Trump/Kim Jong Un Twitter War

Un starts it, Trump responds:

Trump / Kim Engage In Twitter War.


 Kimmy goes for round two, Trump gets nasty:

Trump Goes Low – Insults Kim’s Father.


Kim goes too far,  Trump finishes him:

Trump To Kim: We Will Respond In Kind.

5 Comments on Trump/Kim Jong Un Twitter War

  1. I’ll have to keep my eye on social media today to see how many regressives believe this twitter battle to be real and start commenting on how outta control Trump is LOL.

  2. Remember the good old days? You know, BC (as in, Before Clinton), when all North Korea’s tin pot dictator had was a 1950’s style military and just dreams of being a nuclear power? Yeah, good times. Bill Clinton gave them the nuclear weapons technology, so the left OWNS this nightmare! And I shudder to think of how HRH Hillary would handle this situation, if she was President!

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