Trump’s campaign ordered Rubio to take down anti- Trump ads – IOTW Report

Trump’s campaign ordered Rubio to take down anti- Trump ads

But they weren’t Rubio’s ads…

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Maybe Trump should find better people.

People that would do a little research before they threaten to sue.

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  1. OK, with a decapitating nanny in Moscow and this non-stop Primary BS, it’s time out for the Sweet Meteor of St. David’s Day (March 1). Sleep tight.

  2. When your lead dog you don’t need to smell what the other dogs had for breakfast? I’m not sure where I was going with that, but it sure sounds good.

    Oh wait, now I remember. I bet they know who was responsible now.

  3. An honest question here: do any of the Trump supporters find it a bit disconcerting that Trump has threatened to sue someone at least 3 times so far in the last month? He’ll sue Cruz for Trump’s loss in Iowa, sue the media for bad press and now sue Rubio’s PAC for a negative ad they didn’t create. I personally don’t see lawsuits against anyone you disagree with as being a valid way to represent America as president.

  4. Bubba,
    Not at all, it’s a tactic to set them on their heals. And so far it’s been working. My Gawd man, turn on Fox right now a watch the commercials. After tomorrow night it won’t matter. But stop and think about this, these commercials are not coming from the Dems. There coming from our party.

  5. The republican party is in full self destruct mode. I just can’t Fkn wait for president I’ll sue you. Aren’t lawyers making enough money already.

  6. Funny little detail about Trump’s claim that he has a 98% approval rating from the students of his fraud of a school; the surveys and the written opinions of the students were required to be completed when Trump enrolled the students and they didn’t do follow-up surveys anytime later.

    So immediately AFTER the sales pitch, just when the student has agreed to pay all that money, that’s when the surveys were taken. Somehow I doubt someone is going to say bad things are that point when they have just committed so much money to it.

    As such those surveys won’t be saving his orange colored behind when it does come to trial and this whole BS sandwich he peddles about students being satisfied is not borne out by the BBB reports that were filed as well. Trump has a major crap storm in the making there.

    But hey, if you back Trump just forget about it because I am sure he will do so much better when he runs far more important things.

  7. Woody, you’ve finally reached the pinacle. You are now the official Nerd here that is actually a liberal. You just haven’t figured it out. Next week, maybe a sex change. Back to male.

  8. Yeah, the Koch brothers.
    They have been a progressive boogyman for years.
    Good thing Trump steers clear of them in favor of Soros.
    Had but the Koch bros, rather than Soros, dumped over $100million into Trump’s projects, they wouldn’t get such bad press from him.
    After he is elected, he can spend Christmas with Soros in the white house.
    (If you don’t know what I am talking about, Bing is your friend. Google will block some of this info)

  9. Ahh Bad_Brad, so everyone you don’t agree with is either a troll or a liberal. Great name calling there youngster, some day that other one will drop for you and your voice will go down a few octaves.

    Kind of interesting how details and facts somehow make me a liberal now simply because they have to do with your savior. Remember, your words not mine, “God blessed us with Trump”.

    Anyway enough about you, I was simply going to post;

    So he hires the best people, eh ???? Can’t wait to see the wall as it falls down or leave half the States south of the border because they didn’t know where the border was… It will make for great TV !!!

  10. Hey Woody,
    But here’s the deal, there’s no perfect candidate, unless it’s Cruz according to you. I have posted several concerns I have with Trump. Have you done the same with Cruz? Let me help you out. That answer is no. Good luck with the sex change. You are not constructive in this discussion. You are beyond bias.

  11. A lot of people, myself included, expressed happiness about Trump not being a lawyer. That’s great, too many lawyers already! But he’s lawyered up to the point where that makes little difference, except for the fact that he doesn’t know the laws as well as a lawyer. He has plenty of lawyers working for him. You get a whole team of lawyers for the price of one.

    And I’m not knocking that, just expressing an observation.

  12. Obviously Bad_Brad you do NOT bother to check before making wild suppositions like this;

    “I have posted several concerns I have with Trump. Have you done the same with Cruz? Let me help you out. That answer is no.”

    Your problem is you have a massive blind spot, it’s call assumption. You assume that because Trump tells you he is wealthy and successful that he is wealthy and successful. You assumed that because you had not specifically seen all of my posts here that those posts you have seen constitute enough to make your wild supposition above.

    Actually I have NEVER said Cruz was a perfect candidate unlike your messiah complex for Trump. I have posted about my issues concerning Cruz and his legal immigration positions. Originally he was a proponent of increasing the Work VISA limits and that was a major concern for me as it directly affects my life. I also had concerns about his wife’s former employment and also about his position on Common Core.

    These were all reasons why I then undertook research, something you have not seemed incline to do regarding Trump. After researching I found that Cruz’s positions were ones I could accept.

    For instance, regarding work VISAs his proposal was to increase the limits, but additionally he included requiring a minimum wage for each VISA holder that would be required from the company applying for the VISA. In one example he would require a very high threshold for IT work of $120,000 per year. This would make those VISAs cost prohibitive and make the increase in the limit a non-issue. While raising the limit still bothers me, I can accept the included wage requirement would have the necessary effect of maintaining a low usage of those VISAs.

    So young man, I realize it might be past your bedtime, I can’t wait to see YOUR homework on Trump. I have yet to see you raise anything major other than saying your wished he hadn’t said this or that. Give an example of something major, a position you did not agree with, I am sure there are others who would be interested to know what that might be coming from the guy who said “God blessed us with Trump”.

  13. Hey Woody, Yea you’re a lib. Obviously your’e not making the same assumptions about your candidate. Yes one of us has a blind spot Woody. But it’s not me. Please re read your above post.

  14. The 2016 Primary is so nostalgic.

    The TITANIC musicians argued among themselves over whether to play THE MAPLE LEAF RAG or SONGE D’AUTOMNE.

    Hey, it smells like the popcorn is done. 👿

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