Trump’s Healthcare Plan Posted on His Website

C. Steven Tucker

Mr. Trump’s healthcare reform plans are now on his website and like in his books there is no call for a “Single Payer Socialized Medicine…

Mr. Trump’s reforms rely on common sense Conservative reforms whilst also ensuring we have a working safety net for the indigent and for our developmentally disabled who WANT access to health care services. There is no ‘individual mandate’ because Mr. Trump calls for full repeal of Obamacare “not keeping Obamacare” as senator Cruz also continues to falsely assert.

As a delegate for senator Cruz I am now calling on senator Cruz to post his health care reform plans on his website so everyone can finally see just how close both candidate’s health care reform plans are, just as I stated they were. The time for transparency is long past due.

Can we please just work together now to defeat the democrat candidate who actually does want a “Single Payer Socialized Medicine” plan?


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  1. Is there any mention of retaining any form of an individual mandate, or are we at “liberty” to choose or decline?

    It’s important.

  2. I’m gonna say this again.

    There should be no HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS.

    Insurance is for catastrophic events, not because you need antibiotics, or 5 stitches, or setting a broken finger. Those are not critical or catastrophic situations.

    It does not matter whose plan is better than the others’ plans.
    Once you have the gubmint involved in your “great” health care plan, another preezy or another handful of lawmen will just come along and “0bama” it and raise prices even higher. Why don’t people understand basics???

    Fuck all these “health insurance plans” brought to us by our benevolent gubmint officials, including our benevolent “outsiders”, too. They’re worse because having been in private life the longer they should know better.

  3. I know I’m not the only one who finds this situation of explaining Turmp’s WRITTEN plans over and over again when it takes less than ten minutes to read them. Are people just doing that in order to keep the confusion and misinformation in play?

    INDIVIDUAL MANDATE? “Completely repeal Obamacare. Our elected representatives must eliminate the individual mandate. No person should be required to buy insurance unless he or she wants to.”

    SINGLE PAYER? — Read Tucker’s clear statement above and verify it at the link. There is no call for a single payer, socialized medicine.

  4. AA; There appear to be two kinds of people. Those who accept the stuff Trump’s handlers write and pass out, and those who listen to what Trump himself says.
    Trump says that everything on those papers his handlers write is 100% open to negotiation except the wall.
    Who would be the president?
    Trump, or his handlers?

  5. TO AA
    Some people will NEVER be satisfied.


    TO JohnS
    Look to Cruz’s statements on Citizenship For Illegals/Illegal Immigration.

  6. JohnS (and others) — No problem. Vote for Cruz or your candidate of choice. Just don’t justify your decision through attributing false information to Trump. You can have your own opinions, but not your own facts.

  7. oh yea, cheap medical care & services are on the shelf right next to the 200 mile carburetor, and the cure for cancer.

    The states dole out hospital beds to hospitals that were allowed to be built according to the state’s calculated need for the number of beds.

    If all you need is a lousy antibiotic it could cost $800 more or less, if you need IV antibiotic at home with home health nurse visits all bets are off, If you need a lousy drug that doesn’t have a generic it can cost $900 a month, or more.

    If you only need 5 stitches as soon as you walk into the urgent care facility you get hit with at least $350, and that does not account for the doctor or equivalent licensed person, the suture kit, the the local anesthetic, the sterile dressing and….

    Do you see where I am going with this? The cost of just one prescription can be a catastrophic event. Never mind broken bones and a few stitches.

    Medical insurance, I wouldn’t want to be without it. Can I afford $800 a month premium and still get stuck with with $7,000 deductible, no I cannot do that either.

    Only government policy can lower that horrid $800 a month insurance bill. I don’t care how they do it. States and the feds can dictate which services must be included in an insurance policy. Thus we consumers cannot, at this time, select only the services we want covered. Guys don’t need pregnancy coverage and so on… A cafeteria plan would be good start.

    But anyway, if all you need is a couple stitches and a lousy prescription I’m sure there are already backroom medical services for cash, including stolen drugs, but there is no guarantee the benevolent mafia will charge you less for that $900 antibiotic.

    Drugs from Canada are only a little cheaper.

    And don’t get me started on proper handling and storage of drugs.

