Tucker Carlson 2024?

Tucker Carlson for president? Former Trump campaign and GOP officials believe the Fox News host could lead a successful 2024 presidential campaign after his show becomes the highest-rated program in Cable News

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  1. Master trolls.
    Lefty heads exploding, but tuning in anyway and boosting Carlson’s rating even higher.

  2. Seriously? The guy who gets visibly freaked out and has synapse misfirings whenever anything bad, whether COVID-19 or riots, affects HIS neighborhood?

    We have actually qualified politicians and business people. For starters, how about South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. Or Amb. Ric Grenell. Or Devin Nunes or Jim Jordan…

  3. Hes the best reporter/journalist/talking head we have. Leave him where he is. He has a knack of exposing the criminals in politics.

    And if youre hankering for a female president, Kristi would be your choice, but i need her here in SD. I’m the jealous type.

  4. I am wondering why he would take the pay cut. He might be a good choice in 2024, but he does occasionally go over the top. On the other hand, waiting to see someone else who is a Republican who is willing to step up.

  5. I agree with Charlie WalksonWater, Tucker digs deep into everything, exposing the things we need to know. As president he will not be able to do that.
    Jim Jordan would be my pick,, even Nunez or Grenell… great guys

  6. Tucker is a great patriot…as a President, he would be weak on Economics but overall not a bad possibility…the Media would portray him hourly as a wife beating pedophile, liar, homosexual homosexual hater, failed sex change experiment, racist capitalist, white power, doorknob sucking psychopathic Russian mole who needs to be Impeached before getting elected…nothing much more than Trump facing now..

  7. Hey Charlie

    “And if youre hankering for a female president, Kristi would be your choice, but i need her here in SD. I’m the jealous type.”

    You have the Black Hills, The Corn Palace, The Jackrabbits, The Coyotes, The Hardrockers (sorry about BHSU being there) beautiful landscapes, Gavins Point Damn, excellent hunting, large and small game, excellent fishing, you were never locked down during the fake pandemic, the powerhouses of Brookings and Sioux Falls, no state income tax and if I’m not mistaken, the rest of the country is finally catching up with Yankton and allowing drive up service for getting a drink.

    How about we unleash one of yours on this country and see where it leads? You will still have her as a leader and you can replace her with another of your own. But the rest of us will get a taste of the freedom too.

  8. We need him right where he is. If in the unlikely, but possible chance that we take back both chambers (along with DJT’s re-election), there will be a Trump revolution. And we need Fox News, with Carlson at the lead, to force the LSM to report more honestly. Remember, that’s a relative statement. From where the LSM is starting, just acknowledging that Trump is the POTUS will be a big step in that direction.

  9. Carole IG’s: I like Jim Jordon BUT:

    Last night I was watching a video of Jordon questioning someone in a House hearing. For some reason, and this has not happened before, visions of Trey Gowdy were dancing in my head.

  10. @RadioMattM – “…visions of Trey Gowdy were dancing in my head…”

    While you didn’t explicitly say what you meant, my take is that it is not a positive vision. Gowdy turned out to be all hat and no cattle.

  11. Florida punk Rubio is already in pre-grooming mode for 2024 and the RINOs that’ll back him are making sure he’s getting good committees to chair so he has some street cred to an otherwise lackluster career. I’ll take a solid businessman or woman over a political tool any day.

  12. @Hunter, you sound too familiar with my stomping grounds but you included the HardKnockers? LOL, yes, BHSU is pointless, but not as pointless as my alma matter, Dakota State or even more worthless, Northern State.

    I suspect you’re a Nebraskan.

  13. Like a lot of those “Newsies” they can change their stripes in a heartbeat…just like that POS Chief Justice!


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