Trump’s federal help saving Chicago from its own judicial system failure



American Thinker: Crime in Chicago is a national embarrassment, as well as a demonstration of the inability of Democrats to maintain safety for the law-abiding citizens. While the murder rate in Chicago – largely confined to a couple of ghetto neighborhoods — makes headlines, locals are more concerned over the rise in carjackings, which tend to happen where nice cars are found, in nice neighborhoods. As I wrote last month, the rise in that crime has tracked implementation of a delusional liberal policy:

Dozens of juveniles were charged last year in Chicago for allegedly pointing guns at motorists and stealing their cars, but most were not detained longer than 24 hours, according to court records obtained by the Sun-Times.

… [M]ore juveniles than adults were arrested for armed carjacking last year. Most charged were later released on electronic monitoring ordered by juvenile court judges. …

About 700 juveniles were arrested in Chicago in connection with all types of gun-related crimes during the first seven months of 2017.  Those crimes ranged from murder to armed robbery to carjacking to unlawful possession of a firearm.

Of those 700 juveniles, 42 percent were arrested again.  Of those arrests, half were for offenses involving guns.

The justice system in Chicago is often called “catch and release.”

Last December, President Trump asked, “What the hell is going on in Chicago?” in a speech to graduates of a training program at the FBI Academy in which he vowed his support for local law enforcement.

Now comes evidence that President Trump is doing something about Chicago crime, bypassing the lunatic liberal shackles placed on the local justice system.  MORE HERE

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  1. One of my MBA courses was in legal, primarily focused on Constitutional legality. But one of the things the teacher said was ‘if you are arrested you better hope it isn’t for a federal crime.’ Just having that on your record is far, far worse than a state charge. And that’s even if you aren’t tried.
    Not that these thugs have anything to look forward to anyhow.

  2. and how many of those who were arrested with guns, owned and possessed those guns legally ?

    so much for gun control right ?

    how many were even charged with a gun crime ?

  3. American Thinker? That’s a “conservative” outlet. Isn’t it? And self described “thinking” “adults” wonder why so many people “know” they’re just racist.

    Look… who’s more likely to roll up on you with a gun, while you’re driving a “nice” car in Chicago? A “person of color”? Or one of Chicago’s own street soldiers? Who’s more likely to insist on grabbing your purse or wallet (literally or figuratively, you’ll be just as robbed, either way), even if the light turns green? Chicago’s street soldiers, or people of color? Who’s more likely to snatch your car off the street, when you’re not even in it? People of color, or Chicago’s street soldiers?

    The “conservatives” claim to be “winning” control of Columbia, and now… now, people of color attacking “people with less color” is an issue. In Chicago. So, do federal troops make an example of Chicago’s street soldiers? Before or during operations against Chicago’s people of color? (The same way some of Mexico’s federal forces deal with their own, local corruption.) Or do Columbia’s troops, marching under a “conservative” banner, help one private army against another? (The same way some of Mexico’s federal forces deal with their own, local corruption.)

    Oh, please, do straighten your bowties, and explain how this just looks racist (as hell), but it’s not. (Even if you believe it’s not. I promise not to bring up that “thinking” “adults” canard.)

  4. Let Chicongo rot from within. Nothing will change no matter how much federal money is thrown at the problem. Unless, of course, the feds go after the machine.

  5. So what’s the protocol. If I have a gun pointed at me through my rolled up window, do I reach down and grab my gun and double pop the perp. Or will I get nailed by the system for defending myself?

  6. There is no saving Chicago, the disease has been fed through generations of corruption, destruction of the family unit, unionism (organized crime) and socialism.

    The disease has become terminal.


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