Trump: “Ted Cruz Didn’t Win Iowa, He Stole It;” Cruz Committed Voter Fraud

Accusing Senator Ted Cruz of voter fraud, Donald Trump today argued that Mr. Cruz “stole” the election in Iowa.

“That is why all of the polls were so wrong, and why he got far more votes than anticipated,” Mr. Trump said on Twitter, suggesting no one predicted that Mr. Cruz would win:

Mr. Trump then went further, saying Mr. Cruz committed fraud, suggesting that Cruz’s campaign suggesting that Ben Carson would drop out amounted to fraud, as did his campaign’s mailers about “voting violations:”

Cruz Trump

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  1. This is only the start.
    This election will have more voter fraud then any other election….ON BOTH SIDES, in order to keep Trump out of the White House.

  2. Ugh,he needs to stop with the tweets. His point is fair, but I think its high time for him to start behaving like an successful educated adult and not a sound bite short attention span millennial

  3. That took longer than I expected. I actually was ready to hear Trump come out on election night and say: “Who cares what Iowa thinks, they’re bunch of losers, a bunch of hick farmers, they wouldn’t know how to hail a taxi cab if their life depended on it. I’m actually thinking of buying Iowa and flipping it. Maybe Illinois or Missouri would want to buy it.”

  4. Gee whiz Mr. Trump: I thought Cruz won because Iowans were stupid. Get you f***ng story straight will you?

    I tell you Trump will need a straight jacket rather soon.

  5. Hey Donald, Cruz won fair and square, get over it. It’s not all about you, we have a country to save. Quit acting like a little kid and grow up, you can’t win them all. I like your passion but that’s not the be all and end all. The task at hand is to defeat the democraps and if you can prove that you’re worthy of being elected President I’ll vote for you but right now the momentum is with Ted Cruz.

  6. “A man that ain’t willin’ to cheat for a poke don’t want it bad enough.”

    Cruz realizes that the Republic is dead – Trump still believes it can be resuscitated.

    Vaguely reminiscent of Imperial Rome after Augustus.

  7. Ted Cruz pulled a slimy trick that stole votes from Carson. No one can dispute that. He is not the moral, honest person he claims to be. He is a dishonest crapweasel.

    That being said, Trump should be focusing on New Hampshire, not Iowa.

  8. “sound bite short attention span millennial”

    Sadly that is the reality of 2016 ‘Merika. The tweets might make well informed, intelligent people cringe a bit, but there are so few well informed, intelligent people left that it doesn’t matter. Twitter speak works with the masses.

  9. What Cruz did was crooked and immoral (he is a politician and member of an organized crime racket ((the ABA)), so that’s normal after all), but nothing he did was illegal or justification for overturning the results. The reality is that Cruz won because of his ground game. His crew (funded by the big banks) got people out to vote. It’s that simple so let it go Donald.

    And really, who cares if Cruz won Iowa? Ask the Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee how much good winning Iowa did them.

  10. Trump’s whining will only hurt himself and help Rubio. He is gonna give Rubio a strong 2nd in New Hampshire. He should be more careful how he plays his games. Rubio is the strongest candidate against both Hiliary and the Bern.

  11. I still have faith in Cruz, but lots of the candidates should have already pitched in the towel, including Carson. And maybe Trump should too, since he is becoming a whiny tight ass who wants his way all the time. My country does not need this again, after 8 years of “boy wonder.” God help us elect a conservative. I don’t expect a New Yorker to have Bible Belt values like me, and I won’t settle for someone who is chummy with Pelosi or Schumer, and wants to work together. For heaven’s sake, these diseased democrats need to be put down permanently and the RINOs too.

  12. Sorry Geoff, there is NO fair in elections. Trump can afford about anything, but being caught cheating isn’t on of them. The rest can cheat with impunity (then blame it on a staffer) because: It’s all about beating Trump.

  13. that’s is intended audience. Also he’s only got 140 characters to work with.

