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Trump Wants Debate to Focus on Policy, Doesn’t like ‘Getting into the Gutter’

Breitbart: Donald Trump admitted to holding back on attacking Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate while speaking to voters at a campaign event in New Hampshire Thursday night.

“I did hold back. I thought it was just inappropriate to say what I was really thinking I would say,” Trump told the audience during a town hall on Thursday night in Sandown, New Hampshire. “I’d much rather have it be on policy and I don’t like getting into the gutter.”

Trump denied reports that he was disappointed that his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence did so well in the vice presidential debate against Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) and that his town hall in New Hampshire was part of his debate prep.

“I was so happy that Mike did well,” Trump stated, dismissing media reports that he was disappointed. “They make you into, like, a child.”

“They were saying this is practice for Sunday,” he stated about the town hall. “This isn’t practice. This has nothing to do with Sunday. We are here because we just wanted to be here.”

“Hillary, frankly, they talk about debate prep — that’s not debate prep. She’s resting…”


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  1. Yesterday Rush mentioned how you could tell the Clinton campaign was coordinating with the media and telling them what to report. He played this montage of reporters all over saying that exact same thing, that Pence was setting himself up for 2020. All these reporters all over the country all came to that exact conclusion independently and reported it? LOL

    Part of that was the “source” inside the Trump camp who said Trump was pissed that Pence used the debate to set himself up for 2020. Yeah that would make Trump look childish of true, but I don’t believe it for a second.

  2. They drug us into the gutter, so let’s finish the fight there.
    Hillary the Creepy Clown and her creepy family has had their run.
    It’s time to move on, they’ve made no difference.

  3. Pointing out her past failures like Benghazi or the Russia reset fiasco and over 30,000 felonies is not going into the gutter.

    I want to see him bring these up to watch Cooper and Radditz go into DefCon 5 mode as well as watch Hillary try to dance around telling her daughter the truth about Benghazi while lying to the family members over coffins.

    You can bet your ass that she’ll be in the gutter all night rather then try and defend her 30+ years of policy failures.

  4. Rightwinger, Erick Erickson’s whole radio show hours before the debate was the source of all that Pence 2020/ Angry Trump stuff. He knew Pence would do well and had to deny Trump any boost from that. And please note that I monitor the Sweaty Thumb only to see the MSM/Nevertrump spin at its source.

  5. Trump stands a better chance to wipe the floor with her if he makes sure to speak to America, and deal with the Moderator/Hillary as little as possible.

    It’s a little tougher for him because the fix IS already in for The Crooked One and the media as usual will be at ‘Dope Whistle Frequency’ in ‘Lo-Fo Spin Mode’.

  6. Trump will do better, imo, if his primary, and longest remarks are about national security, reducing regulation overreach, and getting government out of the way to encourage job growth.

    Pointing out again that Hillary is a dishonest, lying skank who will sell Americans out in a millisecond should only be distant, and short secondary points. Her supporters don’t care. And most other voters have already seen that the fix is in, and she won’t prosecuted for any of her many crimes. Don’t waste time on it. They’re past sins without consequences.

    Trump talking about what he plans to do right in the future is where it’s at. Throwing out more insulting language is a turn off that makes him look nasty, rather than presidential.

  7. One of the things I’ve noticed is that before one of the talking heads or “moderators” asks a question, they preface it with a comment that is generally not true to try and score a point whether the answer to the question is good or not.

    For example: “Mr. Trump, you have a history of treating women badly… how do you propose to handle blah blah blah.

  8. I would like to use his very first remark, regardless of the question, to look into the camera and address America. To say, “She is going to repeat over and over and over again tonight lies about my taxes. When you hear it, you know she has no answers or plans for YOU and shes deceiving you. Shes the crook, and you all know it. I paid my taxes, just like all of you do, if I didnt you can bet I would be in jail, just like YOU would be if you didnt pay your taxes. We all know what its like to deal with the IRS… now thats the last word I will say about it.”

  9. She goes gutteral on Trump I guarantee he’s gonna go gutteral like you’ve never seen before. Believe me. He’ll go big league!

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