Mr. Pinko says: Trump Wins Debate Polls

Trump winning all debate polls. Only way to take out the Dems and Hillary is coalesce behind Trump. Hold your nose if you have to. Media is doing their best to take Trump down with BS.
If you don’t get behind Trump, you’re going to get Bush.
Love Ted Cruz, but he doesn’t have the money to win against Bush. Carson is being used to try and take down Trump. If successful, Bush will then miraculously win the nomination.
Trump is the only guy to take down the G.O.P. establishment. The G.O.P., LameStream Media and Fox News are doing their best to take him down.
If a President Trump comes through with the promise of building a wall and enforcing Immigration laws, the economy will rebound, crime will go down and that will be the start of healing a broken nation.
No other candidate will attempt to do what Trump promises.
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73 Comments on Mr. Pinko says: Trump Wins Debate Polls

  1. “If you don’t get behind Trump, you’re going to get Bush.”

    Taken out of context, a lecher would get excited by that sentence. Until clarification that you meant Yeb!

  2. While Trump may be an imperfect man he has demonstrated that he can hold his own with mafia and crooked politicians in one of the toughest businesses and markets in the world – NY.

    He eclipsed better financed and more experienced developers and built an empire spotting and cultivating the talent that would get the job done.

    He didn’t rely on seniority or a$$ kissing to get his turn at the top.

    I want a guy who will kick butt, take names and knows how to run a massive project that requires timing and ingenuity to bring it in under budget and keep it standing long after the crews have gotten their paychecks.

    But then, I’m a push-over for an Alpha American male like the kind that built this country.

  3. Trump isn’t our candidate…he IS our assassin! And the utterly corrupt, and thoroughly despicable uniparty in D.C. is the target!

    If any other candidate wins the presidential election in 2016, the United States of America will cease to exists!!

    To paraphrase that famous line in Apocalypse Now, we only have two options, “DEATH or VICTORY!!!

    Better wake up people, all of your notion about polite politics are WRONG! The enemy is inside the fence, and his plans don’t include FREEDOM, LIBERTY, or JUSTICE!!!!

    The Global Agenda, an Oligarchy, the complete and total rule by an elite few is almost at hand. History has demonstrated exactly how that plays out time and time again!!!!!

    LIVE on your knees, or DIE on your feet?

  4. I like Trump. But I love Cruz! We need a man of God in the mix and Ted is that man!
    Hopefully they will/are working together. What a team they can make!

  5. This isn’t just a campaign. Whether Mr. Trump envisioned it or not (and I lean towards believing that he did) this has become a full blown American Movement now.

    If you also believe that America is balanced on a precipice, who else among the already declared, right or left, stands a snowball’s chance in hell of accomplishing even one of the major reforms that would, as Trump promises, “Make America Great Again”?

    Really, who?

    Bush is already out. Done. Rubio? Sweaty little kid. Cruz? He can’t even get a single republican besides Mike Lee to back him. He needs to be the Chief Supreme Court Justice, not an elected official. Fiorina? Uh, that face!. Carson? Great cabinet member for Trump. He’s a natural to roll out market based healthcare. But face it…

    If any of the others prevail, there will be no wall built. No deportations of illegals. No revisions to our tax code. No slashing of agencies. No meaningful progress on health care. Nothing, except more of the usual, endless tinkering around the edges of the Federal Leviathan by new “Republican” managers who will replace the current Democrats, only ever so slightly slowing our demise.

    The fact that the man is drawing his energy from outside of the Washington power structure is what is most exciting about our prospects with him. And I believe that righting America will be the capstone to his monumental life. This is a proud Alpha male. He won’t fail us, because he won’t fail himself or his legacy.

    If the goal is major systemic improvement in short order, since time is not on our side, there is only one choice.

    And we’re damn lucky to have him.

  6. Difference between Trump and Cruz? The media will walk all over Cruz. He has no media clout. Trump has media clout and can fight back the media more effectively than Cruz.

  7. “Trump is the only guy to take down the G.O.P. establishment.

    If that’s what it takes, OK. Because we sure as hell cannot brook another Bush. 86 Rubio & the others.

    He would do well to utilize the talents of the other two up on stage with him – Carson & Cruz. That would be a trifecta of sanity, reason and accomplishment. They would balance each other very well.

    The GOP has been had no problem with expressing its contempt for people like us – anyone not in their private club, as it were. I was at the point of mutual expression awhile ago. Now it’s fix bayonets.

  8. I disagree. Bush’s donors should be fleeing after last night’s debate showing.

    Cruz is significantly smarter than Trump. He showed last night he can push back against the media. I think he can go the distance, and he’d be much better than Trump in office.

  9. Mr Pinko is right. Trump generates ratings which translates into money for the networks – the only power they respect.