    A rant. OK fine. Don’t even try and argue with me.

  8. John,

    Trump is not hated by the GOP because they “fear he;s not going to do what he says he’s going to do.”

    Are you that stupid?


    I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the border and our wallets are open and none of the a-holes in DC are stopping it.

    Now the GOP is desperately scrambling and going to plan C, Ted Cruz, hoping that HE’S THE GUY WHO WON”T DO WHAT HE SAYS HE’LL DO.

    Is there a government in the world stopping Muslim immigration?

    Have we plugged our open borders since Reagan’s amnesty?

    Wise up, pal.
    You’re being played for a sucker when you spittle the gibberish that the big fear is Trump “isn’t conservative enough.”

    You can hear it in the big sweaty fat boy, Erick Erickson’s. rhetoric, who simultaneously says he “fears Trump’s not what he’s campaigning on.”
    Meanwhile, all the criticism is that he’s racist.

    What would cause them to say he’s racist?

    Oh yeah. He’s the guy talking about keeping out criminal illegal Mexicans and stopping Muslim refugees.
    That’s the kind of racism I can get behind, but the GOPe seems to hate that talk.

    Open your eyes and ears.

  9. @Zonga. I’m not arguing with you, but I think MJA’s point about health insurance is that things used to be A LOT cheaper before the insurance companies got involved. One of the main reasons things cost so much, as you pointed out, is because of what health insurance has become. I’m for anything that will rein in that beast, because it has gotten to be ridiculous.

  10. Mr. Hat,
    Spot on, as usual.

    They hate Mr. Trump because he may derail the Gravy Train.

    If waste, fraud, and abuse are taken out of Gov’t, the thievery becomes less transparent. If the Gov’t is ever forced to comply with the Constitution, the political donors would have to find work – Universities would be forced to trim costs – the schools would have to return to teaching – the unions would have to form their own Corporations – the urban ferals would have to find work – fiat money would stop – all the assholes in the IRS, EPA, &c. would have to do actual, productive work – the Banksters would no longer be able to game the system.

  11. Fur, what you are rightly exposing is the SHEER DESPERATION (incl, but not limited to hypocrisy and irrationality) of many anti-Trump people:

    “Trump is a fascist, Mussolini, dictator”
    “Trump might not keep his word on doing what he promises.”

  12. Zonga — You bring up many important points to health care. The last time I should have had stitches was a knife cut on my thumb (pretty deep), I just pinched it together, wrapped it up in a yard of gauze and tape and called it good. And I didn’t worry about it healing, either, because I remembered the last time someone around here had “stitches” they weren’t stitches but superglue. The exact same stuff you use to fix your glasses and knick knacks. And if I’d thought of it, I would have used that instead. I know it would have cost north of $600.00 for an ER visit. For a couple drops of superglue and a bandaid.

    Another big thing that adds to both the cost of individual healthcare and sends everyone’s insurance/healthcare costs through the roof is end-of-life care. Can’t remember the stats but something like 80% of a person’s individual healthcare costs are incurred as they are on their way out. It’s all the advances and promises of new treatments that prolong life for people who have lived very long lives already. I think it’s easier to understand this if you have a pet. Over the past twenty years or so veterinary medicine has erupted into a vast landscape of specialties and treatment options. Used to be if your pet, as beloved as they were, was really sick, like with cancer or leukemia, that was it, adios dear friend. Now vets offer human-type care for pet animals that require daily Rx, regular vet visits, etc. And it’s enormously expensive. And for what? Maybe months or a year at best? I blame western medicine for holding out unrealistic promises of eternal life to people who really are quite ill and have no realistic hope for a full recovery. And I don’t mean we should go all Kavorkian, but it’s quite awful to put people and families in the position of “doing everything possible” or live with the guilt that they didn’t do everything possible.

    Another thing is letting our drug and medical research (funded by public dollars) just walk out the door of our universities. I’ve been railing about that for years. And where do the patents go? Usually to the researcher’s own companies or companies where they hold enormous stock interests. Just look at Leroy Hood’s involvement with the NIH and commercial use of what came out of mapping the genome. Why must we pay for its development and pay through the nose for its manufacture and use when it was our money that made it possible in the first place?

    Important subject. Glad to read your comments on it.

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