Trump vetting the left’s nightmare choice for Secretary of Education


President-elect Donald Trump will be meeting with Sacramento First Lady Michelle Rhee as a potential candidate for secretary of education.

Danielle Hagen with Trump’s administration confirmed the meeting will take place in New Jersey on Saturday.

Rhee is widely known as the former chancellor for Washington, D.C., public schools, fighting the teachers’ union as she made a polarizing push for charter schools and voucher programs.

“Michelle Rhee was a disaster in Washington D.C. She supported independent, privately-run charters — sometimes for-profit,” Sacramento City Teachers Association Vice President Davis Fisher said. “Pretty much used private school rules and public money to continue the have and have-nots.”

Rhee has not been active in education locally, or statewide. However, her husband, Mayor Kevin Johnson, took the charter school approach with St. Hope in Sacramento.

“I think schools are really evolving at a much slower rate than society,” said Gary Bowman, who represents the charter school system California Montessori Project. “I see us as part of a bigger puzzle. We offer something that isn’t offered in the mainstream.”

Bowman believes Rhee can be a visionary for public education.

“One thing about Michelle Rhee is that she is passionate about school choice for parents,” Bowman said.

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  1. Only worse cabinet choice would be Mitt Romney for Sec of State. What happened to draining the swamp, especially to recycle Rhee. She’s done that and failed! Pays lip service to conservative values in hopes that we won’t look at her over all record. Besides her choice in a husband should make us all the more suspicious. It appears that Johnson learned well from the “Clinton Crime Syndicate”

  2. Trump1 scale back that dept of ed
    and let their heads are explode
    and rivers of salty tears are rising
    like an overflowing raging river,
    Our hope will be renewed

  3. NOOOOOOOO! Michelle Rhee would be a horrible choice! Yes, she worked to allow charter schools. But she is also a major player in Common Core and, worse, is allied with Phil Daro, a leader in Common Core particularly the worst of its constructivist loony teaching practices.

  4. Her mission needs to be vouchers, move control back to the states then close down the dept soonest. Keep some Kleenex handy. Not for the poor, black inner city dwellers, they’ll like it, but for the plantation owners. The rich, white and deeply misguided social busybodies out there.

  5. Excerpt from the above link:
    Rhee, on the other hand, doesn’t fit Trump at all. For one, she’s highly skeptical of school choice. She strongly supports charter schools, a good but highly managed government alternative to traditional public schools, and prominently reversed her opposition to vouchers in 2013. Yet she still supports a highly regulated version of vouchers driven by applying the tests to them that public schools use, which undercuts their very premise. We don’t want to use vouchers to mold private schools into the public schools whose failure justifies vouchers in the first place, but to provide diversity of parent choice in education. That requires light regulation.

    “There are a lot of people out there who sort of believe, the free market, let the free market reign, the market will correct itself — give every kid a backpack with their [sic] money in it and let them choose wherever they want to go,” she said in a 2012 interview. “I don’t believe in that model at all.” Instead, she supports highly limited and highly regulated voucher programs just for poor families, not all taxpayers.

  6. What about considering Condoleezza Rice? She did a pretty good job in Bush’s cabinet and has been a PolySci Professor at Stanford University as well as holding a senior position at the Hoover Institute. She’s a smart lady and could do a great job.

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