Trust in public health plummets

American Thinker:

By Elizabeth M. Economou

Someone ought to remind Dr. Jeff Duchin, health officer at Public Health — Seattle & King County, in Washington State, not only that masks do not pass muster, but that he, along with colleagues in public health, has lost credibility.

Still, with the alleged rise of the COVID-19 delta variant, panic-prone Duchin — on Friday — urged all residents above the age of five to mask up in indoor public settings again — notwithstanding vaccination status. 

So tell me: what’s the point of being vaccinated with an experimental agent that has not been FDA-approved if we are still being bullied into covering our faces?

Duchin’s fear-mongering comes even as the efficacy of face coverings has been refuted time and again.

“It boggles my mind when there is some notion that by wearing a face covering you are actually doing a ‘service’ to your neighbor and therefore everyone has to protect everyone by this,” writes Roger Koops in The Year of Disguises (American Institute for Economic Research, AIER).  Koops is a 25-year veteran of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

“Actually, the opposite is true,” he adds.  “You are now becoming an additional potential source of environmental contamination.  You are now becoming a transmission risk; not only are you increasing your own risk, but you are also increasing the risk to others.” read more

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  1. our health officials from the top down have become voodoo witch doctors. stay away from healthcare if you want to live a quality life. you nuttin but silly fat cow with too many logical questions they have no time for. seek your health care from persons who really care to keep you healthy. self advocate.

  2. “Plummets” sorry mine’s 12 foot in the ground. What a pile of BS they are spewing on a spin loop that goes around every 24 hrs. If your still listening to these carny barkers and buying each new version, your the problem.

  3. The typical mainstream “public health professional” now is a charlatan, pushing poison and butchery.

    “Oh, I’ve never seen you before, but you fit into this demographic on my chart; so here are some Statins because we decided all human beings must have cholesterol counts in this range. And here’s some blood pressure medicine because you don’t have the BP of a 20 year old. And here’s some pills for the side effects of those first two sets of pills.”

    “Oh, you have a large freckle here that has a 1% chance of being skin cancer according to some bullshit chart I have. Better hack half your fucking nose off just to be safe.”

    “Here’s your vaccine… and now here’s your full level 5 contamination gear to go grocery shopping in; so you don’t infect others with the disease we just vaccinated you for because Fuck You. That’s why.”

  4. They are even breaking down their ardent fan boys. Look up Michael Rappaport, total lib, has run around screaming get vaccinated and shaming people that aren’t getting it and all the sudden he wakes up to learning the CDC, Fauci and MSM including Fox are all saying that now the super spreaders may be *gasp* the vaccinated! He is angry, losing his mind, how can this possibly be when he followed all the guidance. I think they have reached the point even the most gullible are starting to see flaws in this insanity.

  5. This will not let up, as the “Golden Door” has given these criminal reprobates the opportunity to extend this “panic” towards 2022 and then onward to another Biden reprobate in 2024.

    The only reason the Democratic criminal Party (since Kennedy) has survived past Johnson is through voter fraud via busing, AI and the Internet, IMO.

  6. I have even less trust in the medical community as a whole. The majority of them went along with all of this. Hospitals are now first in line to force vaccines on their workers and sadly anywhere between 45 to 55 percent have willingly taken them before they started mandating them.

  7. TheMule is absolutely right. Most doctors these days are all about statistics and categories, not patients and their individual conditions, concerns, and goals. YOU are the person responsible for YOUR treatments. Inform yourself and consent or not, accordingly.

    Hubby and I made a pact last year, if either of us gets covid, we treat at home and hope for the best because there is no way you want to be in a hospital where no visitors are allowed.

  8. Find a way to fight back against this mask bullshit. Write an email, ask questions, question authority, think for yourself. When we lose freedom, it will be difficult to get it back. Instead of just complaining….DO something.



  10. In a REAL pandemic, people don’t need to be reminded 24/7 on all media that there’s a pandemic.
    The dead bodies laying everywhere tend to remind them.

  11. I was arguing with this guy online about the vaccines killing people, he thought that was funny. So I gave him links to people’s stories of their loved one dying and a woman who had to have both legs amputated and will have to have her hands amputated due to the shot. He laughed at that one too and sent me a link to a news story of some guy in his 20’s in the hospital in OKC.
    Yeah, it sucks for that guy and no I’m not laughing like his sick ass. With that said, I like to know more than what is being fed to me so I did a little social media stalking and discovered a few things. He’s very obese, his wife had just gotten the first pfizer vaccine a week before he got sick and the hospital did what I thought they had learned over a year ago not to do and immediately put him on a ventilator and a medically induced coma saying he has covid19 induced pneumonia. Do these damn doctors not research anything? Do they just keep doing the same old thing that regular folks like me learned over a year ago you don’t do? It’s not pneumonia and a ventilator is the worst thing to do. That’s his treatment, ventilator, antibiotic, tylenol for fever.
    Now I also learned he has type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. The three worse things to have and get covid.
    His wife is screaming at people to get the damn shot and not be like him.

    He’s not the first case I’ve heard of where one spouse gets the shot and the other gets sick. The rest haven’t been hospitalized but they also haven’t been obese, with diabetes and high blood pressure either.


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