    Cruz refusing to participate in a debate or be interviewed by a network would meet with grins and cheers – they have an excuse for not covering him.

    Trump threatening the same gets the top guys to cave – fast!

  10. Agree. I like Cruz – he’s a Constitutional scholar and man of integrity who would serve the country best as Chief Justice, DOJ Attorney General or VP.

    I want a patriotic whip cracking American SOB with experience in moving mountains as our president otherwise, we’re just another banana republic in 2016.

  11. Pull the plugs, swab the bore, load and prime, run out when ready.
    Avast ye pox ridden GOPe, heave to!
    Ready a shot across the bow of yonder syphilitic ship.

  12. The writing is on the wall. I’m going to have to get behind Trump. Simply because there is no one else to vote for. My problem is I don’t trust him. I feel he will side with dems on issues important to me once elected. BUT the opportunity for change with Trump is enormous should he accomplish what he says he can. (that I have to admit.) So I guess I’m kinda on board. He gets better with time so I’m sure by election time I’ll gladly vote TRUMP = )

    Oh, his opposition to SuperPacs did it for me. No one else has ever brought up what a sham they are. .

  13. Mr. Pinko, if you’ve been reading my comments regarding voting for all this time (OK with me if you haven’t!), you’ll know that I’m the guy who is loath to participate in an utterly corrupt electoral system, which ours is.

    But you’re right, and I’ll make an exception this time around. If either Trump or Cruz is the nominee, I’ll vote for him. I’ll do it because they are the only two who have any chance at all to shake up the crony system and it is to my personal benefit for a shakeup to happen.

  14. Why in the name of all that is sane is anyone even talking about Carson and his soft-on-amnesty stance? I just don’t get it. At all.

    Chief is 1000% right on this. And us “nice” conservatives have got to get over our hesitation in saying it aloud to any and all who think otherwise. Today is not politics as usual. Nowhere in our history, as bad as the Left have tried to make it, have we ever been *here* on the banana peel of our great republic. And we all know that the media is beyond any doubt the superpac for statist gov’t. Trump is the only one — like it or not — who can make any difference. If you don’t believe that, you’re either a moron or naive. (LOL! Okay, I’m just practicing on you, okay?)

  15. If you look at the video – Cruz answers like a typical /lawyer/politician and avoids answering the question. Trump is cut and dry.
    Best comment:
    “I’ve lost some of my my respect for Cruz. Big government solutions. He parses his words like a fancy lawyer. We don’t want more lawyers. Bipartisan solutions? Say WALL, YOU SLICK JACKASS!”

  16. I choose Trump, I don’t trust anyone running who has held office once before. Should Trump have a grabber, I’ll deflect to Carson.

    Why I’m not pushing for Carson right now? Well I remember how much of an Uncle Tom Herman Cain was, the left will not allow the GOP to have a black presidential candidate.

  17. If my choice is Trump or the democrat candidate I’ll vote for Trump but I am sorry, I do not trust him at all…

  18. PBC – this is my view as well. I don’t trust Trump and his photo ops with the Clintons (remember how upset everyone was with Newt posing with Pelosi?) and donations to the Dems. I will support him if I have to (if he is the nominee) but I just don’t see him working for conservative principles. I just listened to his entire speech in Iowa a few days ago, and he just isn’t that articulate. He never lost an opportunity to pat himself on the back, though. I kept trying and trying to pull some substance out of his word salad and all I got was that he would build the wall. I’m good with that. If he does that, it will be more than most RINOs would do. I just don’t trust him. And it bothers me that all of the people supporting him would be first to condemn some of his actions if done by anyone else (see above).

  19. Labor participation is at an all time low. Manufacturing is at 8% of GDP when historically it’s always been 24% plus. Manufacturing builds true wealth. Disposable income is non existent. It’s like there’s a dark cloud over the country economically. And there’s only one guy that knows how to fix it. And that guy is Trump. As far as not trusting him, really? Who do you trust? Remember Cruz was going to sign that trade deal until he figured out he was being lied to. No Shit!

  20. I have some reservations about Trump which I cannot fully explain now, but there are a lot of things I like. Trump has no experience as a politician, but in reality our current President had limited experience in government and none at all in the private sector. I don’t believe Trump’s inexperience in this field is worse than Obama’s. In any event, Trump knows how to negotiate and work with people – something Obama cannot do.

    But what I like about Trump is his cheerleading and bombast. Trump, and everything he does is great, and if you are with him you are great too. Trump plays to win, and while some compromise may be needed, Trump still wants to win. No matter whether things are bad, o.k., or good, Trump wants to make them better. The United States is great, and Trump believes that if he is in the White House, the United States will be greater.

