Trump, the Gangster

Black Democrat who voted for Obama in ’08 says he voted for Trump in ’16 cause “I wanted a gangster in the White House” – Mark Kennedy

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  1. When wrangling with democRATz and RINOs you need a fighter who will say:
    “I’m gonna take this away from yous guys, stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger ’til it goes click!” Nobody fcuks with The Donald and the American people!

  2. We got the wrong kind of gangsta in the 2008 election when barry became President. I still remember the obvious black guy who called Rush before the election and told him he wanted barry as President because he could do the thug thizzle and boy did he ever prove along with Eric Holder to be nothing but a couple of two bit thugs.

  3. John wanted a gangster, so he picked Trump instead of the candidate who commits blackmail and extortion, runs massive financial rackets, and deploys hitmen as needed. What are you really trying to tell us, John?

  4. “I wanted a gangster in the White House”

    You and me both brother. By gangster he means a take no prisoners BAMF who does not apologize for bullshit and does it his own way.

  5. Barry Soetoro would have been kicked out of a Black Panther party. He doesn’t even have a believable blaccent.


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