Trusted Flaggers Say YouTube Not Doing Enough To Protect Children

The use of social media by pedophiles to find and groom victims is a well-known and troubling phenomenon of our age. To stop these abuses, YouTube has been utilizing a Trusted Flagger program for about five years.

Now, those participating in the program accuse the company of responding slowly if at all to their reports.


Perhaps YouTube should spend less time on taking down content that offends their social justice sensibilities and pay more attention to their own volunteers.

3 Comments on Trusted Flaggers Say YouTube Not Doing Enough To Protect Children

  1. LISTEN:

    Unless it’s Conservative straight white men and the things that they like…..

    ….no one is going to give a crap about it. Bill Clinton rapes women, his wife covers up for it, then she abuses a child rape victim, liberals murder their babies, they lower the drawbridge for terrorists and drug mules….

    C’mon, you think they are going to care about any of this other stuff? Be reasonable about your expectations of morals and values of the people you’re dealing with.

  2. 🚸 I’m not surprised my this 🚸

    1. I had an NBA highlight video uploaded on Youtube, it was taken down because of copyrighted content.

    2. I put up my own self-help video using screen recording software all of my own stuff/voice, and it was removed without any notice.

    Yet, someone sends in an emergency flag to protect children, and Youtube has no time for it. It’s backlogged 9 months.

    Pfft. What trash.

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