Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Opening Construction Jobs for Women

Breitbart; President Trump’s tightened labor market through increased enforcement of immigration is forcing home builders to recruit American women, rather than relying on cheap, illegal alien workers.

A new report by MarketWatch reveals how the tightened labor market is securing construction jobs and opportunities for women who would otherwise have been passed on in favor of cheaper foreign laborers.

The report notes:

There are several demographics, not just immigrant men, that home builders will have to start tapping as a labor source. Alison Charley is the face of another: women. [Emphasis added]

Rob Dietz, the economist for the industry association, agrees. “I particularly challenge remodelers and builders to recruit more women,” he said. “I think that will occur as the industry capitalizes.” [Emphasis added]

While women are being recruited for construction jobs, home builders and Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi complain that the dried-up supply of cheap, illegal workers is a crisis that must be ended by importing more foreign workers to flood the labor force.

“Without more immigration, even if we maintain the current level, we’ve got a problem,” Zandi told MarketWatch. “It’s not just about attracting more, it’s also about keeping the ones you have.”

“The crackdown on illegals is terrifying,” Zandi said. “It’s causing people to leave. More Mexicans leave than come here. That clearly is not helpful.”

Meanwhile, like farmers, home builders are increasingly turning to mechanization rather than relying on cheap, foreign workers. That automation can be seen in this Vice News report which profiles a bricklaying robot named “Sam.”  more here

14 Comments on Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Opening Construction Jobs for Women

  1. “…More Mexicans leave than come here. That clearly is not helpful….”

    Reduced crime, reduced welfare payments, etc, is not helpful? Please explain.

  2. Q: What does a Big Fat White women and a Brick have in common?

    A: Sooner or later, they will both be laid by a Mexican.

  3. “The crackdown on illegals is terrifying,” Zandi said. “It’s causing people to leave. More Mexicans leave than come here. That clearly is not helpful.”

    More BS from a Chamber of Commerce whore. All immigration needs to stop NOW!! When we get rid of the 60 million invaders (plus their illegal anchors and chain attachments) then we can discuss new immigration proposals.

    BTW, the REAL population of legal Americans in this Country is around 240-260 million.

    If American women want to do construction jobs, more power to them.

  4. Dear Moody Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi, please feel free to pay for these illegals. Housing, health, food, transportation and any damage/laws they break. Don’t forget to also compensate the person that didn’t get the job they took or were the victim of their misdeeds.
    On a lighter note perhaps you could join them in prison since you feel illegals have so much to offer. I’m sure some poor MS13 “child” will be happy to help you with understanding the gang way of life.

  5. In other news, sexual harassment reports in the housing construction industry have recently increased by 49%.

  6. If I could go back in time to a career bifurcation point, I’d be a home and mixed use builder today. I wouldn’t be on the operating end of a hammer, but I’d be on the job sites on a daily basis. No reason women shouldn’t work in construction if they can find a place where they can do a competent job, earn a paycheck and enjoy their work. That’s a big part of the American dream.

  7. from Rosie the Riveter to Naomi the Nailer. . . . Imagine the cat calls as men walk by construction sites.

  8. “Without more immigration, even if we maintain the current level, we’ve got a problem,”

    There are over 90,000,000 American adults not working. Not all of them are full time parents. Employers have gotten so used to illegal alien slave wages (pocketing the difference) that they are like deer in headlights at the mention of market rate wages.

  9. Hump sheetrock up a staircase and bunks of roofing shingles up a ladder and you got the job Betsy.

  10. The point of all of this is that all those laws and rules that are designed to “protect” (wage requirements, social security, unemployment, health and safety, etc.) the “worker” have actually screwed them as long as illegals could be hired to do the jobs and all of those “protections” could be ignored.


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