Trump to Send Global Warming Hoaxers Packing With Paris Treaty Pullout

Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, liberal democrats have long been hiding behind their own faulty science on global warming.

The hoax, which has been in full force ever since former Vice President Al Gore released his informercial of a film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, has been a hotly debated subject both in society and within the halls of government.  Gore, sensing that science was willing to agree with whatever he was purporting, took advantage of alarmist theories to profit immensely from his own “carbon credit” business in which he preyed upon Americans’ eco-guilt to sell them theoretical forgiveness for they environmental sins.  Then, with the release of his liberally popular film, Gore was able to rake in massive piles of cash while tugging at the world’s heartstrings with photographs of sad polar bears swimming.

Then, as science began to truly take a look at some of the global warming clubs claims, it became very apparent that their science was bunk.  Today, many scientists are of the belief that the earth’s temperature is almost exclusively controlled by the activity of the sun, not surprisingly, and that we could be on the precipice of a mini ice age as our star heads toward what is referred to as the Maunder Minimum.

Given the new evidence, that the left has thoroughly rejected, U.S. President Donald Trump is looking to rid Americans of our costly and exorbitant participation in the Paris Climate Treaty.

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9 Comments on Trump to Send Global Warming Hoaxers Packing With Paris Treaty Pullout

  1. Like Rush was saying today, this “treaty” is not some deal he can just walk away from. He has to sign his name and see the divorce through to the end.

    Come to think of it, he may be just the guy for the job.

    Has anybody wargamed the possible bullshit from the Federal Judges Brigade?

  2. I guess I skipped over some of the fine print. How can the Paris treaty be legally binding if the Senate did not ratify it?


    Oh, I see now. The global greenies are peddling the story that since the Senate ratified the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) back in 1992, that there’s some sort of connection to what the legal situation is now, 25 years later.

    Trump should ask the senate to rescind its ratification of the UNFCCC.

  3. One of the most beneficial America First moves Trump could make.
    We can’t be coerced into any spending or regulations the POTUS chooses to walk away from.
    As for Federal judges, it’s high time POTUS and the DoJ adopt the stance that lower courts rulings are merely preliminary “advisement” where National Security (including energy policy) is concerned.
    In short, POTUS will obey the SCOTUS but not some lower court/s.

    The global warming/climate change jig is up.

  4. Years ago I was informed about the difference between a Treaty and an Agreement by some speaker at CPAC.
    A treaty requires consent of 2/3 of the Senate. The bar for an Agreement is much lower, but I don’t remember the details. Hence NAFTA. North American Free Trade Agreement.

    Smarter and more educated people than me can speak to the Paris Climate Agreement or Treaty.

    Obama signed it, but it has not been ratified by the Senate. Rush described the treachery involved today and basically threatened Trump that inaction or the wrong action would be a violation of a major campaign promise and he would pull his support of his presidency.

    He was quite clear on that.

  5. I’ve read there is a way to unravel the relationship all the way back to the formation of the IPCC or further…

    The way he is speaking so carefully about this, it sounds like they’re planning for legal challenges.

    This is a case where I’d like to see the legal challenges answered by Seal Team Six.

  6. @Nobama – Killin’s too good for ’em. I’d like for the global greenies to find themselves living in mud huts and cooking their meager food on hot rocks heated by burning cow pies. That’s where they want most of the world’s people, after all. The ones they don’t starve first anyway.

  7. The problem is people are no longer in touch with Nature, and that makes them easy Marks for scheemers like Gore. He could convince his followers the Earth was back to flat.
    So how do we Convince his people, that they’ve been Used by democrats ?

  8. So President Trump announced he’s pulling out of the Paris GWBS Accord.

    Another Promise Kept!

    I’m so proud of our honorable President. It’s like a breath of fresh air, after eight long years of lies.

    The RINO establishment is not worthy to wash this man’s socks.

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