Trump’s dog

Seaoh asks, “if Trump had a dog, what kind would it be, and what would their name be?”

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  1. Just one of those good ol’ mongrel dogs….Maybe some coon hound, shepard, airdale, basset hound things….the name? ….MAGAEY!….

  2. airedale named Duke
    “President Teddy Roosevelt once declared that the Airedale Terrier “can do anything any other dog can do, then lick the other dog if he has to.”

  3. He should take a camera crew to a local pet SHELTER and rescue a dog. Then name the dog “Economy”. Then whenever we see the dog we’ll be reminded that he “saved” the “economy”. Or, just get two Shih Tzus and call them “Chuck” and “Nancy”.

  4. A retired drug sniffer, named “I.C.E.”
    For me, Trump is such a lovable and determined workhorse, that I kind of like the idea of him having a Clydesdale. Named Liberty 😊

  5. I agree w/ Uncle Al.
    An Aussie, but name him Cerberus
    But I also agree with Mighty Mojo,
    So the two Presidential Aussies shall be: Cerberus and Covfefe

  6. A St Bernard named Cujo. (Sp?)

    And why did autocorrect change ‘named’ to ‘naked’ before I caught it? Who says leftists don’t own technology?

  7. Long Haired Whippet – graceful, beautiful, status dog for President Trump, because in private he may be soft hearted. A golden retriever for Baron and a Coton de Tulear for Melania.

  8. Russian Wolfhound named Collusion…because it will be the ONLY combination of Trump, Russia, and collusion and a slap in the face to the media!

  9. I like that he has no dog. It wouldn’t be like him to have a dog, anyway. Remember pics of the Trump’s high rise home? He doesn’t want a dog running around the WH ruining the rugs and the furniture. He knows the historic value of the Peoples’ House. I always detested the obama’s stupid dog in the WH. Remember when they flew the creature special so it could be on vacay with the fam? Oh, you’ll read snopes “fact check” and they say it didn’t happen. But it wasn’t just one time. The obama’s couldn’t have just any dog, either. Noooo. It had to be a poncy pedigreed thing to show off to his ‘hood. And remember how we spent tax money in the middle of a depression so that obama’s chefs could create all those expensive treats that looked like their dog? Americans working three jobs to tread water and their Portuguese Water Poodle is eating pate’ and marking the Resolute.

  10. @AA, great point! ‘It wouldn’t be like him to have a dog, anyway. He doesn’t want a dog running around the WH ruining the rugs and the furniture.’ He already had the clean-up after the Obama’s moved out. He’s well aware having to deal with the 500+ pissing and shitting all over the US daily.

  11. The breed would be the Boerboel, a confident and calm dog that serves his companions with the utmost faithfulness. At 22-27 inches tall and 150-200 pounds in weight, that’s a dog you don’t want to mess with!
    His name?

  12. A French poodle, named Anderson
    A Yorkie naked Wolf
    A Yellow Lab smeared with black shoe polish named Ralph
    Just in from the taxidermist, a stuffed Shi-Tsu named Ruth
    And a beautiful Springer Spaniel named Wuv-Wuv.

  13. The breed doesn’t matter. Just make sure it’s a female and named Nancy. That way he can say “Nancy’s my bitch”.

  14. An elegant, sleek, bleach-white Great Pyrenees, with a constantly curled plume tail and black almond shaped eyes. Regal in all ways.

    Mostly, Melania would walk her and her name would be Empress. ….Lady in Red


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