Trump’s DOJ Sues to Stop AT&T Takeover of Time Warner

Yesterday, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit challenging the proposed merger of communications giant AT&T with media holding firm Time Warner. It is rare that a vertical merger (companies that compliment each other rather than compete) has been opposed by our government, but the DoJ argues that this combination would create a market killing mega corporation of content (Time Warner) and outlet (AT&T) that would lead to much higher fees for access to consumers.


7 Comments on Trump’s DOJ Sues to Stop AT&T Takeover of Time Warner

  1. I think this block was done by Obama Justice holdovers that want to keep CNN in the hands of Democrats.
    Notice, over time, how when any media entity comes on the market the Left will buy it with little trouble. But anyone else? The roadblocks get launched.

  2. There is a rumor around Washington that somebody at the Justice Department actually moved yesterday,
    rumors remain unconfirmed at this point.

  3. Good old ma bell.
    Got so big a couple decades ago, they were forced to break up into baby bells, then spent the last decade reacquiring all of them. Here we go again…..

  4. MJ: I’m cutting that cord in January. First time I called I got some script reader in Calcutta whose responses were to only keep repeating back to me what I had just said and asking if I was satisfied with their service.

    Umm. No. Thanks and don’t text and drive.

    The second was some smarmy b-word who was clearly under orders to limit concessions for anything.

    Direct used to be great. AT&T has always sucked. When they merged it was the worst of both worlds.

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