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Trump: The Best President I Didn’t Vote For

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  1. I scratch my head when I hear or read “conservative” people say they didn’t vote for President Trump.
    What news reports were they reading?
    What speeches did they watch?
    Did they even watch the debates?
    What research did they do?
    Did they even attempt to go to his website and read his policy statements?

    PS – I love typing “President Trump”!

  2. “What news reports were they reading?
    What speeches did they watch?
    Did they even watch the debates?
    What research did they do?
    Did they even attempt to go to his website and read his policy statements?”

    Me, myself. none of the above,,,

    Had all of that shoved down on me for a lifetime. So not going to look for or watch out for now.
    So I had no problem with it.
    Seems like a lot of others felt the same.
    Best Regards to you Jethro

  3. Hogwash. The reason these shits didn’t vote for Trump is because they don’t have any authenticity. They couldn’t bring themselves to vote for someone that all of the “cool kids” weren’t on board with.

  4. “cool kids” weren’t on board with.”
    LOL, good one, seriously!
    The original bully childish pissing match has been challenged by a business man, not by an entitled pre-school politician.

  5. Glad to see the Self-Aggrandizing ability of self up-voting algorithm being applied. Just F’ing with you,.,,
    being with y’all

  6. The neocons I know who didn’t vote for him only read the Wall Street Journal and the free USA today at the hotel. They only see CNN at airports and sit around in little bubbles wishing a “real” business man like Romney was POTUS.

    Then they usually start preaching about sending our young people to this or that shithole. . . until they see the look in my eye and remember my son and nephews went while none of theirs ever, ever will.

    I hate the neocons more than the liberals. Despotism is best taken pure, without the base alloy of hypocrisy.

    Now the idiot Graham is spouting the tired old refrain of “fight them over there instead of over here,” while facilitating replacing our honored dead in our communities with the vermin they fought at a ratio of a thousand to one.

    Once President Trump is out of office, I may very well stop following the train wreck altogether. Reagan, Perot and Trump are the only ones I ever actually WANTED to vote for, and Pence does not impress me.

  7. JustAl, Amazed you mentioned Perot! To think he viewed the G’Ment way back than as a Business was unheard of. Yet biggest B’ness ever was. And that was 33 years ago,,,.
    Now every politician is ‘offended’! By the reality of it being called out for what it is!
    The politicians are only so offended by the fact they have never been an employee and have never ‘worked’ a day in their lives.

  8. If only these elitists backed him from the beginning, or, at least were willing to give him a chance. But no! They bombarded him. National Review invited a shit load of intellectuals to blast him in one issue. I burned it, so I no longer have it for reference. So I wish NR would have the balls to print it again. And we can dissect it.
    Here is Intellectual Kevin Williamson NRO: “But he (Trump) has done nothing yet that rises to the level of an impeachable offence. “It is not unconstitutional to be a fool.'”
    Erick Erickson (WAPO). “Trump exudes incompetence and instability.”
    ……”a horde of vocal Trump supporters cheering on every inane statement, delusion, and bad act” But unless party leaders stage an intervention, “I expect them to experience an electoral bloodbath” in 2018 and, perhaps, lose a generation of voters.”
    There is much more. This I gleamed from “The Week” June 2, 2017

    If President Trump got a fair shake from these pricks, include Rich Lowry, Bill Kristal, Jonah Goldberg, and other snakes, this great country would be thriving. Racism does not exist here except in the media, academia, and with left wing politicians, communists!
    I rest my case.

  9. Bye the way, I am not a racist and neither is President Trump. But Don Lemon of CNN is a racist. He thinks white men are the greatest danger to society. But he is being banged in the butt every night by his white male lover. How phucked up is that?

  10. Well. maybe not every night. I really don’t know how they operate. I have no experience along those lines. Anyone? Brad, Joe, BFH, MJA, any idea?
    Happy New Year to all of you at IOTW.

  11. Make you wonder what a mausoleum the intellectuals meet in, and what country it is located in. Certainly not United States. They wear Coke bottle bottoms for glasses. They cannot see a hand in fromt of their faces without artificial help.
    And they presume to tell everyone how to respond to reality, when they don’t know what it is!

  12. Moe Tom case finely presented.
    If only in the commercially paid for MSM there were deceit Honorable people,,.
    Unfortunately the split is 90/10.
    I only keep wishing/praying ’cause in my lifetime those odds have only been the ones!
    Will hold on and keep hanging in for the lucky times do happen!
    Will never forget the 2016 election, and look forward to them again.

  13. Hey Moe, I might have read that wrong but it looked like you were asking several iOTWers if they had any first hand knowledge or experience with Don Lemon’s activities with his gay concubine. That couldn’t have been what you were asking, could it?


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