Trump Uses the Media’s OWN Headlines Against Them

After They Whine About His Mail-In Voting Tweet.

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  1. Out 17 cases, I have dug into so far this year. 16 were City/State level politicians seeking re-election in Democrat Party controlled areas on the edge of flipping. So far 3 cases directly involved the post office employees assisting in the scheme. NOTE: Several of the other cases were discovered by Postal Inspectors and carriers.

    Like was clearly said by numerous high level officials.
    How is any election secure when there is NO WAY of verifying who is actually voting or if the Ballot is not counterfeited?

    BTW: In case you missed it, a test runs for counterfeit absentee ballots was done in the 2016-18 elections.

    About 5,000 pre-voted absentee ballots, just needing a name applied, were found just in just GA. It seems whistle tooth Stacy Abrams campaign had some absentee ballots professionally printed. These were found in a airport returned Campaign NY staffer’s rental car. An we are still waiting on GA-GBI/Atlanta PD to FULLY release the findings.

  2. The only reason Biden is supposedly ahead in all the liberal ran polls is because the Democrats are planning massive voting fraud schemes and if they succeed they will point to the polls and say they were right.
    God bless president Trump and may the peoples voices be heard not the lying cheats and schemers.

  3. They are way out of their league. But, ya know what? The Republicans are punching up at the Democrats. They are either too stupid or too aware of their own incompetence to engage the Democrats/media like this.


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