Trump tells governors they have been ‘weak’ and must not let violence continue, on crisis call

“If you want this to stop, you have to prosecute people,” said POTUS.

Just The News:

President Trump on Monday told a group of governors via video conference from the Situation Room that they must “arrest and try people” who are actively destroying their cities with riots and looting, lest they “look like a bunch of jerks.”

Trump continued by saying that the reason riots are successful is because the governors “are weak.” 

“Most of you are weak. You have to arrest people,” he purportedly also said. “You have to use your legal system. If you want this to stop, you have to prosecute people.”

Over the weekend, there were riots, protests and other demonstrations in at least 145 American cities; 4,100 arrests were made. 

This conversation, which included Attorney General William Barr and various law enforcement officials, in addition to the president and state leaders, comes as protests head into their sixth day.  more

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  1. It seems so obvious; when you give license to theft and vandalism, the degenerates of any society will steal and destroy.

    Yes, the individual state governors could do more in requesting and deploying the National Guard but the biggest problem I see is the unholy triumvirates’ (Mayor, D.A., police chief) abject failure in protecting its citizens and their property. When they issue stand-down orders, when they abandon entire police buildings, when they run away and give up entire bocks to an angry mob, not only are they cowards, but they are emboldening further lawlessness.

    The looters must be arrested, jailed, then later prosecuted, notwithstanding dopers like Justin Timberlake who virtue signals with wallet in paying the bails (id any bail is even set) for the criminals.

    The dirty little secret which never gets told is that once arrested, these thugs are never jailed but are released the same day, and never ever are they later prosected becuase of weak kneed D.A’s who have no dicks to speak of.

  2. Not only do the bad guys need to be prosecuted, but those that are protecting life and property have to be able to defend themselves. Seattle now has 400 National Guardsmen and our lame ass governor continues to assure us that they are UNARMED!

  3. What we are calling weak governors are actually smart ones that are using the riots to advance their agendas and power.

    You really think they don’t have the strength to crush a rebellion if it isn’t going their way and serving their covert purposes?

  4. If they want this to stop maybe they should stop the financier.

    George Soros and his multitude of organizations are funding those that are stirring the violence.
    The pig has lived far too long.

  5. The Liberal politicians are intentionally giving this herd of suicidal maniacs encouragement thru success. It’s got to be intentional. Nobodies that stupid. And they’re still blaming all this on the “white man” when at least 50% of the anarchists are white. ????? WTF? Where are they taking this?
    Last night they had at least two groups that broadcasted they were headed into the suburbs. The group in Seattle and one here in Northern California. What’s that look like? Well any home they stumble across that is not armed will most likely have it’s male residents murdered and the house looted and torched. But then they will run into armed resistance that will shoot the shit out of them. What’s the end game here? Gun control? Will the images of a bunch of young white people laying dead in the street move the needle on gun control. After these little bastards take their masks off they look like the teenager next door.
    Who knows. It’s beyond me. But this won’t end well unless someone takes control of these states away from the Libtards.

  6. He Niedermeyer’d their sorry asses!
    Gave them all a damn ass chewing
    “You’re all worthless and week!”

  7. If they were not staged…

    Let me ax ya dis: just how inept does a mayor/police chief have to be to allow pallets of pavers left in areas that a riot is expected to develop?

    I guess we are lucky there wasn’t barrels of pickaxe handles sitting next to them.

  8. Nancy Pelosi on the phone, “Hey Soros we need more money for molotov cocktails and we’re running short of paid volunteers, and ice cream. I need more ice cream.”

  9. ” But this won’t end well unless someone takes control of these states away from the Libtards.”

    The Leftists are in control of the States because they are the majority there and want them in control, it isn’t going to be taken away from them.

    But the next phase of the Leftist revolution will follow or very closely overlap the previous tow which will still remain in place and just be expanded (phase one the lockdown, phase two the riots, phase three still to be seen but I’m thinking increasing restrictions on how we live backed by serious national legal requirements to prove your compliance).

  10. I am actually amused that this time around, many looters are heading for the higher end stores and merchandise. Why steal costume jewelry from Walmart when, for roughly the same amount of effort, you can raid Cartier?

    Thousands of people chanting “eat the rich” in Beverly Hills are actually sending a message to the right people – the limousine liberals. These are the folks who earn millions of dollars a year, live in gated and secured communities, yet have the temerity to tell common folk how to live their lives and what is good for them. A Republican voting stock clerk at at a Walmart has far more in common with these protestors/rioters/looters than any member of the Hollywood elite. So long as these limousine liberals advocate for socialism to the detriment of common and poor folk, then I say take their stuff if that’s what you need to do and they are content to let you do just that.

  11. Andy Ngo:

    “Rioters in Portland have been assisted by their comrades in cars who drive around in supply chains for people to restock. The cars are also used to block streets so police can’t respond. Violence tonight is predicted to be worse.”

    It is a literal multi-front insurrection. Past time that was acknowledged and responded to as such, with grievously severe pain.

  12. If they do nothing for their state, then their state will die. The states who took control and ended the riots will pity them.
    And much like the lockdowns, how can it be Trump’s fault if your state is still closed/destroyed when others are doing fine?

    Portland will pay dearly. And so will Seattle. If the state legislature does nothing, then the states will die. It’s that simple.

  13. He announced he’s coming to Maine on Friday.
    General Mills can be heard on the call saying the visit is making her concerned about security.
    AG Barr has already been looking into her unconstitutional dictates and she’s been filing to be able to use the Chinese Virus relief money any way other than relief.
    She doesn’t want Mainers telling POTUS what’s really been going on here.
    Any other POTUS and she’d be rolling out the red carpet.
    He is right. Some (The Dems) Governors have been weak.

  14. Newsom has once again hijacked my radio and is doing nothing but addressing the failure of the white community and institutions for the unacceptable plight of the black man and excusing the rioters from looting and burning. BlahBlahBlah.
    Same old shit. If I were black I’d be pissed for insulting my intelligence. If I were a member of the Floyd family I’d really be pissed.
    Apparently Gavin missed the call with Trump.

  15. I wish I was a bounty hunter for the FBI right now:

    Rain City Antifa
    Emerald City Antifa

    When you go to the Emerald City FB page, you get cute graphics of masked figures with incendiary devices.

    I understand there is a third Seattle area chapter in Ballard.

    When mayors and governors say these were “outsiders”, they are lying of course. They probably follow their local antifa FB chapters and know the leaders personally.


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