    We throw around Ronald Reagan a lot, But one of the things that made Reagan great is that everyone felt good about the US and being an Amercan while Reagan was in charge. Trump is more bombastic than Reagan, but people still feel better with Trump around.

  21. Trump invited the Clintons to his wedding and donated to the Clinton foundation. If any of the others had done this you would be appalled. But if it’s Trump, it’s OK? This is what I don’t understand.

  22. Art Laffer said Trumps economic plan was as good as Reagan’s, maybe better. Trump on the stump is most likely the way he will manage congress. He doesn’t get what he wants he will take it to the people. Shine a big light on the problem. Nobody come close to his qualifications.

  23. I don’t get it, Mr. Pinko. You write that Trump is winning all debate polls, but you link to a poll that Cruz is winning. He was winning by a much greater margin before you wrote this piece and directed all of the IOTW Trump fans to vote, too.

  24. It’s always easy to pick a winner in a two horse race…just bet on both of them!

    Like it or not, that’s the way business gets done in America!

    And right now we NEED to get some business DONE!

  25. None of them actually BELIEVES in the Constitution – that it means what it says. No “Fundamentalists” in this race, no siree. We have the full spectrum from Bolshevik to Menshevik to Christian Democrat to Republican, but all of them adhere, to some degree or another, to international socialism.

    Nobody’s talking about disassociating from the corrupt UN.
    Nobody’s calling Globaloney Warming the hoax that it is.
    Nobody’s talking about weaning the parasites from the gov’t teat.
    Nobody’s talking about making the corrupt-o-crats pay for plundering the Treasury running scams like GM, Solyndra, CA high speed rail, “green” energy, windfarms, solar collectors.
    Nobody’s talking about protecting America from the izlamic threat (except in ISIS terms).
    Talk about ridding the country of 11 million illegal alien invaders is tepid, at best.
    No one questions the murder of the innocents.

    Yeah, I’m behind Trump, but y’know what? I’m startin to feel a little like what a Roman musta felt when Alaric crossed the frontier.

  26. Trump has pooped on the global warming hoax. When he was in a townhall meeting, a young twat from the audience asked him what he would do about global warming and he turned and asked the audience to raise their hands if they believe in global warming. I think one or two people raised their hands, and Trump just turned back and said, “Next question?”

  27. Try this…

    Trump is a poison arrow flying straight from real America into the crooked heart of dirty Washington, and if you can’t see that, I’m going to keep kicking your stupid ass until you do!!!

    See? Ya feel better already, right? 😉

  28. It’s called keeping your enemy off balance.

    For instance, until he declared in June, the Clintons never saw him coming, because if his intention was to bury them, they thought, why would he have invited us to his wedding?

    I’ve been extorted because of being in construction to donating to or attending parties for all variety of loathsome political creatures, including Rod Blago.

    I’ve never pulled the lever for a Dem in my life, and doubt I ever will.

    But if you aren’t in the game, you can’t win.

  29. I get it, Mr. Pinko. You love you some Donald Trump! I hope we (meaning iotwreport readers) will be able to respectfully disagree going forward without resorting to name-calling and personal attacks.

    That seems to be happening over at Legal Insurrection between the Trump-ites and anyone who dares to disagree with them. It got so bad Professor Jacobson had to warn the commenters – some who have been posting there for a very long time. It’s not pretty. Praying that doesn’t happen here.

  30. Didn’t he get married 12 years ago in NY when Hillary was the NY Senator?

    Wouldn’t YOU have invited the senator of your state if you depended on getting wheels greased in order to do business?

    Jeez! Give the guy credit for having business savvy at least!

  31. Perhaps, I need to send more of my money to Ted for his campaign. If Trump is the chosen one I will wholeheartedly support him. Until then, my money is going to Cruz.

  32. If Trump doesn’t succeed in making America great again, It can’t be done. Only Trump can win. Only Trump can break up the DC cartel. Cruz can succeed Trump in 2024.

  33. See? That’s what I’m talking about.

    Ted is only 42, for Cripe’s sake! Make him V.P., he can roll right into the Big Chair when he’s 50.

    And by then he will have watched and learned while his President Trump has worked his Magic for 8 glorious years of American Rebirth!

  34. Thank you, riverlife_callie. Sometimes I feel like I dare not comment or I will get a pounding. I did one time and had to defend myself. Decided I won’t do that anymore.

    I like Ted Cruz and that’s it.

  35. But I am a rabid drooling reader.

    There’s a lot of so called conservative sites out there that have aligned themselves with Teddy or Trump. One or the other it seems. Check out The Young Conservatives, or The Young Tea Party. I could go on. And yes Drudge is all about Trump. Trump brilliantly saw to that when he proclaimed he loved Drudge. Old Matt was like a large mouth bass with a good hook set.

