Trump’s Former Photographer Calls Dem 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang An Embarrassment to Chinese Americans

ET: Gene Ho, a Chinese-American former photographer for Donald Trump, called Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang “an embarrassment” to Chinese Americans and suggested that Yang move to China.

Ho was the photographer who covered the entire 2016 Trump presidential campaign. He recently published a book titled “Trumpography.”

“Yang is not an inspiration to the Americans who [have] Chinese descent. He should move to China. Andrew Yang should have a very excellent social credit score in China,” said Ho in a phone interview with The Epoch Times.

Ho called Yang a socialist and stated that Yang is a disappointment to Chinese Americans because “we Chinese living in America want less government, not more government.”

Ho and Yang are both first-generation Chinese Americans.

Socialist Policies

Yang, who formally filed last November to run in the 2020 presidential campaign, has proposed a socialist policy—a “Freedom Dividend” of $1,000 per month to all U.S. citizens over the age of 18.

Yang has also reportedly said that he wants to implement a digital social credit system, much like the one used in China.

China’s social credit system is a mass surveillance system that uses big data analysis technology to assign social credit scores to members of Chinese society, aiming to reward “good” behavior with benefits and punish “bad” behavior. It is a digitized form of its current system of paper records on individuals and households.

According to The Daily Caller, Yang claimed at his campaign rally in Washington, D.C., that he was the opposite of Trump, “an Asian man who likes math,” and said that his campaign would “make Americans think harder.”

“[Yang] is an embarrassment to me and embarrassment to the people of Chinese descent living in America. The American people need to know that Andrew Yang does not stand up for us, the Chinese people living in America,” Ho said.  more here

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  1. I have a friend (mentioned before) who came here via viet nam from china as a teenager in ’75. He is a proud United States citizen and probably the (second?) most conservative person I know.
    Interesting how MOST people who immigrate here from communist countries are completely baffled by our socialist representatives.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. Dittos to what Crackerbaby said. I have a friend here in Bloomington, who emigrated to the USA several decades ago from Taiwan with her parents (having escaped from Red China).
    She is the most ardent Patriotic Conservative and Christian that I have ever met.


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