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Trump to sue Facebook, Twitter, Google

The following is a report by FOX. I don’t have to remind you they’re the uni-media.

FOX: Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced that he will lead a lawsuit over alleged censorship against Twitter, Facebook and Google — three tech companies that removed him from their platforms after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by a mob of his supporters. 

The lawsuit will be a class-action, with Trump as the lead plaintiff, claiming that he’s been censored by the companies. He spoke about the legal action from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. 

“I stand before you this morning to announce a very important… development for our freedom and freedom of speech,” Trump said. “In conjunction with the America First Policy Institute, I’m filing as the lead class action representative a major class action lawsuit against the big tech giants including Facebook, Google and Twitter, as well as their CEOs.” more

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  1. Quoting GWB’s tool, “no standing!”!

    Think I kid? Been a week since Liz said she wailed be an active participant in the conservative witch hunt. Remember Kev’s “stern warning!”? He really hit her hard yesterday! Of course the liberal Kev did nothing of the sort! He hates conservatives almost as much as Liz and Adam.
    Roberts has consistently been anti conservative! Don is conservative. FaceBook and Google are liberal. Roberts rules for liberals!

    Has done so since 1999! Will do so as long as he lives!

  2. Whilst I typed GWB’s boy stole my thunder! But GWB put him there on our;pose, no accident!

    HEY JOHN ; give us old guys a chance to type! We are no longer quick

  3. Oh boy, a whole lot of shit about to hit a very powerful fan.
    Class actions are very powerful when used appropriately.
    This one has the elements of being legit and provable.
    If you enjoy excellent lawyering, this is a case to follow close.
    Maybe my past lawyering on a half dozen class action, prosecuting and defending, I have a perverse interest in this lawsuit, but everyone should pay close attention,
    The First Amendment is the heart of this case.

  4. The way this is worded it’s obvious where Foxy stands.
    “..alleged censorship..”
    “….a mob of his supporters.”
    “…false claims…”

    If nothing else discovery will be fun.

  5. I wish he did a lot more when he was POTUS. People just laughed when it was Alex Jones several years ago and before Alex a lot of other conservatives that pushed healthy living and non-big pharma treatments were eradicated. Watching an interview today with Gab’s CEO and Kushner/Trump’s team refuse to join unless he agrees to censor any criticism against Israel even though he has a few million following an account Gab controls and just posts whatever he states. And Jason Miller talking about his Gettr app on Bannon’s War Room said AI controls hate speech. Trump would do more to get on Gab, get rid of the swamp that surrounds him and promote true free speech.

  6. PDJT just lobbed a flash-bang grenade into what was shaping up to be a Sleepy Joe summer, while audits are completed. Timing is everything.

  7. @ Beachmom: And all FOX’s enthusiasm for writing “Trump’s false claims…” Only (d)s and the alleged “press” toss that “false” term around so freely – and ignore the FACT that the issue has not received ANY legitimate and thorough scrutiny!

  8. May as well add, ABC, NBC, CBS, NBA, NFL, every local news affiliate……..
    The list of liars is long.


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