  36. Same here.
    What if everybody who likes Cruz sends him $20 or more?
    Small fee to keep intelligence, principles, constitutional thought and honesty articulated in the Primary Debates and Campaigns. Or you can rely on the establishment republicans and mainstream media’s principles and intelligence to guide your actions.

    And, if by chance you support Trump or Carson, do the same.
    Put some skin in the game.

  37. first of all…Trump is a businessman. Being photographed w/ the Scum of the Earth and contributing to politicians to get the skids greased is what businessmen do. I don’t fault him for that, any more than I fault him for using the Bankruptcy laws to his favor.
    ….& if you want ‘articulate’, well…..we already have that in the White House now.

  38. I hope you won’t stop expressing your opinions, Claudia. I’m pretty sure mostly everyone here loves you. 😉

  39. No we don’t (have articulate in the White House now). He’s a SCOAMF. Only articulate with a teleprompter and someone else’s words.

  40. Thanks! I won’t stop commenting and sharing my opinion. I just don’t feel the need to defend why I have that opinion … unless I want to! hehe

  41. Claudia this site is tame when it comes to Trump supporters, you should read the comments at the Conservative Treehouse, those people are off the rails and they constantly bash Cruz.

  42. What’s this “don’t trust Trump” crap?
    You trust all the other knucklehead politicians who are in the business of bullshitting us over and over?
    Tell me who do you trust?

  43. I don’t love Trump. I think he’s an ASSHOLE! But he’s the ONE ASSHOLE that will get the job done. If he says he’s going to build a wall with Mexico paying for it – I believe him. If he says he’s going to deport the POS ILLEGAL Immigrants – I believe him. If he says he will FIX the friggin’ economy and bring back jobs to the U.S. – I believe him.
    The people who support Trump KNOW THE DEAL. Mark my words right here and right now – YOU ARE GOING TO GET JEB BUSH if you support Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina, etc… – BECAUSE they are SPLITTING THE VOTE and the G.O.P. are going to SHOVE JEB down your throat. The polls mean shit right now.
    JEB has the G.O.P. $$$ behind him! And Trump is SELF-FUNDED.
    If you want Cruz – you have to go for TRUMP right now to KNOCK OUT BUSH! If Bush doesn’t drop out – THAT is who you’re going to get.
    Cruz will get CRUSHED in the general election because the MEDIA has already DEMONIZED him. TRUMP has NAME RECOGNITION. He’s your best bet to win the Presidency.
    Remember this comment when the nominations begin.

  44. “name-calling and personal attacks.”
    Since when have I done that? Asshole! (I’M JOKING!!! KIDDING!!! I’m a NY’er)
    Seriously – the last time it got personal was with a Rick Perry supporter who turned out to be a Lefty troll to disrupt the site. I called it all along – SERIOUSLY GOT FIRED and it turned out I was right all along. BigFurHat had to eat crow and re-hire me.
    I can read people through the screen 😉

  45. Trump overwhelmingly won the contest in Boulder, Colo., according to online surveys from Time, The Drudge Report and CNBC, the network hosting the contest.
    In my opinion – Trump is just winning those polls because the majority of people are behind him. Trump has the money and the clout to get it done. No Trump – you’re gonna get Jeb.

  46. I give cash to Trump & Cruz. I hope for Trump/Cruz 2016 ticket. The Donald is the indespensable man for 2016. The opposition can’t take him out and he knows how the game is played.

    He may not be up to two terms which would take him to 77 years old. We need a sucession and I believe Cruz can’t be demonized after 4years as VP.

    I got my Trump hats, Tee shirts, and bumper stickers. The bumper stickers look great on stop signs at busy intersections. Hopefully the yard signs will show up.

  47. Well, you can trust me on this – I am not a lefty troll. I am probably to the right of most people, even on this site. I hope you’re right about Trump, I really do. God knows, we need someone who can get things done. I just can’t quite bring myself to trust him. This seems too much like a cult of personality and look what happened last time we did that. umm umm umm…Barack Hussein Obama. Hope I’m wrong.

  48. Mr. Pinko, I agree wholeheartedly. This is like 2012 but with the table reversed. Everyone beat me up because i wouldnt vote for Romney. “he’s our only chance” they’d cry. Now I’m telling them Trumps our only chance. The difference is Romney is a RINO puss, but Trump but get it done.

    IF at all possible, never vote for a politician.

  49. What exactly is not trustworthy about Trump? What is exactly trustworthy about the rest of the politicians that are running?
    Republicans have screwed us. We still have Obamacare. We still have no budget. The border is still open. Iran is getting nukes. Hillary is not in jail.
    And you’re telling me you can’t trust Trump – lol.

  50. ” I hope we (meaning iotwreport readers) will be able to respectfully disagree going forward without resorting to name-calling and personal attacks.”
    Remember – it works both ways. 😉

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