Trump’s very smart pick for chief of staff

American Thinker: The press and its Deep State allies are all down in the weeds of high school-style politics, their crocodile tears glistening as they lament President Trump’s supposed inability to get anyone to serve as his chief of staff.  Here’s the flavor from Business Insider:

Following multiple rejections this week from candidates who were on his short list – including former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff Nick Ayers – Trump became agitated by the news reports that painted an unflattering picture of what was supposed to be a highly sought-after job, the senior White House official reportedly said.

Vice President Pence’s chief of staff, Nick Ayers, didn’t want the job.  Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie didn’t want the job.  As if either of those guys would be the right man for the job, what with Ayers’s family obligations as the father of little kids, and Christie, well, because he is self-serving Chris Christie.  I wouldn’t trust the latter with a barge pole in even the shallowest swamp.

Enter Mick Mulvaney, brightest star of the Trump administration, and up till now the chief of the Office of Management and Budget as well as the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a man of zero scandals; the competence to run two tough green-eyeshade federal agencies at once, a toughness that can stand up to Deep State; and, most important, the fight in him to crush leftists.  Mulvaney and Trump see eye to eye on the issues and know that the economy is Trump’s hole in one.


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  1. My liberal McClatchy rag (The State) is emphasizing that South Carolina’s Mulvaney “does not want” the job in the headline to perpetuate the story that the Trump WH is in disarray as usual.

  2. You have to wonder at one point how many well qualified, dedicated men and women have been unofficially approached by Trump to fill a post have declined after watching the holy war waged against Trump by the media? How much has your country lost because these talented people have been worried that the fact they called somebody “gay” in grade nine will come back to run on the front page of a paper or be the lead story on the evening news and act as justification for attacks by the LGBTwhatever community or the fact they attended a party at age seventeen and had a beer triggering the media into stories on their judgement and that they flaunt the law. I’ll bet people are just deciding it’s just not worth it and I suspect that Christie was looking at the job (whether he was going to get it or not) as just too high a risk.

  3. “…a man of zero scandals…”

    …until he comes under media scrutiny for wanting to help the President of the United States succeed. Then, cue the bimbette eruptions from 4 decades ago who remember that he was in their neighborhood one day when their feelz got hurt in 5…4…3…2…

  4. The swamp made it known to all of DC that anyone who worked for Trump would be ruined. Very few in “public service” have the morality or the guts to do what they swore to – uphold the Constitution and serve the American public.

    Most are there for the wealth and power that those lacking talent acquire fraudulently through political connections.

  5. if your attitude or constitution is affected by what the media says of you, you are not the man or woman for the job.

    Kudos to Mulvaney. I wish him God Speed and a never ending will and determination to crush the enemy. (they are not my “friends” across the aisle anymore.)

    Merry Christmas all, even to my enemies.

  6. I ADORE Mick Mulvaney. Adore him!! He’s quick, smart, tough, practical and doesn’t suffer fools — gladly or otherwise. Wish we had a dozen of him.

    This is pure Trump, to shift people around the organization to see what they’ve got. This probably isn’t Mulvaney’s last assignment.


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