Trump topped Biden in 2020 primary vote turnout in key swing states like Florida, Ohio

Just The News: While an imperfect predictive measure, President Trump defeated rival Joe Biden in 2020 primary vote turnout for key swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, even after Biden had essentially sewn up his Democratic Party’s nomination.

Citing the strong turnout for Trump in the primaries, his campaign sees an enthusiasm and base intensity gap favorable for the president, as the Democratic Party has been locked in fierce internecine battle dating back to at least the 2016 presidential race.

In Pennsylvania, Trump earned 934,524 votes this year, compared to 914,904 for Biden, according to the Associated Press. In Ohio, Biden earned 623,186 votes compared to a reported 682,843 for Trump. more

7 Comments on Trump topped Biden in 2020 primary vote turnout in key swing states like Florida, Ohio

  1. But, the polls say Bid=n is so far ahead that President Trump should just resign and let him be President today.

  2. the glaring reality … the point is that Donald Trump was running basically ‘unopposed’ … which means there really was no reason for his supporter to come out & vote for a foregone conclusion

    … yet they did anyway … it’s called ENTHUSIAM … eat your phucking hearts out

    eat it up, eat it up w/ a great big spoon … Dem’rats

  3. joe6pak

    The Tax return we need to see is Diane Feinstein’s. That bitch and her husband just rake money in. A couple years ago he was awarded a Billion dollar contract for the train to no where. If they pulled that shit in the private sector they’d both be in jail.

  4. Yeah Brad, when you think about it, it would make sense to review all their tax returns. If it’s good for Trump it damn sure is good for the rest of them.

  5. with soros counting the votes, at this point what difference does it make?

    there will be widespread vote tampering and fraud

    bank on it


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