Trump Vows To Release Classified JFK Files

DC: President Donald Trump announced Saturday morning that he will allow the release of never before seen documents related to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy.


The classified documents are scheduled to be released Thursday, Oct. 26, the date set 25 years ago by Congress under a bill signed by then President George H.W. Bush. The cache of documents includes 3,100 documents never seen by the public and over 30,000 files previously released in redacted form.

Recent reports, citing senior administration officials, suggested that Trump may extend the classified status of certain documents drafted in the 1990s, due to concerns they might reveal recent American intelligence tactics and operations.

A congressional official who has been monitoring the situation told Politico that the CIA was lobbying Trump to keep some portion of the documents classified due to security concerns.

“Everything is in flux,” the official said. “I guess the president could change his mind at the last minute. But unless there is a dramatic change of heart, there will not be an absolutely full release of this information. I think you’ll see a lot of the files next week. Just not all of them, unfortunately. And a lot of documents that should have been released in full won’t be—there will be deletions.”

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  1. Why would the CIA care if there is a release, unless it shows their involvement? Why did the Presidential car stop for 2 full seconds, contrary to the driving manual, to allow for the fatal headshot? Why was this covered up?

  2. I have very little faith that the report has not been manipulated all to hell. The real one is probably in some vault in the basement of some obscure Federal Building.

  3. Those who believe JFK was assassinated by govt conspirators are salivating, but I’m sure they’ll be disappointed. No documents that would support that idea would ever have made it into the files, even if JFK was in fact got rid of by CIA or whatever (which I seriously doubt).

    Equally likely is any documentation that will cast doubt on the Warren Commission’s report, although IMO that report is not accurate, mostly because of the magic bullet. I will be interested in reading any doc about the medical care the dying president received and how his body was handled after his death declaration.

  4. @Extirpates – I’m sure the CIA will continue to object saying that some of the docs describe practices/procedures they don’t want publicized because they continue to operate with some of those. An open question is whether those prac/procs are legal or not. If not, I’m again pretty sure such doc would never have made it into the files.

  5. So they let PEARL HARBOR be bombed to trigger a passivist public to be war-mongers.

    The lone shooter got SHOT before he could spill the beans about the government’s plan.

    They dragged us into Vietnam while the Johnsons got rich.

    Got into Iraq because of W.M.D.s.

    A 16 year war because of 911, and building 7 collapsed even though it was not struck by a plane, nor on fire.

    OH YEEEEEAH! I believe whatever paperwork the government releases on J.F.K.

  6. Oswald acted alone. Tales otherwise sell lots of books and movies. Used to believe in a conspiracy, but the evidence points in another direction.

    If you can keep an open mind, ask yourself did Oswald shoot Officer Tippett and take a shot at General Walker?

  7. “The CIA was lobbying Trump to keep some portion of the documents classified due to security concerns”! Security concerns? The fumbling idiots are worried about security concerns! The 17 multi-billion dollar funded intelligence agencies, including the CIA, can’t keep the retarded Russians from messing with our elections and they are worried about security concerns vis-a-vis 50+-year old documents!

  8. How, in a supposedly free and democratic society, does the government decide that the truth can’t be trusted in the hands of the people so that they can make informed decisions about the facts and vote accordingly.

    And the CIA still fighting it 50 years later. Simply un-American. More like CYA.

  9. Meanwhile in Las Vegas…. crickets. I haven’t heard anything meaningful about the massacre, but now we get JFK squirrel. It’s been 54 years.

    It hasn’t been 54 days in Vegas and still nothing.

  10. I’m guessing that most of the documents deal with Kennedy’s multiple sexual indiscretions and mob-related connections and other things that mostly are damaging to his personal and family’s reputation as well as the Democrat party.

  11. Imagine how simple it would be to kill JFK. An open car, a couple people with rifles. Thats it. No armored beast. Basic, bare bones security compared to these days. I’ve never been there, but i am told that from where oswald was that it would take an incredibly good shot to off him.

  12. Irony, don’t be *silly*.

    If anything, he’s alive
    (if not in Las Vegas, per one of my sources, see above)
    in FLORIDA.

    With big hair like he used to have (see his photo),
    I bet he’d have a Big Hat made out of it….

  13. @Irony Curtain: And he celebrated his 100th birthday in May of this year with a lap dance by Marilyn Monroe.

    Well…what was left of Marilyn, that is.

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