Trump was right all along about medical equipment ‘going out the back door’

American Thinker:

A couple days ago, Democrats and their media allies had a full-blown Victorian gentleman–style cow when President Trump merely raised the question of whether New York hospitals, which are short on personal protective equipment, might be victims of medical equipment “going out the back door.”

Perfectly legitimate question, and doubly so in light of the anecdote he spoke of from a hospital executive.

They all harrumphed umbrage, in unison.

h/t Tony Gunk

12 Comments on Trump was right all along about medical equipment ‘going out the back door’

  1. Everyone steals from hospitals and clinics; the doctors ad RNs feel it’s their right, and the underpaid staff view it as added compensation. I’ve been “gifted” many items by medical people as well as lay staff in the professions. It’s expected and ignored since everyone thinks they’re ripping off the big corporation that makes tons of money off their work.

  2. Slightly off topic.

    I wrote the White House yesterday urging that briefing format in light of the snarling and snarky press corps. Starting today, state your name and your organization, then present your question.

    At least we, the people, can identify and call them out.

  3. New York? Unionized New York?
    EVERYTHING goes out the back door!

    THAT’S what Unions DO! THAT’S what Unions ARE! Criminally organized labor “fronts.”
    President Trump is spot-on because he’s dealt with these maggots, and nobody else has the stones to say it out loud.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Human nature; some, many will steal if they think they can get away with it.
    If you’re awake and live past 30, you gain some wisdom. Gee, what a surprise. Pffft.

  5. I don’t understand how Trump’s detractors can keep a straight face when publicly doubt the truth of what he says. They all know he’s telling the truth.

  6. They quibble about the technicalities of “wiretapping” and debate the definition of “spying”, so I will not be surprised when they furiously journolize that the facilities in question do not have “back doors” but instead have “rear entrances”.

  7. Gov Cuomo in jewelry store: Let me look at those gold nipple studs would ya?
    clerk: certainly sir!
    Gov Cuomo: Do you have these in platinum?
    clerk: Yes we do, there in the back, let me get them for you!
    Gov Cuomo: I’ll just browse while I wait.
    clerk: Be right back.
    Returning clerk:: Where did that dirty thieving cocksucker go with those studs?


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