes. I think Jeff Sessions will be sitting on the edge of her bed when she wakes up tomorrow. These leakers need to be found and tortured. Then tried. Then killed. Then tortured again.

  21. Rachel Maddow announces she will release Donald Trump’s tax returns as a 10-episode Netflix series.

    — Sam Adams (@SamuelAAdams) March 15, 2017


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