    Would a 1000 word eloquently phrased diatribe convince you more than 140 character tweet?


  14. You trump supporters are on thin ice calling a deceptive ad ‘fraud’.
    A quick check of the recent past will show his proclivity for getting charged or sued for the same offense. Not only that, but his history of nuisance lawsuits claiming others were deceptive in advertising is long.
    I think what Cruz did was stupid, but Trump is starting to sound like Algore on this issue.

  15. If Carson supporters didn’t already know that THEIR candidate decided to stop campaigning in NH and SC, which is ostensibly dropping out of the race, then how informed were they in the first place? I like Carson but leaving a race to get fresh clothes is a poor excuse to stop campaigning.

  16. Ted Cruz and his crew were wrong to not verify Carson’s statement with Carson himself instead of listening to what the MSM (CNN) said he said.

    But, Mr. Trump – maybe some of the voters changed their votes from Carson to you. Just because they got the information from Cruz’s group, doesn’t mean they automatically gave their votes to Cruz.

  17. Hmmm, them sound like SOUR GRAPES to me.

    And I see that Trump himself is now applying this NEW definition of “dirty tricks” and has expanded it to be “voter fraud” as well.

    Very interesting how definitions change to fit the narrative of those who lost.

  18. WTH!

    Donald, be a statesman, a gentleman, a man with a plan. Tell us about your plan. You can even tweet it, you can talk about it. Just quit being a sore loser. Attack Hillary instead of the R team.

    Is it just me or does he sound like a pearl clutching Demorat these past few days?

  19. Carson outperformed the polls by almost 2 points. Rubio by 6, and Cruz only outperformed the poll by about 4 points. Cruz is not a very good cheater, huh? How did he steal only votes from Trump, but not Carson or Rubio?

  20. hopefully this is the last squeal of a dying hawg, Howard Dean style? Trump seems to be a master of not knowing when to STFU.

  21. Terd Cruz is not white… I only vote for white men… Don’t like it? Go fúck yourself old man, let’s have a civil war already while I’m young enough to fight it…

    Go Back To Stormfront – BFH

  22. I’m glad I got the subject of stolen elections out of my system yesterday when the story was about Carson and Cruz, (see “Body of Christ” 2/2/16) because if I say one more word about it today, I’ll be accused of all kinds of toadyism for Trump.

    So instead I’ll relate a story I read yesterday about the “Trump Dynamic”. For everyone who seems satisfied with politics as usual and are okay with today being the same as yesterday in this country, I encourage you to see both with new eyes.

    From the article:

    “The disrupter is someone whose entire “brand” is to break the mold, to turn the way we do things on its head. Amazon did this with retail, Uber did it with taxi services, Airbnb did it with travel, Tinder did it with dating, Slack is doing it with email, Spotify is doing it with music, peer-to-peer lending is changing banking.

    And Trump is disrupting politics.

    … In his effect on everything from Fox News to the Koch Brothers to the newspapers that endorse candidates, Trump has disrupted every single aspect of the game of politics and created new rules — and based on the polls, what he’s done is working.”

    I don’t want to see anymore “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” We’re Americans, we deserve better.

    Rest of the article:

  23. In order for Trump’s claim to be accurate, that Cruz won because he declared Carson out of the race and because of his voter notices (and that was why the polls were so wrong), how does Trump explain that he was polling 12 points ahead of Rubio and won by 2 when Rubio didn’t do either of the things Trump accuses Cruz of doing?

  24. “I have killed many Mexicans; I do not know how many, for frequently I did not count them. Some of them were not worth counting. It has been a long time since then, but still I have no love for the Mexicans. With me they were always treacherous and malicious.”

    – Geronimo, My Life: The Autobiography of Geronimo, 1905.

    Cruz is an anchor baby…

    Go away, stupid – bfh

  25. And tired of the very childish attacks. I thought bullying was being squashed.

    Maybe Trump needs a ‘safe’ place in which he can curl up and be safe from the idiots he has to deal with.

