Trump Walk of Fame Star Vandal Arrested

James Lambert Otis was arrested this as the self-proclaimed defacer of Donald Trumps star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Otis’ intention was to take the star and auction it off on election night to raise funds “for the women who have been exploited by Mr. Trump.”  When asked if it was “worth it” Mr. Oddball declared, “Absolutely, absolutely. I really do think it’s worth it because it has brought attention to violence against women.”


21 Comments on Trump Walk of Fame Star Vandal Arrested

  1. He wanted to sell it on ebay but now claims he was tired of Trump. Moron douchebag! Give him back the pick axe and put him on a chain gang somewhere in the Arizona desert or angola.

  2. hey otis, you’re a fucking idiot who needs to have his pussy grabbed and squeezed

    waiting for your comments on bill clinton, you typical democrat moron

  3. “I also have the largest collection of Dr. Seuss original artwork in the country. And I also teach non-violent social theory, non-violent direct action and Gandhi.”
    You can’t even make this stuff up – liberal’s co-existing in their own special way.

  4. Leftist like Otis are frustrated because they fear a Trump win.
    So like little spoiled brats they lash-out destroying property and using violence against Trump supporters.

  5. He’s the typical violent, emotional, moronic, leftist douchbag. I hope his life is really difficult and short.

  6. A yearly ass pounding in jail should change his tune to violence against men. Well, probably not since he’s not sane and probably a faggot.

  7. He got his 15 minutes of fame…….14 minutes too much.
    A liberal judge will put him on probation and the political hacks will give him a state job.

  8. Hmm, where did I see that the DNC hires mentally unstable people for these type operations? I know I saw it somewhere…

  9. This guy isn’t smart enough to get a job as a spell checker at an M&M factory.

    They had to let him go the day he threw the whole day’s production out because all of them had Ws on them.


  10. When Trump fixes the economy and people are working again, this son of a bitch is going to have a hard time finding somebody who will hire his worthless ass with that stunt on his record.
    Maybe he could be a whore in Mexico.

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