This apparently started last year, but carving the likeness of the President into a pumpkin seems to have really caught on.


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  1. The dem in Virginia state are devil including the Hispanic ilegal this video is sick . But a Muslim died in Virginia in the hands of two illegal immigrants and this people make a video of republican

  2. I put the article about the Muslim kill by a illegal immigrants in Virginia no dem libs said nothing about no Hispanic say nothing about it but know that the election for governor is next Tuesday know k k k and republican are racist

  3. Actually, you could really be having a lot of fun with a Trumpkin. They’re kinda cute, so if you’re a Trumpster, it would be fun to boost your president while the progtards think you’re bashing him. I can just imagine the conversation a Trumpkin could start.

    (I wouldn’t make Halloween political — it’s for kids.)

  4. I might just kick over a Trumpkin on the porch and then drop kick it to the street. Too bad we could not make any Obamakins.

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