Trump tells Lou Dobbs He’s Seen the Goods the DOJ has on Obamagate

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  1. It’s hard to get excited because as of today, no one has been held accountable for anything. Gitmo should be at full capacity. This makes Nixon look like he stole a candy bar from 7-11.

  2. Words like “now it’s up to our attorney general” make me wary of the likely outcome.

    Hopefully I’m wrong in this.

  3. The President is not known for his lack of hyperbole.

    But then there is relative silence from those seemingly in the cross hairs.

    Except Obama but you couldn’t shut him up if you stitched his lips like a voodoo doll.

  4. CCNV, my youngest (16) is binge-watching all of the old prime-time cartoon shows. Right now he’s on “Futurama”. A couple of days ago, he asked me, “What is the deal with Nixon?? He’s in, like, every freaking cartoon all the time!” I told him, “Your kids will be asking you the same thing about Trump.”

  5. Put up or shut up, we’re tired of the
    1) Tick Tock headlines
    2) Pundits and their theories
    3) Investigations that never happen
    4) The constant soundbites about action that never happens.
    If it was real life and not politics and politicians investigating their friends people would be in prison already.

  6. And sorry to threadjack about Nixon, but the kids don’t learn about him in school. At all. I think it is partly because his crimes were so small compared to Presidents like Clinton and Obama, and the education system doesn’t want the kids to see that,

  7. Antidote, I can’t figure out whether to call it “Vaccseem” or “Vaccide”. Guess I will have to wait for results.

  8. @MMinAR — “The President is not known for his lack of hyperbole.”

    Nor has he been known for being terribly wrong when he has accurate information about something.

  9. Indict them slow, indict them fast,
    This one first and that one last,
    Indict them left, or even right,
    Do it deep, or keep it light,
    Be discreet, or make a show,
    It matters not which way they go,
    In the morning, night or noon,
    Just do it really f—king soon!

    Apologies to Dr. Seuss. And thank you, flip.

  10. That’s certainly true AA. The President is also known for having a long memory and the evening when Obama humiliated him at some bigwig convention and he had to sit there with a fake smile is one that I’m sure he has burned into his brain.

    I remain optimistically skeptical(how’s that for fence sitting?)

  11. The only thing that worries me about this, other than it being a dud, is what will demrats do next to try to overshadow it?

  12. tropical gitmo is too nice of a place for these criminals ..
    how about hard work in a harsh climate in the general population


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