Trump tweets video clip of Pelosi stammering through press conference- Hillary freaks

American Mirror: 

Now even President Trump is wondering what is wrong with Nancy Pelosi.

The president tweeted a video montage of the House Speaker “stammering” through a press conference on Thursday.

The clip from Lou Dobbs Tonight is highlights of Pelosi suffering brain freezes and having trouble speaking.

Trump then tweeted a quote from Republican consultant Ed Rollins, who said on the program that Pelosi can’t “put a subject with a predicate in the same sentence.” go see



And here is Hillary -Tore from the floor up- Clinton, defending Nancy :

FIRED UP, READY TO GO? Angry Hillary energizes 1,500 Dems in Texas.



17 Comments on Trump tweets video clip of Pelosi stammering through press conference- Hillary freaks

  1. Double-Dipped Biscuits

    DNCmsNBCNN is attempting to preempt this by creating and releasing their own doctored drunk Nancy videos, ala commode central daily shows, and then blaming it on Trump. Typical democrat campaign style dirty tricksters. This summer will be full of them.

    But the ARChived TV TIME Stamp and Date OFFICIAL Record Recordings from Ancient TV History Vaults will always be there. The Internets are forever.

  2. I love that the Democratic Party continues to look up to Pelosi, Biden, Bernie as its leaders. It is scary to think of the mentality of those who support these demagogues, but amusing to see that over and over, with plenty of others to choose from, they go with the same old (and I do mean old!) people.

  3. What in hell is that thing around her neck? Who is dressing her these days?

    A woman you can bait with a tweet is not a woman we can trust with nuclear weapons.

  4. Hillary the Screech sez: “democRATs pass gun laws that save lives”
    Yeah right. Name one Bitch!
    That’s like saying “we’re going to outlaw crime”
    Well guess whut… Criminals, similar to democRATs, don’t care about the law no matter which one you pass! THAT why they’re criminals!
    Lock Her Up!

  5. Nancy’s sire was a Baltimore mayor and her brother Thomas was also the mayor of Baltimore. It’s in the History Books. They are a corrupt family that has spread from East to West and infect everywhere they rule. Demons.

  6. If you remember a few years ago Alzheimer’s Medication was being delivered to Capitol Hill. Apparently they still are we Should find out what medication the following democRATS are on. Pelosi, Nadler (especially after his “fainting spell”????? Cummings and Maxine Waters are on????? Since Pelosi’s position makes her in the line of succession for the presidency We need to know the state of her health

  7. Remember when SNL continually portrayed Reagan as having Alzheimer’s. Good times.

    Remember when Gerald Ford tripped on the steps of Air Force One and the media refused to show it.

    Versus say, Obama working out like a queer in a grandmother’s windbreaker or unable to find the door to the White House and stalking around outside like Trayvon Martin after an all-night lean binge.

    Or Hillary passing out and being tossed in a van during a Presidential campaign and lying about having a communicable illness but hugging a young child in the street later.

    Covfefe! The media sure likes to pick and choose what everyone is allowed to find funny or is ripe for ridicule.

  8. “Pelosi, warren, waters, clinton, lynch.
    They can all be cellmates. Save on guards.”

    Would save on food too. I think they’d eat each other.

  9. Senile Dementia is a horrible affliction. Would somebody close to Speaker Pelosi please help her? SAD!

  10. The crooked old scummy crunt knows a video her her is just around the corner, if not a courtroom.


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