Trump’s HUD Official Moves To The Projects In The Bronx

DC: Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) executive and Trump appointee Lynne Patton has completed her second week of living in residences sponsored and managed by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). She hopes to see firsthand the challenges residents face.

The HUD official has committed to a total of one month and is staying with a new family each week, but she’s technically not ‘sofa-surfing’, as has been crashing on her own blow-up mattress in each home.

Patton invited The Daily Caller into one of the family’s homes at the Patterson Houses in the Bronx so we could see for ourselves what NYCHA housing is like.

NYCHA has been under fire for lead-based paint poisonings, heat outages, leaks, mold and long waits for repairs and maintenance, among other things.

The issues, however, don’t appear to be new, as residents have been complaining about their living conditions for years.  read more

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  1. Ever hear of a 42, 43, or a 44 HUD official doing this? Hell no! But 45 gives a rat infested government housing’s ass!

  2. Does anyone here recall the wall-to-wall coverage of the $520,000,000,000.00 “book keeping errors” at HUD uncovered by Secy Carson’s team? Zero application of GAAP and it took TWO full audit attempts to try to figure out what happened to their books. No one is still quite sure where all that money went to under That Guy who sat in the oval before POTUS Trump. But Pelosi and Schumer were quick to denigrate Carson’s ability to run HUD. As my linked article states, apparently not even a brain surgeon is smart enough for that job.

    Can hardly imagine what our annual tax bill would be if all the fraud, waste and abuse suddenly ended in all of gov’t’s operations. Staggering.

  3. …and it seems pretty obvious what Secy Carson believes are the problems with NYCHA’s public housing. He’s hired a big gun whose areas of legal expertise include prosecuting fraud:

    “According to HUD, Schwartz is currently serving as the chairman for Guidepost Solutions LLC, a company that provides investigative and compliance monitoring services for clients in various industries.

    The former trial lawyer once served as the chief of the Southern District of New York’s criminal division – prosecuting cases involving financial and business fraud, organized crime, narcotics, and other criminal activity in the state.”

    He’s coming for you, de Blasio.

  4. Those union maintenance contractor’s make damn good money not fixing things. That is until they give the politcos their kickbacks. Pure corruption.

  5. @Good General – One of the comments on her twitter rant mentioned M.A.B.A.(Make Alexandria Bartend Again) Hell of a money making opportunity for any entrepreneurs out there.😀

  6. “In the trenches” takes on a whole different meaning. “Into the sewer” is, probably, more apt.
    HUD’s a scam. Designed to be a scam. The “po’fokes” is just the pawns in the scam. De Blasio knows this. Cuomo knows this. Apparently President Trump and his Secretary think it’s something it isn’t. Might as well believe in Unicorns, Leprechauns, AGW – and other fantastic lies and hallucinations. Or, maybe, just maybe, the President is trying to “out” the whole scam?

    A lot of real estate people have gotten rich off that scam – and it isn’t likely to change much – as long as they have any input into the Legislative process.

    But it makes a good “dog-and-pony” show.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. The plumber can’t fix the lose sink because the carpenter has not been there to take it off of the wall. The carpenter has not been there because the plumber has not disconnected the water supply. Both have not been there because the electrician has not been there to put in new light bulbs.

  8. $30 MILLION per week?
    Union payoffs, Mob payoffs, kickbacks from the precincts, counties, townships and the state. Everybody gets a slice of the pie, except the residents of these shitholes.

  9. To be honest, thirty million a week for four hundred thousand people, it that’s the total housing budget for all of them, doesn’t seem like all that much to be spending on housing in any major city.

    Is my math wrong or something?

  10. Someone asked the President about that. His response:

    “Q Mr. President, what do you think needs to be done after your meeting with Lynne Patton on NYCHA?


    Q Are you going to be meeting with Lynne Patton of the New York City Housing Authority?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Yeah, Lynne Patton is great. And I can tell you, the New York City Housing Authority — the Mayor of New York has done a terrible job with public housing. We’re trying to help them, but the Mayor of the City of New York has done a terrible job with respect to public housing. We’re getting reports back, and it’s a disgrace how badly New York City handles its public housing.

    Q Do you have any thoughts on Bill de Blasio heading to Iowa?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I think he has to learn how to run New York City before he starts running the country because he hasn’t done a very good job — including, by the way, with Amazon.”

    LOL! I love our President!

  11. “… thirty million a week for four hundred thousand people.”

    $75 per week per person.

    “all that much” depends on whose money it is, doesn’t it?

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. I worked in the projects in brooklyn. The residents are garbage, no amount of money is going to fix it. They destroy faster then you can repair.

  13. @ AA – That cannot happen in a modern elevator. Safety factor for elevators by design is 500%. That button is flush to the panel and would have to be pressed hard by design. Also, more than likely that button is of a certain height you could not just bump into it, it would have to protrude and I doubt that is the case.

    Even the overloaded reason does not make sense. It is VERY difficult to over load an elevator with just live load people, heavy equipment or construction materials, debri, that is different.



  14. “… thirty million a week for four hundred thousand people.”

    $75 per week per person.

    “all that much” depends on whose money it is, doesn’t it?

    $1.56 Billion per year.
    Bill Gates could pay it (personally) for 38 years.
    Throw in Soros, Bloomberg, Buffet, and a couple of others and you’d get a century out of it.
    That’d give the parasites 3 generations to find jobs.
    Wanna bet how that’ll work out?

    Gates, Soros, Bloomberg, Buffet, ain’t giving up their swag! They just insist that you give up yours! Stand … and deliver! Filthy fukkin hypocrites.

    izlamo delenda est …


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