Trump to Press Corps: ‘Who Do I Like? Nobody’

WFB: President Donald Trump took a look at the assembled White House press corps Wednesday during a joint press conference.

“Let’s see, who do I like?” he asked as he sought a questioner alongside the president of Poland. “Nobody. That’s the end.”

Despite the joke at the media’s expense, he did call on someone, and democracy survived for another day.

7 Comments on Trump to Press Corps: ‘Who Do I Like? Nobody’

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  2. I’m like Trump, I don’t live my life to be liked. Once you give yourself over to that type of thinking, you will be taken advantage of every time. Trump like me doesn’t care if we’re liked or disliked, this is why I love the guy.

  3. The media destroyed itself. Now they’re trying to blame Trump.

    Hitler’s big lie theory in sction.

  4. The press has spared nothing in relaying their contempt for the president; it’s only fair he returns the favor. in his own unique way.


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