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Trump Was at a Dinner With Who?

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  1. Not only Jew haters, but they hate whites too. All 3 are known haters period. Farrakhan is getting up there in age, I expect him to be going bye-bye soon – sooner the better for all 3 of them pictured.

  2. Yeah, I thought the same thing.
    And it wasn’t just ‘dinner.’
    These shit-stirring race haters were invited to the White House numerous times. The Kenyan regularly rubbed out noses in it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
    Missing here is that creepy insect Sharpton as well.
    They were regular buddies. It was sickening.

  3. This crap, not Balenciaga, nor the guest list at the NYT Dealbook Summit, is where the leftist and nevertrump outrage is focused right now.

  4. And if I read right, it was a membership dinner and he was only expecting Kanye and not the ones he dragged in with him.

    I don’t care what Kanye says, he’s free to roam around the country as he pleases, but most of the time, he shit-stirs for no reason. Imagine showing up and asking Trump to be Kanye’s VP? Who sent his dumbass there to do that?

    I mean, if you’re gonna be weird, at least do it like Musk. He’s a weirdo, but at least he can explain himself. LOL.

  5. At Aretha Franklin’s funeral the TV cameras kept trying to pan away from Calypso Louie and all the prominent Dems sitting together. That whole affair was disgusting.

  6. Yul,
    Except that Herr ‘Dolf would have had that group on the first set of boxcars.

  7. “Democrats are the real racistsis!”

    Show of hands… (cover your zero click cameras)…

    How many of you understand how dumb you have to be? To not laugh at people who don’t have a clue? Of how dumb you have to be? To not laugh at people that don’t laugh at people that accuse each other of the crimes invented to get them into the kill chutes?

  8. ^^^^That’s 270 degrees of dumb. You’re missing 90. You’re on a role tonight Fuck Nuts. My Fav has to be the Rules you put on a pedestal and that the reason you are here. On the wrong continent.
    Why do you think the call it dope? Stop doing drugs.

  9. @AnonQ November 27, 2022 at 9:21 am

    White supremacists know it’s on the cocktail table.
    Because it’s just for show.

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