Truth in Advertising?

I was driving home this after noon after running up to Duluth, MN for a new pair of glasses and a weed whacker among other items (its the nearest city of any size).  Among the many ads for fireworks along Hwy 53 in Wisconsin was a home made hand lettered  sign for “Three Finger Fireworks” just outside of the Superior city limits.

Getting home I discover they have a Facebook page. It’s not some dark joke, these people are actually promoting the potential that the product they are sell just might remove a couple of your digits.  Think I’m joking?  Check out this picture  – I believe it’s their mascot.

Three Fingers Fire Works Here

Let’s take this as a reminder to all be careful this 4th of July, OK?   It’s hard enough avoiding typos with all 10 working fingers.

7 Comments on Truth in Advertising?

  1. That’s one hell of a cherry bomb that idiot lady has in her hands in her advertising picture. I wonder if her nickname is Stumpy? If there was real truth in advertising her place would be called Darwin’s fireworks stand for obvious reasons.

  2. Fireworks are fun.
    If you’re too dumb to play with em – don’t.

    In my limited experience, most fireworks accidents had alcohol involved at some level. Others were just plain stupid; there was a kid back in MS who had a pocketful of firecrackers while he played with sparklers, for instance.

    izlamo delenda est …

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