NBC Report: TSA Misses Weapons 75% of the Time

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Breitbart: When investigators concluded that Russia’s Metrojet airliner was blown out of the Egyptian sky by a bomb smuggled through lax airport security in Sharm el-Sheikh, the Department of Homeland Security expressed concerns that American airports might also be vulnerable.

Those concerns appear validated by an NBC news investigative report, in which Today correspondent Jeff Rossen and his team tried smuggling banned items past the Transportation Security Agency and succeeded on three out of four attempts:  Read More

7 Comments on NBC Report: TSA Misses Weapons 75% of the Time

  1. worthless endeavor

    until we start profiling and giving muslims the scrutiny they fully deserve and properly screen their bodies and bags, no value added

  2. Yet they find your nuts 100% of the time. I guess they have their priorities.

    Small price to pay for eviscerating the 4th Amendment.

  3. I went to Israel in the mid 90s-they have a system of questioning that moves you from one level of interrogation to the next should they deem it necessary.

    When I was going to board in Chicago, a number of things lit me up. New passport-ticket paid for in cash-and some remote controlled radio cars for my friends young children.

    I do believe by the time I was questioned by the final man, I had reached Mossad level inquiries! They totally unpacked my luggage, had it laid out in a back room. The man said to me I had packed socks too heavy for the warm weather.

    This was before suicide bombers and I was escorted onto flight. I never was run through a metal detector.

    When I got to Tel Aviv, my friend said a couple of men had come to his home and inquired whether I was indeed coming to visit. He was ex IDFand there was no problem.

    Yikes huh. There never has been a problem on an AL EL plane as I recall. Their system is 100% based on profiling rather then this bullshit shaking down grannies and ogling X-ray images of people’s junk.

  4. The purpose of the TSA is union employment – NOT intercepting weapons or terrorists. It is another massive plunder of the taxpayers, shifting $Billions to Bush’s and Obola’s union toadies and cronies.

  5. The TSA is why I no longer fly. They are so busy following their ROE, looking for weapons (which they aren’t good at), and not looking for terrorists, they miss spotting the bad guys, I don’t believe the TSA was created to be serious about “transportation safety”.

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