    I wonder if he realizes that if he attacks so vehemently, a Senator that has an astounding record of standing against big government and who is very intelligent, we the people he wants to rule, might get the picture of how little he thinks of us. Sounding a lot like a spoiled royal king like maybe King George or Henry the VIII.

  26. Poor excuse? Bull puckey. There was never anything reported about Carson “dropping out.” Nobody announces they’re “dropping out” right before a caucus they’ve been actively campaigning in. Blaming CNN is sheer desperation, especially since once they found out it was false they didn’t inform their precinct captains of that. The Cruz campaign pulled a dirty trick, and you can’t spin your way out of that.

  27. Pathetic, for three reasons. One: CNN said absolutely nothing about Carson dropping out. Two: when they were corrected on this “error” they didn’t report that to their campaign staff. Three: Cruz has apologized for the “error.”

    It likely didn’t make a difference in the election, but it still stinks, and the stench is getting all over the Cruz sycophants who are still touting their candidate as morally superior.

  28. Well Trump is being a little stingy with the truth. One of the polls (and I apologize but I can’t find the link but it was a reliable one) found that while Trump had the lead over Cruz as first choice, Cruz had a huge lead over Trump as second choice. The Trump first choice support was shaky and the analysts (yes, we all know what some think of analysts) thought that once inside the booth and faced with the actual choice many Trump supports would fall back on their second choice Cruz. This happened and the smokescreen being thrown up by Carson (and belatedly, Trump) is just serving to hide the fact that Trumps support is pretty shaky when it comes to the lever being pulled.

  29. I remember seeing the poll you refer to, but I draw the opposite conclusion:

    Cruz made the calculation that, by spreading the “Carson is quitting” myth, he and not Trump would benefit most by it.

    I see NOTHING to suggest that Trump’s support “in the voting booth” is shaky.

  30. hahaahahaha!! And in the ’08 election you must have thought Palin could see Russia from her back porch, too.

  31. What you say sounds good and reasonable, but it’s untrue. Trump’s unfavorables are above water and rising. Have been for at least three weeks. And his “very likely” and “definitely” voter percentages have been very strong for five months and have gotten stronger in the past month.

    Trump’s support is anything but “shaky.”

  32. A “deceptive AD“?!?
    It’s the folks in the Iowa Board of Elections who called his “VOTING VIOLATION” mailer (is that what you mean by “ad”?) FRAUD.

    More downplaying and denial from the Cruz camp exemplifying an ugly psychopathy.

  33. True. What you said. I don’t dig it when Trump does these twitter things. And I hope that Cruzs people don’t like it when Cruz does something underhanded.

    I would prefer it if Trump did more looking forward than calling Cruz out for Iowa. Cruz, or “his people”, will likely pull more stunts like this, and I can only hope that Trump can reign it in and not feel the need to get in the mud. The only one who benefits from that is Cruz. Well, maybe Rubio too. I think Rubio gets the peel off voters from Cruz, soooo there’s that.

  34. Zonga!! Finally!
    I was for both Trump and Cruz. Then The Donald started acting like a 2 year-old…too often! Idk what his problem is but he needs to grow out of the tantrum stage and act Presidential!
    Since Cruz started inundating my email with the begging crap (How’d he get it in the first place?? Huh Newsmax?!), he’s fast losing my respect for him.
    IMHO….I think Donald is a Demoncrat and is screwing up this election on purpose. Proven me wrong….PLEASE!!

  35. “…because if I say one more word about it today, I’ll be accused of all kinds of toadyism for Trump.”…

    Bwahahahahaha—hahahah–sniffle, snort —Bhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  36. riverlifecallie — I can just see you laughing like an hysterical hyena. “Snort…snort” I noticed your little temper snit over at MOTUS the other day, too. That went over really well. Classy.

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